0 HP motor - so it will burn out long before the automatic wash machine motors Choose a High Quality Brand With A Good ReputationJust as Schwinn has one of the best reputations for building exercise bikes, there are certain manufacturers that produce top rated treadmills as well.While buying a treadmill may seem confusing at first - it's really not hard. A bad cushioning system can cause physical injuries and even put you out of commission for a while. You want a high-powered, well-built motor. Also look for higher user weight capacities (over 300 pounds) for indications of higher stability. Also, some review sites allow anyone to post reviews and you really don't know who is posting - a real person or someone working for the competition.

For example, while a commercial grade Landice may get high expert ratings, it also starts at $3000 and may be way more than you need to spend.#1 Know the Key Ingredients To A High Quality TreadmillTreadmills offer lots of features however there are 4 key features that make up a high quality unit. A proper cushioning system protects your joints and ligaments.Your warranty is an excellent indication of the quality of parts used in construction.The motor is the heart of your machine and usually the most expensive part to fix.Looking for the best rated treadmill? Buying a treadmill can be confusing - just for the sheer amount of choices out there. A long warranty (especially on the motor and parts) often indicates a top treadmill.

Keep in mind however that each of these reviewers may give more weight to various features - so they won't all agree. Try to find at least a motor power of 2. These are motor power, cushioning, stability and warranty. Keep in mind that even if a treadmill is top-rated, you should also consider your own personal workout needs when buying.#2 Read Expert ReviewsThere are several expert reviews you can read to find the best rated treadmills. Reading expert ratings will also give you an idea of which brands tend to rate highly over and over again.Think of it this way - a 1. When reading reviews (both expert and consumer), try to get a sense of which brands usually have positive reviews.

Don't be fooled by # peak duty ratings which many cheaper treadmills try to list instead of continuous duty power.How do you find top rated treadmills? There are several ways to choose and this article will give you the 3 easiest ways to find the best rated treadmill - for you.So those are 3 easy ways to find the best-rated treadmills. You don't want it to shake or wobble when you pick up your pace.Stability, according to Runner's World, is the most important feature of a treadmill.5 HP motor has to work twice as hard as a 3.0 Continuous Duty HP, preferably higher. I say usually because every brand sometimes makes a dud - and those people are often the ones that post reviews, not the people who had great experiences. Examples of expert ratings include Runner's World, Consumer Reports and Consumer Guide.

Also, they often review different brands which again can give different results. One of the easiest ways to choose your treadmill is to find the best rated ones, while still considering your own workout needs. Good cushioning is essential - especially for runners and frequent exercisers. But by researching, you will start to get a sense of which brands rate well in general, and which brands do not. Heavier treadmills tend to be more stable. On the other hand, if you're a frequent runner, a good cushioning system is a must to protect your ankles, knees, and back - so an $800 department store treadmill just isn't going to cut it