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Finally Friday and soon home time for me! The plan was to have a few of our friends over tonight for a small house warming. But Fred decided he rather have a watch-a-movie-eat-popcorn-and-cuddle kinda night. I don't blame him, I've to say I'm quite happy with it; Come home, remove my makeup, put my hair up, pour me a glass of wine and sink down in the sofa. Oh dear, yes please!

Btw, you know how I told you I was gonna wait until I get back to Sweden to get my hair done... Turned out I couldn't wait that long hehe. After work yesterday I headed over to Felicia's house last minute and she fixed it for me. Thank God for her! Didn't get back home until 11 ish and thankfully Fred had prepared me some food, I was so hungry I was literally crawling in through the door.

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I've reached a stage now where my hair looks so damaged and dull. When I woke up this morning I realised that I've had enough and thought to myself, I can't walk around looking like this anymore. It's a good thing I'm coming home to Sweden in a few weeks time so I can pay a visit to my favourite hairdresser - I don't trust the British hairdressers when it comes to Scandinavian hair... there have been too many times when I've ended up with yellow ish hair and I don't seem to ever learn.

So I've just booked an appointment for colour, bleach, cut and styling. I really need a change! I don't know what I want to do yet though, but anything will be better than how it is now. So, basically because I won't be able to get that sorted for a few weeks I'm going for a curling-iron hunt after work. I've been scouting around different review websites to find the best one and I know exactly what I'll be looking for now. Hopefully that will be a good temporary solution to my 'world-falling-apart-problem'.



We've had such a nice long weekend in Liverpool. We're on the train back to London now and still have a few hours before we arrive. It's unbelievable how tired I am and I'm really looking forward to coming home to our cozy bed.

On Friday after work we met up with Toby and Henry at our flat as we were all on the same train going up. As you know already we were going up there because Fred and Henry's cousin was getting married - it's been such a fun, happy and exciting weekend. I don't know why we don't do more travelling within UK more often? I've found a new love for the Northern city Liverpool and I can't wait to do more exploring around the country.

On Saturday everyone attending the wedding went together on a hired coach to the reception and it also took us back to where the "after-party" was. It was a fairly relaxed and informal wedding, which I felt much more comfortable with anyway. Unfortunately Fred has been poorly all weekend and had to stay home on Saturday night when me, Henry and Toby went out. Bloody hell I had the best time, we went to GBar, a really over the top gay club with the funniest drag show I have seen in my whole life. A must do if you ever find yourself in Liverpool.

Today we had time for a bit of sightseeing before getting the train to London. Tomorrow is back to work and normal life, it's been such an unhealthy weekend that I'm looking forward to some detoxing! X



Just ordered two new posters + frames from Desenio. They have so many pretty posters and prints, but in the end both Fred and I agreed that the Stockholm pair was the best. This will be hung up in our living room and I'm sure it will look great. Maybe it will even make me feel a bit more at home haha.

If you've just moved away from home or just want to make a change to your bedroom you should really check out their website. They have something for everyone and every taste. They have a lot of very trendy and minimalist prints which I love.



Hello, it's already Thursday night which means the weekend is nearly here too. We're going up north (Liverpool more precisely) this weekend for Fred's cousins wedding. That reminds me, I really need to try out my whole wedding outfit tonight. I bought the dress, bag and shoes separately and I've not tried them all together yet. It's actually harder then you think to find something nice to wear for an autumn wedding... especially when it's as cold as it's now (even colder up North apparently!). Brrr

This week has been busy with all sorts of things. I've mostly been sorting out the new apartment and taking care of a bed-bound boyfriend. I think he's finally getting better so fingers crossed he'll be okay before the wedding this weekend. Time to get some dinner ready, the plan is to Skype with dad tonight and show him the new place over the computer.



Hi Guys. Sorry for not checking in here during the weekend, but as you already know we been moving and it's been so intense and taken up so much time that I haven't had time basically. On Saturday we managed to bring most of our stuff to the new place with help from Fred's dad. We got there with two absolutely packed cars, and let me tell you that having to carry furniture and heavy bags up to the top floor (in a building without a lift) is very tiring. So we decided just to leave all our things in the apartment and not start unpacking anything as we were coming back the next day anyway.

Because we had dinner plans with friends on Saturday night we drove back to Fred's parent and stayed there until Sunday as well. Around lunchtime we all (me, Fred, Fred's parents and brother) again drove back to the new apartment with the last things that we couldn't fit in the car the day before. Fred's mum and brother came along as well as they were very curious to see the new place.

After unpacking things and getting the place fairly under control we all went for a Sunday lunch at one of the places in our new area. It was actually lucky we found the pub we had lunch at ... might be a new favourite close by. We still have a lot of exploring to do before we know the area well enough. But I'm so happy and so far things has been great with the new apartment.

