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On the Eid al-Fitr 1435 holiday, instead of having a silaturahim, my family decided to go for a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Well, we were sad that we couldn't meet relatives in al-fitr day, but it was because we couldn't find another time to have some familly trip like this. Hopefully the next famiy trip will not be in this kind of important holliday, so we can enjoy the holliday without some guilty feeling. ^^

Day 1
- Mongkok area
- Ma O Shan
- Avanue of Stars

Actualy this first day was totally a ruined day. We lost at the mongkok area, and took whatever the bus stoped near there. Lol. It was, at first, a useless day. But then, the bus took us to a housing district in a hill near the sea. It was a great place.


Unfortunately, I didn't take any photo on the daylight due to our panic of lost in there, haha. So, here are some of the photo taken on the afternoon forward. 
Here was a place near our hotel. We knew it was near our hotel because we had a "bus tour" on the day. To get into here, we had only have to walk about 10 minutes. It's the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

This is another of the photo taken there, togather with my family. 

This is a view of a place not far from the art centre area, The Avenue of Stars.

Day 2
- The Peak
- Madame Tussauds
- Mid Level elevator
- iFc
- Central area

We scheduled this second day as the all-day travel day. We went to the famous tourist attraction, The Peak Tower. 

A view on the way to The Peak

There, we went to the tower, the Madame Tussauds Gallery, have some lunch, and finally went to the iFC & Central Area. Here are some photos taken inside Madame Tussauds Gallery:

Me and Bollywood famous actor: Amitha Bachan

Me and legendary Korean actor : Bae Youngje

This time, not an actor, this is me and Mao Zhe Dong

Know who is this guy? Don't say you don't know! I know everybody knows him well.

Yeayyy! This is the vampire man! Edward Cullen aka Robert Patinson. Love this photo <>

Me as a princess?? no way! even with the casual dress....

This is the legendary Indonesian National Hero

Day 3
- Shalat Eid
- Macau

In the 3rd day, we pray Eid in Kawloon Mosque. After pray and had some breakfast, we went straight to the harbor. The harbor was close to our hotel, so we went there by foot. We didn't know much about Macau and it was a sudden decision. So, we bought a boat ticket and a day-pass hop on bus. 

Unfortunately, the hop on bus was a bus without a rooftop!!! And the important thing you should know is: MACAU WAS VERY HOT!!!

Well, what could we do? We couldn't cancel the free pass, and it mean we couldn't try another options. Anddd...... another bad news was, in Macau people don't speak English!! They speak Cantonese and Portuguese only. How bad was that? Amazingly, it was challenging and full of adventurous!

The bus was empty. No one except us and the tour guide.

Day 4
- Gun
- Victoria Park
- Disneyland



Proud one of this Indonesian product: INDOMIEEEE
They're showing the indome goreng...

seems nice~ makes me hungryyyyyy ^__^



Actually, it's kind of out of date, but, I just know that there is such a movie filming in Indonesia!!

How about the trailer??
And now I just realized, the actors and actresses are good! they are a well known actors!! *although actually not all of them.

See? this movies starring one of the Harry Potter's stars, Bonnie Wright, and also an Indonesian actress, Cinta Laura. 

I haven't watch the full movie yet, but from the trailer, I just know that this film is filming in many places in Indonesia. I spotted the Prambanan temple area, Belitung island beach, mount Bromo, and also places which has an Indonesian architecture characteristic. Such a good oportunity to broaden Indonesian tourism :)

I hope following after this movie, there are more things that can trigger the tourism of ours! We have a lot of tourist attraction: culture, nature, history in one country...

Can't wait to see this movie!!



아마 우리를 (인도네시아 나라) 모르는 해외 사람 들이 많다... 그렇지??

그런데, 사실은.. 여행을 좋아하는 사람들 중에 인도네시아가 다양한 명소 있는 나라인데 세계에서 자연의 아름다움을 보여주는 곳으로 유명하다. 또는 훈륭한 문화 유산이 있다.

인도네시아의 중요한 문화 유산 중에 하나는 보로부두르 사원이다. 이 사원은 세계에서 가장 큰 불교 사원이다. 이 글을 통해서 저는 보로부두르 사원의 역사, 위치, 특징 등을 서개하겠다.

