It's April now and the only difference from Mars that I notice, is that the sun shines more and it is getting a little warmer. Nothing else really, is there supposed to be more? or is it just me?

Did you get April fooled on April 1st? Because I did...

My teacher fooled everyone in my class that we had national tests that day and not two week after.... It was not fun!

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​I was at Christmas at Liseberg last week! It was beautiful!!

If you live in Gothenburg and never have been to this Christmas market/if you come visiting Gothenburg during winter, GO THERE NOW!!!!!!


- V



Okay, hi!

I have been thinking of a lot and it would be a really long post if I wrote everything down, so... that's exactly what I will do... I think....

Haha, so I am as you know, me..No shit! I don't know why I wrote that, I just did..

God! Focus!

Okay, so I've been thinking of life really and how I am living it right now and what I do with it. Thoughts like 'Am I living my dream right now?' and 'Am I who I want to be?' keep running through my head, and honestly I don't know the answer to them.

I don't know if I am who I wanna be or if I am living my dream life right now, I don't know if I let my life be controlled by others or if I have decided to live it this way, I don't know if I make the right or wrong choices, I don't know if I am who I am destined to be, I don't know if I am trying to satisfy others more than me, I don't know.

I try so hard to stay grounded and stay focused but with all these thoughts and questions that I ask my self, it's hard -really hard.

It's hard when you don't know who you are, when you don't know if you are the person you want to be, when you don't know if you are living in your dream, when you don't know what to do or what to think, when you don't know what to feel.

It's like I am trying to read a book in Chinese; I can't understand anything I read.

And when someone asks me 'How are you?', I start typing this long reply of how I feel and everything... but I always stop myself before hitting send. I start saying to myself that 'Maybe they don't really wanna know all this, maybe they just want a simple and short one sentence answer and not this long text about how I am and what I am feeling like..' and I always delete the text after that, I never hit send and tell them how I really feel. In the end I just write a short 'I'm good.' or just 'good, what about you?'.

It's not that I don't want to tell people how I am, I am telling you about it right now!

It's about that I feel like I bother people with my problems and that I think to myself that they don't even really care about it, it's about that I feel like a burden to the person that I am telling it to... and yes I feel like that right now...

You guys probably don't even care about this, you guys probably don't care about this post at all.

I just wanted to tell you guys that, even if you don't care and even if you don't think of me as the most amazing person ever...I just wanted to tell you how I truly feel.

If you read all of this, now you know how I truly feel and now you can (If you want) tell me how you truly feel..

See you guys soon.. hopefully.

- Mary



Yesterday (Monday) I had the best of times!
I started Konfa camp, and it had been amazing this far!

Yesterday we had a blast! We did a lot of fun stuff...
Let the story begin!...

- Arriving:
We arrived at 10 am - 12 pm. And that's when we got our cabins, I share a cabin in the woods with four other girls. Not creepy at all..

- Happenings:
We did a lot of fun, like:
• did our flag.
• played games.
• Had 'family feud'.
• Had more 'family feud'.

Our flag is awesome, btw! :)

The games we played were stuff like child games, they were really fun!!!

The family feuds were one where we were supposed to roll a dice then run around and look for a number (the one we got on the dice) on a plate, and then there was a word underneath and we were supposed to remember it and tell it to our family parents and then we got a quest and we were supposed to do the quest and then it went on and the first on to 100 won.

My family lost btw.

The second was a quiz and we were supposed to answer wrong to the questions...
Yeah! I know right!

And guess what family won....

Well not mine if you thought that.

And in the evening we had a camp fire... Here's a picture for you!

Now I need to go, the leaders have some water game planned for us...


- Mary.




This is something I came up with...

Hope you like it!...

Some time back

long ago

There was this kid

that loved his family so.

Every night

He would say good night

and kiss their cheeks.

His Mother

His Father

His little sister

They all meant the world

for this little kid.

When he grew older

he started to get

more closed of

His mother tried to talk to him

His father too

His sister cried every night,

since her brother didn't come

One cold November night

he came home late

His mother stopped him by the stairs to say,

"Can we talk"

His father were no where to be seen

and his sister was gone along with him

The kid

as stupid as he was

didn't care about his mothers wish to talk

and made his way up to his room.

This continued for

a month or two

till a January afternoon.

the boy came home

and called for his mom

he walked through his home

no family there.

His mother

His father

and his sister

there was no one there

till he walks


the living room.

there on a sliver tray

lays a single letter.

