If I need that little extra to get into a Christmas spirit, I like to put on some Christmas music! There’s nothing better than listening to some jolly music while doing, well literally anything! It’s always good!

I found some Christmas playlists on Spotify and thought I would share with you guys!

- Zoella Christmas
- Christmas (deluxe album) Micheal Bublè
- Everyday is Christmas by Sia

And Spotify is really good at making their own christmassy playlists!

Not the longest post, but it can get you in a jolly mood!


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I love nail polish! Everything nail related actually.
But the sad thing is, that I'm not allowed to wear any nail polish at school. For the last 5 months or so, I havn't been able to wear any nail polish at all.
But the moment the Christmas holiday starts, I'm getting my nails done! And yes, of course it's gonna be Christmas themed!

My most favorite color of choice for Christmas nails, is definitely red.
Red just screams Christmas and with a bit of shimmer or glitter it's the perfect Christmas nails!

I both like the simple nail with either a tiny bit of extra on it or nothing at all. But at the same time I like the whole shebang, with stones, glitter, motives and etc.

So I found some pictures of different nails, that I would love to get this Christmas.
Mostly red nails.

Take a look and get inspired!

I personally, am in love with the two dark red/bordeaux red!
The minimalism with red nails, with one nail with a matte finish and glitter stones! So in love!

So getting my nails done soon!




Soo... I missed yesterday's blogmas..
I'm really new to all of this, and maybe trusted myself a bit too much, when I thought that I could do 25 days in a row!
But hey! This is a post and I'm going to do the rest of Blogmas!

On this Christmas blog, I decided that I wanted to bake some Christmas cookies/shortcakes.
This type of cookie is normally made at this time of year, and if you are baking with Danish people, you would most likely make some of these. They are called: 'Finskbrød' and are really easy and simple to make.

All you need is:
500g of flour
400g of butter
100g of sugar

For the decoration:
Pearl sugar (can use normal sugar)
If wanted, almonds.

1. Crumble the butter in the flour and then put in the sugar and knead it together, until you have a uniform dough.
Then put it in the fridge for about an hour.

2. Divide the dough into 3 pieces and roll them into bars at about 1cm thick. Then push down the bars, so that they are flat.

3. Brush the bars with whipped egg whites and sprinkle with pearl sugar.

4. Cut the bars into pieces in about 5cm width.

5. Put the cookies on an oven tray with some distance, because they tend to become a bit bigger in the oven.

Then cook them in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 15 min.

I halved the recipe, but still got quite a few cookies out of the dough!
But i would recommend that you use the whole recipe if you are going to bake these cookies for a dinner party.

Hope you had a nice day, and that you enjoy these cookies if you make them!




There hasn't really been that much snow the last couple of years in Denmark, only a bit of sludge snow. And most of it has come in the beginning of every new year, not in December where you actually want snow!

But on this 2nd Sunday advent, we finally got the first bit of snow in Denmark!
It brings the Christmas spirit even more to life! Makes me happy!
But because of the fact that I live in the middle of the city, I don't get to see that much snow. I'm surrounded by buildings, which is quite sad because I love nature and I'm not the biggest fan of all the city noises.
My boyfriend and I then decided that on this beautiful winter Sunday, we wanted to take a drive into nature.
We drove out to my sister-in-law and took a walk on their beautiful winter wonderland!

Here are some snowy nature pictures!

It was just like walking into Narnia!
All that snow, crackling under your shoes, it just gives you that extra kick to get in the Christmas spirit!




We are almost half way through the countdown until Christmas Eve! And I must admit, I’m getting more and more in to the Christmas spirit! Almost everyday I watch Christmas movies or something Christmasy!
Something I watch a lot, is YouTube videos! And at Christmas time, most Vloggers do ‘vlogmas’. A new video everyday until Christmas! Just like Blogmas! But with videos!

There’s just something about the whole thing with watching other people do Christmas related stuff and being in a Christmas spirit, that makes me even more exited about Christmas!

