What can robots possibly teach HR executives?We know Genghis Khan and Sun Tzu have given corporate managers plenty of helpon managing mega companies and high institutions; but mechanical puppets thatplay supporting roles? Obviously, George Lucas had some galactic visionregarding R2D2 and CP3O before he decided to throw them in to the story. So,let us try to review the Jedi Chronicles for some words of wisdom:


1.          Any problem can be solved


Whether we are talking of R2D2 or CP3O, we knowthat robots always find a way out of a dangerous situation. So, it takes ahighly-qualified and trained hero to get out of sticky situations. Some robotscan be rather panicky or nervous; but professionals are capable of providingthe solutions to every conceivable corporate issue that arises. It requiresextensive training and many years of experience to develop the skills to tacklethe day-to-day problems in the business world. Robots symbolize the human ideasthat serve as tools that allow us to make this world we want it to be – a worldfree of wars and conflicts and where galactic peace reigns. 


2.         Computing is an unlimited human tool


We are not talking of machines only. We aretalking about thinking the way robots think. They do it efficiently, almostwithout error and in a matter of milliseconds. Well, they can be humorous likehumans at times. That’s what makes us humans (and why we also adore robots).Training people to think efficiently like robots is the most difficult oftasks, unfortunately. And this is where HR experts come in. We still have todevelop the software we can use to help us run companies without error -- thatis, perfectly. We can approximate that perfection, nevertheless, throughcomputers which can us think efficiently.


3.         Robots are dispensable, and so are we


Robots are disposable, or at least, theirbatteries and silicon chips. Ultimately, they will become obsolete and getreplaced by upgraded models. So, are all employees or executives. Every processor procedure or organization will evolve into a new, more-efficientapplication. People today think and communicate using improved versions ofolder, less-efficient protocols. The essential principles may remain unchanged;although the way we eat meat or potato have come a long way from those who atethem raw. The irony is that more and more people nowadays are eating raw foodand swearing to its nutritional advantage. Perhaps, we do not really needrobots and that all we ever need is already within us. 


Wallace Associates is always searchingfor a way to accomplish things in the most economical and profitable manner.Ideas and tools are useless without the people who compose the most valuableassets who process bits of information to produce wealth and happiness forsociety in a world where people have no complaints. Robots or no robots, HRexperts seek good reviews for their indefatigable job of providing excellentinsights to corporate organizations.