Staying in a hostel is a wonderful option you will certainly like than staying at a hotel. However, this economical and interesting option demands that you adjust with some small inconveniences and also learn some etiquette in order to avoid causing any troubles to the fellow hostellers. Here are the most popular hostel etiquettes you must know while staying in a hostel in Arequipa.

Wash your own dishes
Those hostels provided with a kitchen are great options. Nevertheless, the people who leave their dishes unwashed over there in the sink cause a great discomfort to other people. When you use only a small cup, never forget to wash it. It does not take more than a minute or two to do this job and the effects of it are really amazing for you as well as your co-hostellers.

Pack the crap early
If it is in your itinerary to check-out of the hotel pretty early on a given day, it is always good to get the things packed and ready well before the time and also take bath the previous night to avoid queued bathrooms. The next morning, you can just wake up, stash your sleeping clothes and then vacate the facility within minutes. It can be quite annoying to other people if you are going to pack the things early in the morning making big noises that disturb their sleep.

Keep the lights off when you arrive late
Most times, it is very common to find a jerk who barges into the room flipping the lights on at 3am. Tis will cause a detestable disturbance to people at sleep. The right approach is to get used to the low lights inside the hostel room over a minute while entering from a bright outside light. This little time will be enough to get your eyes adjusted to the low light interiors and reveal your bed location fairly well without having to switch on the light. Also, you can depend on the torch from your phone for this purpose instead of switching on the light.

Use the dorms rightly
Dorms are never the pales to hold parties. They are meant for sleeping. Every hostel provides a common place for conducting parties. Keep your parties only there. Anything you do after 8 am is fine and will not evoke a lot of questions. You are not alone and you are a part of a community staying there and your presence must never create annoyances.

Avoid plastic bags
Avoid the noises of plastic bags. Every crinkle you make is likely to go to the brains of the people straight away. It is an unfortunate thing that most people pack all their junk in different plastic bags. Use your plastic bags only during day time to avoid those unpleasant sounds that might disturb the peaceful sleep of people.

Little things to avoid
If you have the habit of snoring, it is advisable to sleep on your side. Big snorers can even tell their fellow roommate that it is okay if they hit you with a pillow when found snoring. Crazy snorers can better get their own rooms. While using an alarm can be understandable, keep the phone within reach to turn the alarm off before it disturbs all those at sleep. Avoid hogging the heaters with your towels, loud drunks, whispering during nights and other such horrible behaviors.