When you are suffering muscular or joint pain, it can be difficult to decide which type of pain relief may help your condition.

Medication can be useful to manage pain, but what should you take?

There is a wealth of information on the internet, but this can be confusing. NHS Choices is a good place to start. Specific advice can be sought from your local pharmacist or GP, who can discuss and advise you on appropriate medication for your condition.

The most common cause of joint pain is degenerative arthritis. As with other weight-bearing joints in the body, there is a layer of cartilage covering the bone that functions as a shock absorber during movement. As a person ages, the cartilage becomes thin and damaged, allowing the bones to rub against one another. When this happens, degenerative arthritis occurs. In addition to degenerative arthritis, other conditions that cause inflammation to the joint can cause pain. Ailments such as psoriasis, gout, and ankylosing spondylitis can negatively affect the joint Pain.

Joint pain is often an outcome of severe trauma, like an injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Any change to a person’s movement or walking pattern can increase the amount of stress on the joint, which results in pain and inflammation.

Lower back pain has also been linked with the sacroiliac joint. Studies have shown that when tissues in the pelvic region become stressed and inflamed due to irregularities within the pelvic ring, lower back pain can develop. Reports show that about 13% of people diagnosed with chronic lower back pain have had the cause originate from the joint Pain.

Pregnancy is another cause of joint pain. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases hormones that allow the ligaments to relax in preparation for childbirth. Relaxed ligaments surrounding the sacroiliac joint result in an increased range of motion, which may in turn cause additional damage to that area. In addition, the weight put on the body during pregnancy can add abnormal amounts of stress and pressure to the joint Pain.

Joint pain occurs in the body for a number of different reasons. Pain is often the result of overuse, strain, and movements like heavy lifting or athletic activity that are continuous. Being overweight can also put a lot of stress on the joints as well. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain. This occurs when the joint itself begins to degrade as a result of wear and tear or from injury. Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition that causes antibodies to attack the healthy lining of joints, can be the cause of joint pain.

What are the causes of joint pain?

Here are many causes of joint pain. The possible causes will partly depend on your age. The possible causes for joint pain in children are different to the possible causes for adults.

The cause of joint pain may be obvious, such as following a sports injury. At other times it may need investigations and a referral for you to see a specialist to find the diagnosis.

Joint pain may also be caused by different structures in or around the joint. The underlying cause may therefore be a problem with:

  • 1.The lining of the joint.
  • 2.The surrounding bone.
  • 3.The tendons, ligaments or muscles around the joint.

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Healthy lifestyle plays a great role in joint pain troubles. Diet, exercises and intake of medicines are some among the main factors considered to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Arthritis, characterized by joint pain and muscle weakness can lead way to several health issues in life. Unconsidered joint pain troubles can create many difficulties in your day-to-day life activities. How can diet and regular exercises prevent the occurrence of joint pain problems? This question is quite common from people. Let's see here some of the natural diet arthritis pain relief' and remedies for arthritis pain relief.

We will start with herbal oils. Asthijivak oil is one among the best recommended herbal oils to prevent arthritis troubles. It is generally advised to use this herbal oil thirty minute prior to body bath. Compounds present in this herbal oil can supply nutrients to body cells naturally. It alleviates pain and reduces the risk of health issues naturally.

Applying light strokes on affected area can reduce the risk of pain. If possible, do massaging thoroughly with the help of herbal oils like eucalyptus oil and lemon balm oil. Both of the above specified herbal oils are renowned for their pain relieving property. Turmeric is a common ingredient added for the preparation of Asian recipes. As per studies, this exotic cure is found to be very useful to cure inflammatory diseases like arthritis. It heals wounds and reduces the risk of inflammations.

What factor in turmeric is responsible for this function? This question is quite common from people. Actually, curcumin compound present in turmeric is responsible for all this function. You can make use of turmeric in the food recipes you eat. Apart from turmeric, you can also make use of natural remedies like ginger to cure joint pain troubles. Those people in search of a natural remedy for treating joint aches can make use of ginger extracts in their diet. It assures safe health result devoid of side effect.

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How It Is Made Asthijivak is a potent mixture of many rare herbs, an herbal Paste which has the power to heal damaged nerves and muscular structures and an Oil, which can do wonders to blood flow in the weakened arteries. Preparation of Asthijivak follows specific Ayurvedic protocols along with some proprietary methods to extract the desired results from chosen herbs. Many herbs are used in their ‘Ark’ form, while some in their raw form based on their properties. Arand (root) Akarkara Nirgundi Ajwain Gwarpatha Pan Ashwagandha Haldi Rasna Directions for use Asthijivak Lep: Take a 8 gm (2 Spoons) of Asthijivak Lep and mix it with some lukewarm water to achieve a paste like consistency. Apply it on the knees to cover the area fully before going to sleep.Loosely tie the flannel cloth

Provided on the knees and leave it like this for entire night. In the morning, wash it off with lukewarm water and massage gently with Asthijivak Oil .

Cloth can be used repeatedly after washing. Asthijivak Oil: Take 2 to 3 mL of Oil on your palm and apply over knees after overnight application of Lep is washed off. Massage gently until the oil disappears in the skin. Do not apply excess pressure while massaging. Benefits of Asthijivak Increases blood circulation to revitalize structure. Reduces inflammation and pain Strengthens supporting musculature Calcifies bone damage Increases lubrication in the joint Reduces rate of cartilage damage

Asthijivak is an herbal product for knee joint pain. It is prepared using some beneficial natural ingredient which can help in treating joint pain naturally in an affordable manner.