If you want to enter the market of aesthetics medicine based products, you need to hire a fast-expanding private label manufacturer. The manufacturer will create dermal filler product line under your company’s ‘Private Label’. As dermal fillers and bio-revitalization products are in great demand today, you need to consult with the private label manufacturer and take suggestions before the production stage.

The company must comply with the current international standards and regulatory requirements to deliver a high-quality line of products. The products must be safe, efficient, and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To add on, the company must have a research and development wing with in-house testing capabilities to continuously improve the quality of the products.

The manufacturing premises must comply with the EuGMP requirements also.

So, the next important question is how the Manufacturer will create my own dermal filler Product line?

To answer this question, we are going to mention the list of standard steps which the manufacturer will take to deliver cutting edge products:-

Portfolio Creation

As the most important step, the company will discuss the requirements and estimate the business and market evaluation of the business. The manufacturer will ask pertinent questions related to the business/market analysis and review the contract with the overall cost estimation. The output of this step will be finalizing the quality, regulatory and product strategy (define the portfolio) of the new business.

Define Product Requirements and Pricing

After this stage, the requirements will be discussed in depth and the manufacturer will present design options, costs, bill of materials, testing estimate, and final list of features in a comprehensive user requirement and technical specifications document. It will also include product samples and test results. The output of this stage will be the approval of the user requirements, technical specifications, costs, and bill of materials.

Freeze The Design

The output of this stage will be finalizing the DMR and IFU translations (Instructions for use). DMR or the Device Master Record will contain compilations of all the instructions, drawings, and other important records which will be used to manufacture the product.

Contact Agreement Preparation And Sign-Off

The output of this stage will be the final approval to move to the serial production stage.

Production and Delivery

The production stage will include creating the products and delivering them as per your satisfaction.