The letter that changed his life.

The red roses

he had gotten for

his mothers birthday

fell to the floor.

just as there was a heavy knock on the door.

okay that was sad, but yeah....

hope you liked it!!



Okay so...

It has been a while since I posted, anything....

Well yeah! that's one thing

and okay, you know what, let's just skip that awkward moment stuff!
Let's go straight to the real deal!

Okay so lately I've been thinking of school and what we learn, like in a science lesson or history or geography or any other subject that you have in school.

An example is that I don't live in an english speaking country, so I have to learn english in school. But the thing is that the english I learn in school is a mix of American and British english. I also don't get to learn the most useful stuff, okay I get to learn how you say hello and good day and other hello and goodbye phrases, but I don't get to learn about how to say different words that almost everyone use. I don't get to learn fully how you ask for some things and I've had the same word since I was in third grade (aka. When I was nine.) FYI the word is ordinary.

think I Know how to say and write that word now!"

It's like they don't even care, like I'm one of the top students in english and I feel like: Please! I know!

Yes I know that not everyone in the class is the best and stuff! but we all know what that word is! we don't even have to train on it! 

I can even say other words that mean the same thing:

Normal, plain, regular! 

If you say that regular isn't the same thing as ordinary, then I will say that my english book and teacher is wrong! 

Btw, my english teacher is super short!!!

Hehe! So what do you think? If english is your first language can you please tell me some fancy and cool, and old, words that I can use on my teacher?!? that would be awesome!!

Hope you have it good now! 

Have a great break! 

See you soon baboon! Have it great m8!😁

P.s. The new emojis are cool! right? what do you think!??D.s.



​Note! This was supposed to come up a week ago! just so you know!!!

Today...it's the last day before Easter break!


Tomorrow I have guests at home...

and my sister leaves me completely alone with them and my pears (parents).

Well...on other thoughts, yes I know here comes the line that everyone has said at least once in their life,

I have been thinking!

So yeah, not like I do it everyday but you get what I mean!

What has been on my mind? well the thought of life.

If we all know that we are equal and we all deserve a good life, with respect and love.

But I know that not everyone has this, that not everyone has someone they can lean on if the need to. That not everyone one has a so called 'Rock', that they can lean on and count on that they will be there for them when they need them.

I guess I'm just weak for people that has gone through or are going through something like that, it just makes me sad to know that there is idiots, assholes, stupid jerks, liars and backstabbing bitches in this world.
It's like they want to get hated by everyone and they want to be friendless and lonely, but they are not....

So what went wrong?

Well the thought of that you should treat EVERYONE, like you wanna be treated yourself. ***(NO MATTER SKIN TONE, RACE, RELIGION, PAST, OPINIONS OR ANYTHING!)***

You don't know what they have been through, you don't know them like you know yourself!
- Have you let them show who they are?
- Have you tried being their friend?

Thought so!!

No please tell me what your thoughts are



Good day, good evening, good night, good morning!


We all hate them right? or is there anyone who likes going up early on a Monday morning to go to school or to go to work?

I sure don't!

But today, I was home because I felt ill and I had the worst headache ever known! Like it felt like my head was going to explode and fall of! I WANT MY HEAD!

So I was home today, and I actually got sad when my mom said that she had called the school and told them that I was sick. That's a first! I tell you, a first!

But anyways! 

School, the teenagers definition of Hell​. What does school stand for really!

S.C.H.O.O.L = Students Community Hell On Over Land ?

S.C.H.O.O.L = Students Come Here Only Over Lunch ?

I feel like it has to be one of those, it's just a feeling...

But, it's not only what it stands for that makes me at least strongly dislike(hate) it! It's all the annoying and stupid people that I meet there.

Here are some that I strongly dislike(Hate) the most:

​1. The Bitch/the Asshole:

This one is like a strong first place, and I am sure that there is not only on my school this type of person exist, am I right?

This one is the guy/girl that is just so damn annoying and just thinks so highly of themselves, like for example:

​You're walking down the hallway towards your locker, on the way you walk past her and a cloud of perfume just invades your nostrils. You try so hard to not breathe in the strong and disgusting perfume again.

​How does that sound? Well that has happened like, hmmm.....like four to seven times for me. Like, please gurl! You don'r need more perfume! I can smell you from a mile away!

​2. The older Handsome guy and his admirers:

​So there is always an older handsome/hot/cute/whatever guy that at least has