Wouldn't you like to freeze that moment when you have changed the used bed sheets for new clean ones and you've just got out of the shower late at night (meaning now) have put some body lotion on (smelling super good) and threw yourself to bed with the lights off?

A super long question right? I hope you were able to breathe while reading it. I was reading it a couple of seconds ago, with my mind and not at loud, and I felt I was probably getting light blue instead of latin yellow for my skin color due to sofocation.

But it has all the words to explain my thought, we all love being extreme too so be extreme today and ask the question to yourself at loud, I would love a comment about your survivor skills through it.

Coming back to earth instead of wondering around, I might say that it's 10:42 p.m. already here on my side of the world in Central America: El Salvador.

After being literally (almost) sofocating in my (now) rembered with love closet spot, it's time to embrace what comes after every desicion we take.

I think you might know what it is, if not I'll give you a clue: when you draw two vectors so you can use them to analyze the speed of two F1 driving cars to discover how fast they were driving when they almost crashed, you get 150 miles per hour as the ____?

(Result! Exactly. You might have said "answer" which is fine as the result of the previous question but not as the answer I'm looking for as the term to use for the whole paragraph above).

Those two driving cars have several scenarios, one of them can probably be winning the race without crashing one with the other and second option could be crashing, surviving but losing the race.

When we embrace our reality and face what we have done with honesty and strengh rather than facing reality with dishonesty, we'll also get equally 50/50 chances of having as a result something we might think as positive or not, depending on our decisions.

We learn from everything, some lessons will hit harder than others. That's why we have to think wisely and pick our choices smartly, even though sometimes to be wise requires us to hit harder than others to acquire the knowledge... Yep, those are the tricks of life.

What I do know and I'll always defend is that it is ALWAYS a good choice doing your best to (wether you think the results might be negative) perform the honest and sincere action to a hard (or not hard) position.

Tomorrow will be another day and you'll get to find many other ways. By the way, are you breathing right now? Let me know, because that means that you still got a chance to begin another day even another second with the right step.

Life's not over just because we feel it is, and yes: it is easier to say an advice than to live it. Believe me, I know, this comes from a person that has felt life's way unfair and feels like quitting to fly away to Tanzania or some forest next to La La Land away from eveything.

Whatever you feel it is, EMBRACE IT! Tomorrow is my turn, when will be yours? Don't rush it but don't slow it either. I think the fastest we take action the fastest we'll get the results, right? So the fastest we can fix them or be happy with what we got. Well, at least those are my true and honest thoughts right now. I've been "enlighted" with life "advices" & positiveness.

Just take with you what you think will work for you from what you get to read, live and hear all the time, so you can throw away what will not work for you at all.

If you want to know if I was fired for grabbing a coffee on Monday afternoon, watching a movie on Tuesday morning and staying in my closet for wednesday morning/12hours instead of going to work, I think, well, you'll probably know tomorrow.

Whatever happens I know for sure that facing the situation has been and always be the right choice.

I didn't say the easiest one though. For some a variety of situations might seem vague or stupid but for others might not, but we can certainly learn from all those who surrounds us for good or wrong to upgrade or degrade ourselves.

If someone has a story about life and embracing problems (without caring how lame you might think it is) please do share it. There's definitely a girl here in El Salvador who wonders if you who read this wonders too about life, she would love to read it.

P.S: Good night.



Well, yesterday I was at the movie theater, I think that is a way better place to be than hiding inside a closet.

I don't know how your culture might be, but in El Salvador most of the girls live at their parents house until they get married. It is not that good seen for a woman to move out by herself or even for a man to move out of their parents house before getting married.

I love to travel, and I wish I could have a job where I could travel the world infinitely without a problem. Some might want the world's peace, my utopia is traveling around the world while being paid for it.

I've began a job in a small hotel here in my country. Is it what I've dreamed about? Not really, was I doing a good job? Actually yes, before "three days ago" happened. 

I've been skipping for three days in a row going to work, and now, here I am: hiding inside a closet from my dad and his family to avoid them seing me. It would be such a disappointment for my family to find me here instead going to work.

I would love this had gone better, but I was supposed to lay here calmly until they (dad and wife) got out of the house and I could sneak out to go to grab a coffee at Starbucks or watch a movie.

That's how it has been: two days ago. Monday was a coffee, Tuesday was a movie and well... today was the closet. This is actually stupid and irresponsable on my end... even childish, pathetic, (you name it) but I think I haven't been brave enough to face what has been moving around in my mind lately.

I don't hate my country, I think I might be a little recentful to not have all the opportunities other countries offer to their youth. How USA supports different types of beliefs and dreams, how it seems to be easier to develop yourself outside this barrier we live in of a simple and small country inside Central America.

It has been only 9 days that I've began working for this company and I feel not motivated and confused. I've been giving my best to represent a change for the hotel, working 10 hours per day, 50 hours a week, doing reception manuals, marketing strategies, re analizing departments, formulating plans to re estructure the current management team the hotel handles... anyway, this is what I love, I guess, I know I felt it a couple of days ago. What happened since then?

There has been a feeling, a sensation that I don't belong. A thought that has been creating turbulence in my mind, not letting me moving forward and what moved me... but to my closet.

I have big dreams for myself but sometimes I wonder: am I prepared? Do I actually know what I want and who I really am?

Maybe I'm not just the only one who wonders, sometimes I get to think that in this whole world there might be another woman or man hiding in the closet, just like me. Trying to figure it out with life, wishing to be millionaire and have it all but thinking again and realizing that it wouldn't be the whole point of happiness.

To all the ones that have read this and you've been thinking in hiding in your closet, or your car, or your hiding spot (or to those who've already done it) I thank life that I'm not the only human in this planet. Facing life is hard sometimes even for those who we think we might be strong enough, even for those who people think they seem brave and stronger than anyone.

Definitely everything takes it's own time but I do hope for everything to fall into the right place soon at once.

FYI: If you're staying in a reduced space area built of hard HARD wood surrounded by shoes and stuff, do bring at least two pillows with you, likewise fill the bottom of the reduced space with a pile of clothes.

Step #2: Taking your phone with you may help keep you awake and entertained, if not just sleep eternally until you figure it out.