First sight of Barcelona yesterday shortly before landing!

Me (Irma) with my amazing new neck pillow that I bought quite expensively at Arlanda. And Kajsa also bought one of course (ps. it was Kajsas idea first)

The first room we looked at! The building was amazing as you can see, and the whole apartment had the same style, very beautiful and enormous.

Park De La Ciutadella. We walked through this park when going to check another room.

We ate lunch at an Italian restaurant. This was Kajsas meal.

And this was mine (lasagna).

We then sat in the park for a while and had some fika. I was mostly in a t-shirt and yes, people looked at me because everyone else was wearing winter jackets. However, 15 degrees celsius is hot for a Swede.

The building of the other room we looked at. Right next to the park.

The park.

The park.

La Rambla street, our hostel was on a side street further down here. This is also where we had to drag all of our 6 bags yesterday when we arrived. 


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Dags att komma igång med den blogg som kommer användas för att dokumentera våra resor, både delar som görs tillsammans och var för sig. Vi heter Kajsa och Irma, är två tjejer som ursprungligen kommer från Norrköping, har bott i Växjö mellan 2015-2017 för studier i globala frågor och fred och utvecklings och som i Januari 2018 kommer flytta till Barcelona för att studera spanska! Framöver har vi också planer på praktik utomlands, samt att resa, men det blir ett senare kapitel. Vi kommer försöka ha alla inlägg både på svenska och engelska, men kommer inte alltid kunna vara så! Vi har som mål att dokumentera både små och stora händelser under våra äventyr, och har du frågor så får du gärna kommentera dem! Vi satsar på att uppdatera minst några gånger i veckan, men det kan ju också bli perioder med mer eller mindre!

Time to get started on the blog which will be used to document our travels, both the joints ones and the alone ones! Our names are Kajsa and Irma, and we are two females that are originally from Norrköping, Sweden, but have lived in Växjö for the last two years in order to study global issues and peace and development. In January 2018, we will move to Barcelona, Spain to study Spanish. In the future we are also planning to go abroad for internships and travels, but that is a later chapter! We are aiming for our posts to be in both Swedish and English, but make no promises. Our goal is to update at least a few times a week, both the smaller and the larger events, but it may vary. If you have any questions, please comment them below!

//Irma and Kajsa