​Is there life after death? This article answers the question do we have a soul.

To answer the question do we have a soul, you have to look for sites online that understand the nature of the question. A lot of websites claim to have this information but don’t really provide the knowledge you are looking for, and they use phrases and terms that are difficult to understand.

Do we have a soul? Unless the question is properly handled, it is easy to get confused rather than be enlightened. A lot of websites tend to have a pet idea or theory about the subject and as such, they are unable to produce the facts clearly. For a website to truly be informative, they must provide answers that can be easily understood even by the common man.

As for the question itself, there is no easy way to answer it. The very nature of the subject makes it difficult to prove or disprove in a scientific manner. It is difficult enough as it is to define the soul, though the one thing most that believe its existence will agree on is that it is a part of us that survives physical death.

Beyond the fact that the soul goes on, belief in what happens afterwards varies according to philosophy and religious belief. There is no question that a lot of people believe in its existence, but as previously stated, it is not easy to prove or disprove this given its nature.  Scientific evidence demands something that can be measured in some way and replicated in a laboratory, both of which cannot be done with souls.

The question do we have a soul also invariably brings up the matter of ghosts. Since the dawn of mankind there have been reports of encounters with ghosts of the dead. To this day there are literally thousands if not millions of reports of people seeing and talking with departed loved ones and even those that died a long time ago.

What are we to make of these reports? While some of them may be dismissed as fraudulent or mistaken, others seem to be very reliable, with testimony coming from credible witnesses. When discussing the soul, we also have to look into the matter of what it is and what happens to it.

This subject matter is a complex one, and when discussing it, certain other questions are raised such as the afterlife and what will happen to us after death. For this reason, it is again important that we get our information from websites that provide information which even a layman can comprehend. The subject matter is complex enough as it is, so clarity is necessary and it must be an informed source.

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