look how beautiful this dress is omg i want oneeee

This dress it to die for. And you guys don't forget to follow the on instagram @lisastybllofficial where you can see more beautiful dresses



1. https://nelly.com/se/kläder-för-kvinnor/ you can find everything here

2. https://www.chiquelle.se/start?v=1

3. http://se.boohoo.com what i love about this online store is that they have everything for both men and women

4. https://www.prettylittlething.com

5. https://www.zalando.se/kvinna-home/

6. http://www.asos.com/women/ 

7. https://shop.nordstrom.com



love this outfit for the summer

AAAahhh i just love this one

This outfit is a casual one

I love this outfit because everything is matching and you can wear this outfit whenever you want

This outfit would work if the bag was black and if the jacket was a jean jacket

A everyday outfit. something i would wear for school

Ahhh the more classy one

Outfits for men woooow look at this one guys who dresses like this you go

A classy look for you guys

Casual and classy at the same time a big +

Something some guys can wear for school or whatever you like

Very simple look this look can even work with a white shirt or black with a bomber jacket

I just love this one



1 Draw your cat-eye first and then fill in the open space for a perfect eyeliner. And if you still find it hard to do a eyeliner i suggest you to use tape it works to.

2. When you're applying blush smile, then dust the apples of your cheeks, then sweep pigment towards the tops of ears, then down toward the jawline for a more natural look.

3. Dust on translucent powder in between coating on mascara to plump up your lashes. It works trust me

4. This one is my favorite, mix loose pigments with a salve or petroleum jelly to make your own custom lip gloss

5. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, try getting a white eyeliner pencil and putting the color on your waterline. That tiny hint of white color makes your eyes look more awake and bigger.

6. If you spray on toner before you put your makeup on, it can tighten your pores and keep it in place. If you spray toner on your face when it is already covered in makeup, primer can dry any oily-looking makeup and rejuvinate your face throughout the day

7. Natural light from the sun will show you how well your foundation matches your true skin tone and how well it is blended.

8. Great way to get every bang for your buck is to cut open your makeup tubes and scrape out the leftover makeup into another pot.

9. A great way to reduce oil and keep concealer in place is baking so go bake your face but don't let it sit for to long.

10. Add eye drops or contact solution to make your mascara less clumped and easier to apply.

And remember makeup is art do what you like don't let anyone tell you differently.



1. Name?


2. Age?

I'm turning 18 in may.

3. Zodiac sign?


4. Current relationship status?


5. Favorite movie?

The wolf of wall street

6. How tall are you?

Im 158 cm

7. Do you study