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Managed to have an awesome time here in Stockholm, even though we had the worst imaginable art with Olivia losing her wallet with all her bank cards and passport. If that wasn't enough bad luck, my phone also died later the same day. But why be salty when you can be sweet??

On Friday (after the passport incident) we did some shopping and had dinner and sneaky drinks at the hostel,  before going out to meet up with a friend at a bar. Luckily, the bar didn't have  any security so Olivia managed to get in without id. Then we proceeded to drink wine for the rest of the night!

Saturday, we bought me a new phone and had brunch in the Old town. Then we went back to the hostel and at night we went to Fryshuset and watched Falling in Reverse!! Drop dead amazing and one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Today we've met up with our girlfriends that we met in Australia last year. Always such a blast when we're together!

Tomorrow we're (hopefully) flying out to Rome and Matilda, and I honestly can't wait another minute to see the girly!! We have loads of lost time to make up for and it'll be legendary in every possible way.

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After starting the weekend off in the worst possible way losing my passport, drivers license and bank cards, we managed to pull ourselves together and have an amazing time! Highlights: Falling in Reverse (crazy!!!) and seeing my Melbourne girls again.

Super nervous about flying to Rome tomorrow since I don't have any money or ID, but I quote FiR and say God if you're above please tell me my wallet is in the lost and found at Arlanda and that I get a temporary passport so I can fly tomorrow.



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Started our roadtrip up the east coast the 2nd of August , and during this month we had time to visit beautiful Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, have one amazing week in Byron Bay, adventure around in Gold Coast, try surfing in Agnes Water and see the most beautiful sunset in 1770, explore the fantastic setting in Rainbow Beach, feed dolphins in Tin Can Bay, discover the stunning fairy pools in Noosa, drive around Fraser Island, celebrate our birthday in Airlie Beach and see a thousand waterfalls, climb a few mountains and camp at campsites with crocodiles and mega spiders as company. Definitely the best month of this year.


Started off September with going on a ship cruising around the extremely beautiful Whitsundays and then we also had time to go skydiving, explore and have a crazy pool party on Magnetic Island, camp in the dodgiest campground ever and get lost driving around in the mountains looking for waterfalls before arriving to our final destination; Cairns. Here we checked in to Gilligans for the first time and transformed to professional party people, hanging out with a million footy guys. Also went on vacation to Port Douglas and stayed in a hotel, and drove up to Cape Tribulation and explored the rainforest (also almost died on the most exhausting hike ever).


Except for partying like crazy at Gilligans, we went on an amazing diving trip at the Great Barrier Reef and sold our car and all our stuff. On a very stormy morning we left Cairns to fly back to Melbourne, where we partied and said goodbye to all our friends before leaving Australia :((((((((( and flying out to Thailand. Stayed with the family in Ao Nang for the rest of the month.


Said goodbye to the family and went backpacking around Thailand. Visited Koh Samui, Koh Phangan where we partied like madmen, Koh Tao which we fell in love with, and Bangkok where we ate tons of 7eleven toasties and partied on the legendary Khao San Road. After a delayed flight and an endless wait on the airport we finally landed in Sweden again. Started working straight away and began playing floorball (which was mega hard considering the amount of partying and the lack of physical activity the past few month had consisted of).


Work and work and work and a bit of partying. Celebrated Christmas with the family and had two amazing nights out. Matilda came home and we decided to move to Barcelona! Celebrated New Years in a hut in the woods with a bunch of legendary people. Long story short: By far the best year of my life.



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Celebrated the new year by rocking away to Violent Soho at Falls Festival in Tasmania. Short thereafter, I returned to Melbourne, my ex and I broke up and the heart-broken me moved in with Olivia in an absolut shithole house. I met loads of new friends, among them my Swedish gang who became my best friends in Oz. The weather was amazing and I spend most my time at the beach and did loads of partying at night. Went to see two shows, Alexisonfire and Panic! at the disco.


Still amazing weather so we kept going to the beach. Went to see Bring me the horizon and ended up having one of the best nights ever. We became obsessed with Vic Night Market and went there every Wednesday for sangria and seafood paella. Mum came to visit! We did loads of stuff, among them Great Ocean Road, went to our first Australian Football game, ate tons of good food, sightseening and a few roadtrips.


In Mars summer was slowly fading, and I was looking for a job for dear life, but every position I got ended up being cancelled. We were also battling growing tension in the house, but everything got solved the last week of Mars when I finally found a serious job. At the same time, our house situation became unbearable and we found ourselves our own apartment! In this month we also went crazy on Tinder social for one week and had a few crazy nights out.


We enjoyed our new apartment, bought gym memberships and started working out alot. Worked pretty much all the time. Two of our Swedish friends moved in with us for a few weeks and we had loads of fun.