So I thought, if I get so much joy from watching vlogmas, maybe I should give this to others so that they get into the Christmas spirit as well!
Here are some links for some Vlogmasses that I watch!

SprinkleofGlitter aka Louise!
She is a festive, joyful and very pregnant woman, that I have followed for quite some years!
She's not really doing Vlogmas, but she is doing a weekly Vlog, which is were she films every day, and makes one video a week, instead of 7 in a week.

She already has one little daughter and she is the funniest little girl!

Definitely go check her out, if you are a girly girl that loves everything glitter, pink and fun times!


The Sacconejolys!

This is a big family with mom, dad, 3 kids and 6 dogs!
They Vlog everyday, and they are just lovely and it's just so cosy to watch their everyday lives with a Youtube job and a busy family!

So if you like to get an inside look at a happy family, with lots of funny activities, go check out their Youtube!
Also check out their individual Youtube channels!



Giovannas is a loving mom you can relate to!
She is honest about her life as an author, mom and wife to a famous singer!
She tackles this life by taking everything in stride!

Her two kids are absolute maniacs and hilarious, and well I don't mind seeing her husband, Tom Fletcher, once in a while!

Go check her videos for a daily goofy and relatable mom life!



I have watched Zoe for many years now! She makes a lot of beauty videos, and has since 2013 done Vlogmas every year!

She loves Christmas and tries to do as much Christmassy stuff throughout December as possible.

She is a pretty girl, but also really funny and goofy!

Go check her Vlogmas out! I highly recommend it!


Go check these four Channels out and get in to that Christmas spirit!




In Denmark it’s a tradition to have a ‘Christmas village’ on a windowsill or a dresser. Or at least it is for many people!
Some people even makes a sport out of it, to have a big and wonderful village!
When I grew up, my family actually never really had a village on our dresser. We had maybe some little knick-knacks that should make it look like a village.
But when me and my sisters became a little older, we all started to collect LEGO! But my sister thought she should be a bit different and started to collect the Christmas LEGO city packs!
That meant that instead of a traditional Christmas village, my family started to have a LEGO Christmas village on our dresser! I know.. a bit weird. But also really fun and creative!

Both my sisters and I are all moved out and now I kinda miss my sisters Christmas village! But she still makes the little cosy LEGO village and when I look at it, it reminds me of the time where we lived at home, and my mom and I kept moving the LEGO men around, or adding in Harry Potter to the nativity scene and it annoyed my sister!



I must admit, every year I have a mini panic attack! What do I give people for presents? I have so many people to give to! Mind you, I have 4 sisters and my in-laws!
Each year it's a struggle to find out what people want and what to give them!
And this year is no different! I'm in school until late, so all the shops are closed when I get home. On top of that I'm going to London on the 17th (be ready for London blogs!)! Which actually stresses me a bit more, because I either need to have all the presents ready before the travel or I have to buy a lot of presents in London! I get home on the 22nd, so I don't really have time to buy them after I get home.
But let's be honest, shopping in London is not so bad, and I'm going to shop no matter what, so I'm probably gonna gift shop there as well!
Now that that's settled, we still have the problem with what to get!

A present that you can never go wrong with, and wouldn't mind getting yourself, is a gift basket!
A basket full of goodies, is never bad and you can literally make a basket for so many different people!
I came up with some ideas that could maybe help you if you need a last-minute present!

A food basket full of all kinds of delicious goodies!
Could be: coffee, tea, snacks, wine, spices and so on.

You can even make theme food baskets.
Make a basket with everything for a nice tapas.
Make a basket for a French dinner.
Make a basket for a cold evening, with everything for hot cocoa.

A basket full of beauty essentials.
Could be: good shower gels, scrubs, bath bombs, loofas, face masks and so on.

You could make a basket for a nice cosy evening in the bathtub.

Then you can always go for the more fun basket.

