Q: Howimpartial are your RFI/RFP Templates?

A: Axia’s Templates are completely impartial.Axia does not operate a referral service and we do not receive any payment fromany software vendor. As such, we have no vested interest in the software solution youultimately select. We are only concerned with giving you impartial informationand knowledge for a successful software selection.


Q: Whyshould I spend GBP £100 or more, on a tool to help me select new software?

A: The process of selecting new Accounting,Business Intelligence, CRM, HR or Payroll software can be very time consumingand frustrating. Axia’s Templates follow a structured methodology and willsignificantly reduce the time it takes for the whole selection process. If youcompare the value of time saved for those involved within your organisationwith the cost of a Template, you will see your investment paid back many timesover.


Q: Oursoftware selection process has started and we’re already talking to vendors –have we left it too late to use a Template?

A: Not at all. Our Templates are used withinmany stages of a selection process and even within implementation stages eg toflesh out detailed requirements prior to configuring and testing. Otherorganisations use our Templates to check that they have included all theirrequirements within their new system specification. It’s rarely too late to usea Template in the software selection process.


Q: Whatwill you do with our (confidential) personal information?

A: Axia is committed to protecting yourprivacy. We only use your information to process your order and provideimpartial consulting advice/services.We will not share, rent, sell or give away your personal information. For fulldetails, please visit our Privacy Policy.



Templatecontent questions


Q: Howaccurate is the information in your Templates?

A: We make every effort to make sure theinformation in our Templates is accurate, by carrying out careful andmeticulous research and checking.


Q: Wehave one or more software product areas that we are interested in, which arenot covered by your Templates. Is there any way we can add them?

A: Yes, there are two ways new softwareproduct areas can be added to our Templates. Firstly, as all Templates arefully amendable, you could add your specific requirements directly to your owncopy. Alternatively, we could work with you and / or independently researchsoftware (that you are interested in) and add these areas to your requirementsand our future Template releases, but this work would have to be chargeable.


Q: Doyou have industry specific versions of your Templates?

A: The Templates cover Accounting, BusinessIntelligence, CRM, HR and Payroll across all industries rather than addressingspecific industry sectors. Should you have very specific industry requirements,this may be overcome by either you adding your specific requirements directlyto your own copy, or us working with you (on a chargeable basis) to help youbuild your specification.


Q: Doyou have country specific versions of your Templates?

A: Yes, our Templates cover a number ofspecific countries as well as being general enough for use in all countries.The Templates are based on UK and general system requirements. However, theAccounting Templates also cover the USA, Canada, UK specific requirements andgeneral accounting requirements. And the HR and Payroll Templates cover theUSA, Canada, UK and Australia specific requirements and general HR payrollrequirements.


Q: Iam unsure which Accounting Template to order - both Essentials and Professionalversions appear to be suitable?

A: As a general rule, if your business isgrowing, we would recommend the version which caters for the larger number ofcriteria ie the Professional version. However, should you have queriesregarding your specific situation and require further advice, please email usat


Q: Arethe contents of the two individual HR and Payroll Templates the same as thecombined HR Payroll Template?

A: Yes, the contents of the two individual HRand Payroll Templates together are the same as the combined HR PayrollTemplate. The difference in the total number of criteria is due to includingcommon requirements across all modules, systems operations, technologyrequirements and system support requirements. They are included in both theindividual HR and Payroll Templates but only once in the combined HR PayrollTemplate.



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