I took a few pictures this morning before rushing off to work. I'll try and take better pictures when we've got it a bit more sorted. It still looks a bit empty and we need to organise the storage better. And get curtains for the living room!! Looks so empty haha




Guess what!? We finally got the keys for our new apartment! We've officially moved in. I'M SO HAPPY! Fred and I met up with an Inspector at the new flat this morning to go through everything. Before you move in they need to do an inventory of the flat, making sure everything works such as heating and water, and that's also when they hand over the keys. So now it's all done and we can finally move over all our stuff, it's been such a long process and I'm glad it's finally over.

As we weren't meeting with the inspector until 11 both Fred and I decided to have a lie in and go straight to the inspection this morning. So I didn't arrive at work until 12.30 ish. I'm quite glad it was a short day at work as I still feel a bit rough and I really need the rest.

This weekend will be spent moving - hopefully with the help of Fred's brother and parents. I can't believe I won't have to do my two hour commute anymore from Monday, instead I will only have 1 stop on the tube. I guess you guys can understand that relief xx



Let's face it, no matter where in the world you live there will always be good and bad things, advantages and disadvantages. After living here for a few years now I decided to share with you my pros and cons with London. Let's start with what I really like about this city;

Friendly City:

"I'm Sorry" is every Londoners catchphrase... Even if you haven't done anything wrong. And it's contagious, today I apologised to my colleague because she struggled to open a door. How weird is that!?

Close to Sweden:

Well how can I not mention the fact that it's only a 2 hour flight home. Having the option to come home (or having visitors) for a weekend here and there, I'm not complaining!


Actually, why don't we have markets in Sweden? Or was I just blind over the 19 years I lived there? The perfect weekend according to me involves strolling around a market, preferably Borough Market.

Good Tea:

Being the tea lover I am, I just had to mention this as England is the Mecca of tea. Love the British Afternoon Tea tradition, it's soooo cozy! Not that I go regularly... but still.


Try and find a culture that isn't in this city? The amount of different people that live here makes it all feel so much more welcoming and homely. It also means you can get authentic food from pretty much any region of the world - just makes living here so much better.

And what I don't like so much ...

The Weather:

In a matter of hours you will experience boiling hot sun to torrential rain, hail and wind. No wonder Brits are obsessed with talking about the weather. No matter how nice the weather is during the week, it will ALWAYS rain on Saturday and Sunday's.

Rush Hour:

I don't even have the words. The crowds have to be seen to be believed.

Expensive City:

Considering how much I complain about this in my blog it would only be fair to mention it as a con. I'll never again say a bad word about prices in Sweden. That's a promise!

Short Summers:

London-summers is truly fantastic... for the short time it lasts that will say. Not that this is of any news to any of you Scandinavians. I'm sure you'll agree with me; We want summer! We want summer! We want summer!

The Tourists:

Yes, I know what you're thinking right now, "What a bitch!?" But trust me, they will quickly drive you mad. I mean, how dare someone stop on the pavement and happily look at their map. Don't they know my lunch hour is precious!? Take this from a girl who worked on Oxford Street for 9 months. Lol



I'm sitting in the canteen atm having a late lunch whilst watching the BBC. I'm not gonna lie, I'm so bored this week. The fact we're only halfway through Wednesday makes me wanna kick my head through a wall. I don't know why, but there seems to be nothing to do at work and all I can do is look forward to is the weekend when we finally get the keys for the apartment. I know next week won't be the same, but because I've been so busy at work everyday for a few weeks now I had forgotten how it felt to not have anything to do.

My cold is back and I woke up with a blocked nose, sore throat and sore neck (from sleeping at a weird angle). I've asked Fred to make sure I go to bed no later than 8.30 tonight. Often after dinner you realise there's hundreds of things you need to do and before you know it the time is already past eleven and you haven't even had a shower yet. Typical evenings in Jenny's world. So tonight I've asked (more like demand) that Fred makes sure I'm tucked in bed at 8.30.



And a new week has started. I feel better today and hopefully my body might spare me from getting a bad cold this time. I went to bed at nine last night just to make sure I wouldn't wake up feeling even worse. Seems like it worked actually. Touch wood. On the bright side, I've had a very quiet day at work today, only had a few things to do really and none of it needs to be done until next week. I've dedicated parts of today to try and sort out my trip to Sweden in October. I've got to make time for the dentist, the doctor and hairdresser appointments while I'm home - so it's probably better to book it and sort it out now.  

Today was one of those mornings when I just threw something on that I had lying around in the room. Couldn't care less really. Woke up and it was so cold and dark, and the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. What made it even worse was to see Fred lying there all nice and cozy and not having to get up until later. I'm sitting here by my desk with double layer turtleneck sweaters and I'm still freezing. I know what I'll be doing when I get home this afternoon... a warm bath and a cuddle down under the blanket again.