Now I'm gonna tell you about a huge problem I have. I am sooo afraid of the dark. And I can say, it's really bad! I promes you my thoughts of what could possibly hide in the darkness is worse then in a kid's mind lol. or alright, my thoughts are different then what kids are scared for. Its not like I think its a monster under the bed or shit like that no no. But I believe that might exist things in this world that we cannot see, lika paranormal stuff. and that they might be around scares the shiiiit of me!

Its worst inside. being alone nighttime and an apartment or house yeah that means lots of stuggle. And even in my very small student apartment with lots of apartments everywhere around. I'm still scared. being alone in a dark and quite place daamn I cannot stand it!! so what do I do.. hmm I got music on ALL NIGHT while i sleep. not very loud but loud enough to cover other mystery sounds. and all the lights on. yes every fucking lamp is turned on.

I honestly prefer to be awake in the night and sleep in the afternoon. my sleep is better because I dont need to be scared. And dont need to have the music on. I am really a nightowl. In the nighttime I produce better I write better my creativity is on top. And when I am awake all night busy making tracks, its not that bad with the fear cause I'm so into the stuff so I dont have time to think about ghosts lol.

If I stay sleep over in someone place, yes im fine with the lights of and the silence but only as long as im in the same room lol. otherwise the lights gonna be turned on!

I watch nooo horror movies nowadays, or same with this paranormal activity documentaries. I just cannot, It would make it even woorse. But im still scared af lol. I think I just have to stop believe there is paranormal stuff in this world to stop my fear. But I just cannot stop believe it unfortunately. Heard to much things to not believe. Do you believe in paranormal activity?

the question is, if I would see something, how would I react on it. Either I would be scared af and run out from the place. or either I would think I had turned crazy and call the rehab. anyway , I hope it wont happen.


I have a psycho mind hehe ;)

Are you afraid of the dark?

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so, I am a huge edm fan. I found my passion for electronic dance music when I was 18 and started to go out on the nightclub (standard, lol). closest to my heart is big room house. its like a drug that makes my heart beat faster and my serotonin to rush in the brain hehe. ( yeah like ecstacy lol )beautiful euphoric house songs that can make a whole crowd of thusands and thousands on a huge festival to dance. yes thats power, yes that is amazing.

the best years for music was in my opinion from around 2012-2014. when the house scene was the biggest it's ever been. everybody wanted to do house. there were loots of djs that became the biggest stars in the world. house was climbing all the charts, billboard was full of housesougs. lots of amazing house songs. all mainstream pop stars release houseinspired songs too. and soo many people wanted to be djs. house was the shiiiet and everybody fucking love it.

I honestly miss that time. after that mainstream music became more chill, seems like after that people were tired of hearing fat drops all the time. then it was more like tropical house or pophouse songs. 2012 mainstream pop even became house. but in like 2014 house kinda started to become pop. and it feels like the music on the charts is still kinda chill right now. even many big room house djs do nowadays more chill music, maybe because they wanted a change, or maybe to gain streams I dont know.

I want house to be the biggest shiet again. i mean its still huge (even though many people tell me that that house is dead, its not! and it wont die!!). but I want it to be like the shiiiet. I like the mainstream music that is now too and theres lots of djs that reach huge mainstream success today also. its just a lil bit different, a lil bit more chill in general.

but if we are talking about was the future of mainstream music will be like, i think house will come back, be the shiiet again honestly. i think people are going to be tired of the chill sounds to and then they wanna hear dancy uptempo euphoric songs again. But it will probably be different from whats its been like. the 2012-14 sounds will probably not be "back in the game". (even I start to be tired of the 2014 supersaw synths) but the rest, yes it will come back. housemusic is my life, the day housemusic dies, i ll die haha naw but kinda die on the inside. lol.

I just love, euphoric music!

bigroom house is definitely not the only style of edm that I love so extremely much. I am a huge fan of many different styles of edm. my spotify playlist is full of dance uptempo music like space trap, bigroomtrance, progressive house, lots of different stuff. theres also lots of catchy pop ( i like pop a loot too!! ) songs and badass trapish stuff too lol. but if i had to describe my spotify playlist with only one word, it would be, its lots of euphoric songs. and how can I explain that? euphoric music is for me like u know, soo happy and so sad, at the same time. It's the perfect combination of minor and major in the harmonics and the fat spacey sounds together that makes it so beautiful for me <3

some songs i would call very euphoric...






Im definitely 100% a solo traveller. Almost everytime I'm going abroad somewhere (which is kinda always for raves) I am going by myself. This just started with that noone that I knew at that time were into raving as me, so I decided to go to ravetravel solo. I never think about bringing someone with me nowadays lol cause solo is they way I prefer it, cause u know what? travelling solo is AWESOME.

It gives you freedom, indepence and loooots of crazy memories. its most riskful than going with others, which is a nice things for me cause taking risks gives me a kick. It is also more sociable because u have to get to know other people at the place (cause its either that or to be totally alone the whole stay).

So thanks of this, I have got to know looots of crazy and amazing people. Another really nice and exciting things with going solo is that u have no idea what the future will bring. cause this is the case, a solo journey could be the best experience of your life or a total disaster depending on what people u meet. lol this is at least my own experiences.

But even a bad journey meeting the wrong people could in the long run be a good thing, (depending on what happens of course) cause u learn things about yourself and people in general and how to handle hard situations and you become stronger ;)

hmm but despite all this I also gotta say, solotravelling isn't for everybody. If youre an "alonewolf" lol than it's perfect to do it. if youre not and you rather want people around you all the time, then having someone with you might be a better option. but one thing is sure, if you have in mind to go travelling solo , do it! Never let fear stop you

from vegas this summer ( lol sorry duckface)- one of the worst weeks of my life :o Because I had to hang out with 2 sexist douchebags the whole time. But what doen't kill you make you stronger! ;) and better luck next time :D



yoo guys, so this is my first blogpost.

I have for a long time been thinking bout starting a blog and now its here. oki so what is this about? I use to think a lot, so with this blog im going to share with you lots of deep shietthat I have in my mind. It's gonna be lots of philisophy stuff and my thoughts bout just everything like humanity, god , animals, drugs or the possibly meaning of fucking everything.

I wanna share my thoughts with you, and im pretty sure many of u wont agree with me so im down for the discussion that's what I want ;) ( if someone is ever going to read this though, not sure :( ....)

but sometines the deeptalk gonna be to much so I'm also gonna talk about travelling plans or raving cause i love that shiet. Or just my life in general. everything from my brighter and darker parts of mind u will get to know here

and of course. ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC, which is my fucking life <>

;) ps. youre going to see lots of grammar errors and shiet here of two reasons, as u might know lol im swedish sooo,this is not my first language, and two, I'm too fucking lazy (or busy maybe lol) to care. but dont we all need challenges and constantly new goals in life right? and one of mine for next year is to improve my english (so I could write better songlyrics) ;) so don't complain it's going to be better and better hopefully ;) ds.