A basket full of different ingrediens for drinks.
A basket full of things for the pets.
A basket full of things for a baking day.
A basket with so called 'survival kit'.
A basket for a person who just moved out.

This is just some of the things that you cold do with a gift basket! Only imagination sets limits!




One thing I find very important this time of year, is spending time with family!
I’m a big family person and around Christmas even more so! And one of the things I love most at Christmas time, is spending a cold winters evening in blankets watching the same Christmas movies as last year!
They just never get boring!

So I found some of my all time favorite Christmas movies and made a list for you guys, for a nice an cosy evening!

And just so you know, this list contains my favorite Christmas movie if all time, and that is 'The Grinch'!
Each year I have to see it more than once! Probably about like, 4 times? And for me, it just never gets old!

I hope that this makes you want to have a cosy night in with either family or friends, watching Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit!




Christmas is closer and I guess that you are probably really busy with giftshopping, Christmas dinner planning and Christmas parties! I mean, is a Christmas without just a tiny bit of stress, really Christmas?

Anyway, it's the time for dinner parties with the family, friends and possibly with the workplace. And I feel like there's a difference between what you wear to each dinner party.
I myself, would much rather be really cosy with my family and more fancy/party ready with the coworkers.
So I found some dress ideas that I thought would be really cute for different Christmas parties!

For a family Christmas dinner, a knitted dress is cosy but can also be really pretty and a mix of party and cosy!

But for a more partyish Christmas dinner, dresses that are more 'out going' is a bit more festive!

And if you are born with a Christmas spirit or just are a 'party-bringer', you could always go for a dress that really says Christmas! Big time! This way, you can't really confuse people as to which holiday it is!

I hope that you are having some great Christmas parties with lots of friends and family!

Here are the dress links, top to bottom:
Off shoulder mini knit ribbed dress from Zaful.com
Turtleneck cold shoulder Jumper dress from Zaful.com
Fairisle Christmas jumper dress all sizes from Asos.com
Petite Elsie twist front mini dress from Boohoo.com
Mara Slinky wrap long sleeve body con dress from Boohoo.com
Nina Off the shoulder wrap midi body con dress from Boohoo.com
Christmas lace Yoke 50s Swing dress from Zaful.com
Christmas print long sleeves dress red from Zaful.com
Christmas sexy santa hooded skater dress with faux fur trim from Asos.com




What is better on a cold Christmas evening, than warm newly baked Christmas buns?
And so far December has been cold! Really cold, so today would be the perfect evening for a warm Christmas bun with marzipan!
It's a fairly easy recipe to follow, with its totally delicious (un)healthy ingredients!
So let's get on with baking!

You will need:

375g butter, 500g flour, 25g sugar, 2 eggs, 50g yeast and 1.25dl milk for the buns. 

125g sugar, 125g butter and 125g of marzipan for the filling.

You start out with the milk, yeast and sugar mixed together until it's dissolved.
Then you put the butter, eggs and the flower in the milk/sugar mix.

You then knead the dough, until it's firm.
Then you'll need to put the dough in the fridge for about 20 min.

While the dough is in the fridge you can get started with the filling.
You just mix the butter, sugar and the marzipan together until you have a completely mixed filling and the marzipan is evenly dissolved in the butter and sugar.

Before going on with the dough, turn on the oven on 200 degrees on regular oven-heat.

Then it's time to roll the dough out in a square, where you will cut out smaller squares, approximately 2x15cm.

When you have small squares, you put about a teaspoon of the filling in the middle of the square and turn over the corner so they gather in the middle.
Turn them over and put them on a baking pan.

They then need to rise for about an hour and after that you have to brush them with a mixed egg.

Then it is time for the buns to go into the oven.
They need approximately 8-10 minutes. But keep an eye on them at all times, because they may need a little less or a little more.

You'll, hopefully, end up with delicious Christmas marzipan buns!

I hope that you will enjoy this rather long post with Christmas baking!
And of course that you will enjoy the Christmas baking!