Before photography

Before photography and before I knew I had a real passion for it, I'd probably describe myself as everyone else. I was this kid, teenager and still have big passion for sports and in this case, football. I started at the age of five and it was the only thing I really knew. All my friends was playing it, my step father at the time was a big supporter. So It just became natural for me to start playing and watching games. The first five years, I didn't really enjoy it, I would rather talking with people and just fool around instead of focusing on the sport during training sessions and games. But the older I would get, the more serious I would become and my passion for it got much stronger.

I had this period where I would do two sessions a day and in addition I ran 4km before school. Hanging around with people outside the sport, wasn't really an option for me. especially during that time before I started high school. I think is somewhere between that age when you are 14-18 and I do know that many people can relate to this. You weren't really brave enough to do something different, even if you wanted to. People who would start writing blogs, be interested in photography or something else at an early stage, they would be seen as the strange or the lame type of people or outsiders, because they didn't do what the majority of people liked to do. I was one of them who wanted to, but wasn't brave enough. Even in high school, it was not just the lack of courage I had, to not starting earlier with photography. I was also too focused on football only, that was the most important thing in my life. Until I got injured.

When It all started

When I got injured, so much happened at the same time. I got a girlfriend, I lost football, however so many doors opened up for me. I decided to move to Norway and had a really great time there and I would say, that's when I really got more into photography. Of course, my style since then has changed a lot. I took a lot more pictures of myself with a tripod. Because during that time I had a different blog more towards fashion and lifestyle. But what didn't really work for me at the time, was that I didn't really know how to approach or find other people sharing the same interest I had. Because my friends back then and they are still very good friends. They didn't really share the same interest I had and I couldn't really talk about photography with them, they would listen. But not understand, but it is always like that, when you grow up and start liking different things. No matter if it is still sports, tattoos or dancing, you get the point. So it was difficult for me, but I kept shooting and of course, lost motivation a lot of times, because I wanted to change my style as well in photography, but I didn't know how. So it was frustrating.

However, then I started traveling and I will talk about my travels in south east asia in another post in the future with a different topic. But yes, I started traveling with my friends and that's where I saw the opportunity for me to take more pictures and be creative. So instead of being so focused on myself only, I started to like being behind the camera even more. I got into more landscape photography and more focused on combining the landscape with a person or people in it. That was the time where I felt I wanted to be more serious about this. I got inspiration from a lot of photographers and vloggers like, Jack Morris (doyoutravel on instagram) Sam kolder and ben brown. Because I started vlogging a bit as well. But I gave up very quickly, because I am so bad at focusing on two things at the same time. But, that was the starting point and it was in december las year I booked a one way ticket to thailand.


After South East Asia I either had the option to go back to Sweden or keep on traveling. However choosing Australia, wasn't really my decision at first. I have never really had Australia as my goal destination. But I came here anyway and I don't regret it at all. I was a bit nervous at the start, because I came here alone and I had all the rights to be nervous. Because I was traveling around with my friends in Asia and all the sudden I am moving to a country and city (Melbourne) by myself, that I didn't know anything about!

As always, youn expect the worst, but I got friends very quickly and friends who shared the same interest I had. Everything just worked out. what didn't change at the start though, was my photography style. I was still in the same creative mindset I had in Asia. until 3-4 months ago when I was shooting with a bunch of other photographers and I met Adam Chaiseeha - @chaicheese on instagram. This guy took portraits and had so many good ideas and I was like WOW. So after that day, I said to myself - I need to start shooting portraits. That was the moment, where I found the style or created the style I have at the moment. But it wasn't easy, I didn't know how I would find all these people to shoot other than just all my friends.

So I searched for groups on facebook to find models and other photographers to share ideas and people to photograph obviously. My first TFP shoot, I didn't even know what that was at the start. I just wrote it because everyone else did it. My first photoshoot was with Alex Lapitan and I had no experience at all, but I tried to act like I've shot a lot of people before. At the time, I was really happy with the results, however when I look back at it today, I can really see how much better I've become, during the photoshoots and the way I edit my pictures and now that's my favourite thing to do. Meet new faces and shoot models. I am still new in this country and this is absolutely the best way to meet new people.

So what happens after Australia, I have no clue. However what I do know, is that if I want to keep on growing I have to be based in a place and surrounded with a lot of other creative people. I am still growing and learning, so what happens in the future is something I look forward to and excited about!

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