보로부두르 사원은  8 세기 샤일렌드라 왕국 시대에 건축하였는데 중 자바의 마글랑에 있다. 이 보로부두르의 이름은 언덕 위에 있는 수도원을 의미한다. 이 사원은 역사적으로 중여한 건물이라서 1991년에 유네스코 세계 유산으로 등록되었다.

보로부두르 사원은 10층으로 이루어져 있다. 각 층 모양이특별하는데 푼둑 브룬닥이라고 한다. 보로부두르 사원 실제 높이는 42 미터이었는데 벼략 맞아서  현제 높이는 34.5미터 되었다. 이 사원 안에 부조와 조각품이 많다. 벽에서 새겨져 있는 부조가 부처님게 주는 교훈을 보여 주고 있다.

이 곳에 가려면 족자카르타에서 차를 타러 한 시간 반 정도 걸린다. 보로부두르 사원에서 역사를 배우면서 아름다운 자연을 느낄 수 있다. 사원 꼭대기에 올라가는 길은 많은 계당으로 이루어져 있어서 올라가기가 노력할 필요가 있지만 꼭대기에 도착하면 주변 전망을 볼 수 있다. 게다가 세벽에 꾝대기에 도착하면 아름다운 해 돋는 것을 볼 수 있다.

이 글을 따라 보로부두르 사원에서 여러 즐거움을 옫을 수 있어서 가볼만 한 곳이라고 생각한다. 답답한 도시 피하혀면, 또는 인도네시아에 있는 불교 역사를 배우려면 여기에 가면 되겠다.

content edited.
first written by: @ayu5sr



요즘에 좋은 인도네시아의 영화가 많다. 그 중에 하나는 뜽글람냐 가빨 판들윜 (Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck)이라는 영화이다. 이 영화는 작년에 개봉됐는데 2013년에 가장 많은 관객이 봤다고 한다. 이 영환는 Buya Hamka라는 작가의 소설을 원작으로 했다. 이 영화 통해서 1930 인도네시아의 모습을 볼 수 있다.

Recently there are some good Indonesian movies. One of them is the movie called "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck). This movie was released last year, and become the most-watched movie in Indonesia on that year. Actually this movie is adopted from a novel by Buya Hamka in the same title. From this movie, we can see 1930's era of Indonesia.

영화 뜽글람냐 가빨 판들윜은 마을에서 가장 아름다운 하야띠 (Hayati) 라는 여자와 시를 잘 쓰는 자이누딘(Zainuddin)이라는 남자의 사랑 이야기를 보여준다. 두 사람은 미낭까바우(Minangkabau)에서 마나서 사랑에 빠졌는데 문화와 가족 배경의 차이 때문에 결혼을 못했다. 이후에 하야띠는 거부 아지즈 (Aziz)라는 남자와 결혼했다. 하야띠의 결혼을 알고 자이누딘은 슬퍼서 바타비아(Batavia)에 가서 작가가 되었다. 몇 년 후에 훌륭한 사람이 되어 돈도 많이 벌었다.

This movie tells about a love story between the most beautiful girl in the village called Hayati and a poet called Zainudin. They met in Minangkabau and fell in love there. But, unfortunately because of the difference of their family background and tribe, he couldn't marry her. Than, Hayati married to the richest man from the same tribe. Knowing the marry of Hayati, Zainudin was sad and migrate to Batavia. There, he became a writer. After a few years, he succeed and made much money.

어느 날 아지즈와 하야띠는 우연히 자이누딘을 만났고 같은 도시에서  산다는 사실은 알게 되었다. 아지즈는 자주 놀음하느라 재산을 탕진했고 빚에 쪼들렸다. 그래서 자이누딘이 도와줬는데 아지즈는 자존심때문에 자살을 했다. 그러나 아지즈 축었지만 하야띠는 자이누딘의 마음을 받아 드릴 수 없어서 고향으로 돌아갔다. 판 들윜 배를 탔는데 배가 침몰했다. 자이누딘은 희생자를 찾아봤다. 하야띠 살았으나 얼마 후에 병원에 축었다. 하야띠라는 여인을 잊히 못해서 그 녀 이름을 따라서 고아원을 만들었다.

