Corsets have turned into a fashion favorite for this millennium. Corset makers as well as corset firms are now springing up in every corner of world due to renewed interest of consumers in this art form. The web is now full of frustrated home corset makers who keep posting their own pictures wearing their corset making experiments and finally understand that it is a very difficult skill to excel. This fact stands true for plus size corsets, underbust corsets, as well as all kind of regular corsets. Though, the most safe option is to purchase a readymade corsets from shop, but if you wish to make you own, most famous corset makers offer following suggestions:

1. The first thing that you need to begin with is a good pattern. Look for a specialised corset pattern which is preferably from some firm that excels in such things. A “costume” pattern from a known pattern firm will exactly make - an imitation or a costume. So, try to look for some past patterns, laughing moon, or something like this. These small firms might not be that well known but hold a high reputation for patterns and clothes but not for costumes.

2. It doesn’t matter if you have an ideal size or not. It might be a little difficult to create an ideal pattern fit. You can get over this by creating your personal pattern. There are several tutorials that can teach you how to do this.

3. Next, you need to learn to use coutil. There are many people who try to create corsets from drill and denim, however, there is nothing that can replace coutil. It is a strong cotton fabric that has been designed specifically for making corsets. You don’t need much amount and also it wouldn’t stretch, it will not distort and very simple to work with.

4. Next thing that you need to take care of is to take your own time. You might not be able to finish your corset on time that can make you feel proud on a special evening, but don’t lose heart. It may be of great use next time. A simple corset needs approx. 20 hours to 30 hours, some may take a little longer.

5. You can also make use of tubular tapes for boning channels. It is much simpler as compared to making trial for sewing a simple piece of tape to stitch or corset through several layers for creating your personal one. Your stitching will be much more straight and corset will be much more smooth.