Hey everyone!
So today we'll be talking about a theory I really like. Is mother Gothel from Tangeld the same person as the Evil queen from Snow White?

So here's why they're the same person:

- They both have green eyes
- They're both obsessed with staying beautiful and young.
- Both Snow White and Rapunzel live in the same country, Germany.

Here's why they are not the same person:
- The evil queen died in the Snow White movie
- If mother Gothel was so obsessed with staying beauty and young, why did she just do like she did with Snow White on Rapunzel, give her a position apple?

I think Gothel and The evil queen is the same person. Because we didn't actually see The evil queen die. We just saw her fall of the cliff. Maybe she in some way survived. I know that the birds started to fly in circles over The evil queen. Maybe she ran away from them or the birds could not find her. I know that this maybe sounds unbelievable.
Why mother Gothel doesn't use her magic is obviously because she left the bottles in the castle. She can't go back to the castle because they would kill her. She doesn't have powers as Queen Elsa has. She is not born with magic powers. She need her book with the different spells and her bottles.
Snow White lives around 1500s and Rapunzel 1600s. So The evil queen could easily survive from the fall in Snow White, change name and move to another place in Germany, desperate of finding something that can make her look younger.

I totally support this theory. I was maybe not so clear with why The evil queen isn't dead. A funny thing is that mother Gothel and The evil queen both fall in the end of the movies. If they're not the same person I'm 99% sure they're related.

This was all I had to share this time! See you later, goodbye!