One day, Aziz and Hayati accidentally met Zainudin. From that on, they knew that they were living in the same city. Hayati's husband, Aziz, was a gambler, and because of that, they went bankrupt and became poor. Knowing that condition, Zainudin help them. However, because of the self pride, Aziz committed suicide. Still, even after her husband died, Hayati can't accept Zainudin again. So, she went back to her home, took the Van der Wijck ship. Sadly, the ship went wreck. As Zainudin heard that accident, he tried to look for Hayati. He meet Hayati in a hospital, but she couldn't survived and died right after meet him. Even Hayati died, Zainudin could't forget her. Finally, he made a orphanage named Hayati.

이 영화는 1930년대에 배경으로 한다. 이 시간 배경은 영화에 나오는 마차와 전통 집을 통해서 마을 모습으로 추측할 수 있다. 그리고 자카르타(Jakarta)를 바타비아라고 불르는 것을 보면 1942 이전을 시간을 가르긴다는 것을 알 수 있다. 공간 배경은 미낭까바우, 바타비아, 수라바야, 뚜반 (Tuban) 이다.

이 영화는 미낭까바우의 문화에 대한 잘 보여준다. 특히 미낭까바우 사람들의 종교와 법을 잘 지키는 모습을 볼 수 있다. 그리고 바타비아의 모습을 보면 옛날 멋진 도시를 상상할 수 있다. 이 영화는 우리가 직접 옛날 인도네시아를 방문한 것 같은 느낌을 준다. 그러나 가장 중요한 것은 이 영화에 순수한 사랑 이야기이다.

나는 이 영화를 보고 새로운 사실을 알게 되었다. 이 영화 통해서 옛날 사회에 대해서 잘 알게 되었다. 그리고 이 영화는 매우 감동적 영화이다. 이 영화는 열정을 잘 자져야 한다는 교훈을 가르쳐 한다. 그래서 이 영화는 볼 만한다고 생각한다.



"Belitong is the 3rd tourist destination in Indonesia" that was what my tour guide said. But, actually even many people don't familiar with this Belitong Island. It also happened to me. I don't really know about Belitong. So, first time I heard that, I thought it was a joke. However, after I went there, I realized how attracting Belitong is.

Are you curious about this so-called beautiful island? this is where Belitong is:

Belitong Island located between Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan island

This picture showing the small island around Belitong

On the picture above, we can see the gradation of the blue color. Those are the difference of the sea level and the coral.  

Also, actually this island is famous for a movie called Laskar Pelangi:

moreover, this is my story:

Our trip was a 4 day 3 night trip with 3 days tour program. On our first day in Belitong Island, we went to have some lunch as soon as we arrived at Dedaun Beach.

our family on the first lunch at Belitung

In the lunch area, we could lend some bike or canoe or just play at the beach.

We were a bit tired because of the difference of weather then in Jakarta so we decided only to play at the beach. We amazed to the extremely beautiful beach. The sand were white and the water was clear. No trash, as clean as a pool, and the weather was windy.

After enjoying the beauty of the beach near the lunch area, we took a rest for a moment and prayed Ashr. Than, we went straight to another amazing spot, the which had so many big quartz rocks. This area calls Pantai Laskar Pelangi. This name is simply because this area was the shooting spot of the Laskar Pelangi Movie.

Laskar Pelangi's Beach

My family and rocks!

Now, me and all the rocks

After saw many of the rocks which I considered it as a natural wonder, we stepped into another beach near there. There, there were many fisherman's ship. Also, there was a tortoises conservation. To save those tortoise, we can buy them (in addition to pay the coast of it's living in there) and let it go to the ocean. Also, there, we had a coconut fruit.

Saving the tortoise

Get ready to have coconut fruit

That's all for the first day. After that, we went to hotel and took a rest and got ready for the following day's trip! .-------.
So, in the second day, we went out from hotel at 8.30, and went straight to the north beach. There, we took a boat to go to some island near there.

on the way to the islands

The "Sang Pemimpi" boat

The island, beach, and us

Me and Mom :3

There, the water was clear, and I could see what was under the sea. But unfortunately the wave was quite big. That made the sand on the beach lifted and we could't see the beach bed. Also, I couldn't went snorkeling. Next time, if you want to go to Belitong Island, the best time to see the beauty of the see and islands is in the middle of year (July-August).

Gradation of brown-white-green-blue : sand-coral-water-ocean!

Rock Island?

There, also there was a Dutch era's historical heritage, the beach light tower in the outer island of north Belitong. The tower is 18 floor high, and we can get to the top of the tower with only Rp5.000 entry fee.

the top of the tower

the tower!

still, the historical tower



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