May was mostly about work, but had a few nights out. Among them we had a crazy all-day pubcrawl and went to a show with All Time Low. Also ate tons of sushi and did a lot of second hand shopping.


Vic Night market started again so we went there a lot and had mulled wine. I spend most of my weekends at a friends in the countryside. Olivia was working ALL the time. We went to see a show with Beartooth and Amity Affliction and they ended up being two of my favourite bands. We celebrated midsummer with a Swedish dinner and amazing friends.


We decided to leave Melbourne to go on a roadtrip and most of the month we spend trying to get ready for that, quitting our jobs etc. Also worked out A LOT, at least me cos Olivia got super sick. We went on a mad Wednesday pubcrawl which Olivia severely regretted at work the next day. We also had a few good bye-parties and it was really just a month full of excitment combined with the sorrow of leaving everthing we had in Melbourne.



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Hey all!

It's been quite here for some time now, while we've just been enjoying being home. And even though it's been wonderful being back and we've had loads of fun times, the plan was never to stay.

So, after a lot of thinking (and not a lot of planning), it's now official. In a couple of weeks time, we're moving to... BARCELONA!

I am SO excited for this, from what I've heard it's an amazing city and I think we're gonna have loads and loads of fun adventures there. Even though it's sad to leave home so soon again, I can barely wait! It's literally all I can think about. You would think that after all the travels that we've made, the excitement would kind of burn out after a while. But if anything, it's the opposite.

So the basic plan is to fly down to Stockholm on January 19, where we stay for 3 nights. There, we're going to see Falling In Reverse play, party and meet up with friends. From there, we fly to Rome to meet up with Matilda. We're staying with her until the 31st, and then we fly together to Barcelona. How good does that sound?? It's so hard to believe that is actually what I'm doing in just two weeks. Us three living together in Barcelona, how could it be anything other than crazy?!



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Monday morning! Not too bad when you don't have to go to work, although quite boring and stressing to know that you're just hanging around at home. But! Job searching is going pretty well so hopefully I'll start working soon. I've made the most of the morning and started the day slow with a couple of Modern Family episodes and a weird amount of tea. I keep telling myself I won't get sick if I drink a lot of tea and so far so good!

Saturday was just as amazing and fun as I thought it would be, floorball with the girls, three course dinner with the family and then party with the girls again! Dinner turned out better than I thought as well with loads of left overs I feasted on yesterday while hungover.

Not a lot of plans for this week except hopefully start working and play floorball. And dog-sit lil' baby lover doggy dog at mums house. And celebrate mums birthday! Fun fun fun!



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Woke up to this beautiful sunrise this morning! Unfortunately we pretty much only have sunrise and sunset this time of year, the sun is never really up. This was at 8am so it wasn't very early either.

Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep for my life! It might have been that cup of coffee at 8pm I somehow though was a good idea. So now I'm really tired with no time for chill at all today, which is OK since I've just been on a five months vacation and in position to complain about anything at all.

Anyway, time to stop contemplating about my life and go have a shower. Floorball time soon!



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Been home for a week now an already missing adventures like these! From Byron Bay and Gold Coast and spending time with our friend Dave who also took all of these pics. The second one of me and Emma on the fallen tree is probably one of my favourite pics from the east coast!

Coming home to a snowy Skellefteå was quite a shock, but it´s weird how fast you really adjust. My skin don't really like the super dry air here though and right now I'm just a big walking peel. Honestly I just like 5 lotions everyday but nothing helps.

We've been trying to enjoy the best of home and so far so good. Been spending a lot of time with the family, eating Swedish food, sleping in my own bed in my own room, and messing around in the snow. Started playing floorball again, SUPER FUN, but I've been so sore I haven't really been able to move. Also I'm so much worse than when I left Sweden I sometimes just wanna break my stick and scream.

Today's Friday and on Fridays we watch Idol and eat chips with dip. Tomorrow I'm watching floorball and cooking fancy dinner for the family before going to a team party! Quite a perfect Saturday if you ask me.



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Viewpoints, snorkeling and beaches. Thats pretty much sums up our time here on Koh Tao. Honestly I could stay here for another week (would've loved to do some diving!!!) but unfortunately all hostels here are quite expensive, and we wanna have time to enjoy Bangkok as well. So tomorrow we'll be leaving this wonderful place and I'm definitely not excited for the 12h journey. But we've done really bad journeys in the past so I'm not that worried.

We also managed to stay up after 11pm and go on a pub crawl with our Welsh friends from Phangan. A lot of pictures were taken but I hope they never reach the public eye cause my god are those pictures bad. But I'll probably post one later cause it's still quite funny.



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A few pictures from amazing Koh Tao. By far the best place we've visited in Thailand and a place that absolutely don't get enough recognition. Sadly enough we're doing our last
day here today :(