Halöu everybody!

Currently sitting at a bar by the water, because my sister works here. A bar is quite an interesting atmosphere. A few minutes ago, I witnessed this scenario: a girl sat by the bar talking to her friend, a guy enters the bar and quickly spots the girl. The guy walks over to the girl and offers her a drink. She says no thank you. He insists and she agrees to one drink. After she finished the drink, he starts to get frustrated. He utters “where’s the thank you?” with a slight anger in his voice. She leaves.

It’s like he thought that after one drink she suddenly would be his property! He thought that the drink of course meant much more, an invitation maybe? We all know what he wanted when he offered that drink, don’t we? The girl kindly said no thank you, he insisted. To avoid his nagging she agreed. One would think that because her first reply to his question was a no, the guy would figure that she isn’t interested even the slightest, and go away, but instead he just keeps on offering these stupid drinks, and then get angry when what? She doesn’t go home with him? Like what did he expect???

What is it about guys? that when they buy you a drink they expect ridiculous favors, do they think women are a buy one get one for free deal? Women aren’t objects that you can buy! We have brains!

Don't hate or discriminate!

(The purpose of the picture is just to demonstrate the course of events)


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Halöu everybody!

Thanks again for everyone who has visited our blog! Makes me happy to see:) Where is the summer weather though? I’m sitting in a café with my (cousins) down jacket on.

Actually talking about my cousin, we’ve talked for not too long ago about celebrities not using their mega huge platforms to spread messages they actually care about. Which is weird, there’s got to be something that everyone cares a lil extra about, for example if you have a relative that has had cancer or alzheimer’s disease, mental illness, global warming, animal rights, veganism or vegetarianism, eco friendliness, corruption, human rights.. Whatever it is, I feel like they could speak about it, because they have tens of millions of followers and they just keep posting selfies. Think of how many people they could reach using their instagram, twitter and other social media accounts. Think about what a change that would make!

There is of course celebrities who use their platforms to spread what their heart speaks for. For example Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh has created the platform Girl Love where the main message is to end girl-on-girl hate both online and in real life. She has for example sold Girl Love rafikis and saved the money to found schools in Africa and from the Girl Love video saved the money and donated to The Malala fund. Amazing work right?!

Don’t hate or discriminate!




Halå everybody!

I’m glad to see that we have had quite a lot of viewed posts recently! and I would still like to thank our one and only subscriber, sending lots of love your way<3

Over the weekend we celebrated midsummer in Scandinavian countries, including Finland. I was with a few of our friends at one of my friend’s summer cottage over midsummer. During the evening it is a custom that the city lights a fire, usually near water or on the water. We decided to go look at the fire after we had had dinner. When we arrived to the place where the fire was, it had already burned down, but there was still a lot of people there. We went on the rocks to look at what was left of the fire on the water. One of our friends had a crop top on and when we were leaving two girls that walked by shouted slut after her……… I didn’t hear it, but they told me when they ran to catch us because we were a little bit ahead of them. I was shocked and sad when they told me. No one should ever call a girl a slut, especially not another girl! If girls call each other slut or hoe, they contribute to the misogyny that the patriarchy has created. With this I’m trying to say that girls shouldn’t hate on girls, girls should try to encourage other girls and lift each other up! Because if girls start hating on girls, the misogyny will just continue and get worse.

This friend of mine wasn’t dressed especially revealingly in my opinion, she had long trousers and a leather jacket. Why on earth was she a slut? She wore a crop top? Wth !

She told me that she had been sexually molested many times before, for example she had been on a concert and had to run away because she had so many hands touching her. Awful! She also told me that she didn’t really care when the girls shouted after her because she was so used to it. Which is absolutely horrible! She told me that mostly guys had sexually molested her, for example cat called her, stared at her in a disgusting way and such things. It wasn’t really a surprise that the majority was guys. We continued the conversation. We talked about that NO ONE has the right to comment on your body, the way you look, like you were a barbie doll that was theirs. You own your body! When someone comments on your body, they objectify you, and that is not ok. Women’s bodies are already enough objectified, for example in advertisements and in everyday life. Our appearance shouldn’t affect on what kind of people we are! Right? Just because someone has long hair doesn’t mean that she is a better person. Unfortunately girls are taught that appearance is very important from a very early age. Girl babies’ care takers and people around them comment on their appearance, hair and clothes constantly. Boys in the same age will get comments about their qualities and capacities instead of their appearance. These comments form the individual to be another fitting piece in the patriarchy mold.

If you look at the differences in a commercial for women’s shower gel versus men’s shower gel, the women are probably naked whilst the men in the commercial probably aren’t. Compare commercials in general and you can see what huge differences you can find.

Thank you for reading! Don’t hate or discriminate!





I’ve created a board on Pinterest where Olivia and I collect good feminist pictures, quotes, inspiration and such that we come across. It’s called sisters unite (cheesy, I know) and you can find it here ! I want to add it to the blog as a widget but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, so we’ll see about that. If you have a Pinterest account, follow it!

Have a good’un!





“Smart boys are often more appreciated, praised and loved by the teachers than what girls are. This is probably because it isn’t a norm that boys are well behaved or do good in school. This is because the very well known phenomenon, “boys aren’t allowed to care about school”, it is a norm, unspoken rule and unfortunately very common.

When a “good boy” occurs hell brakes loose, teachers and principals loose their mind over that ONE boy that suddenly reads his homework and does good in school. After finding this talented boy he starts getting special offers like holding speeches, winning prizes doing significant essays and so on.

During this time hundreds of good girls have been doing better than this one boy, but apparently they aren’t as successful or talented or appreciated as the boy. Because it is expected from girls to be good in school. Being good in school is a part of the good girl concept aka “loved by the patriarchy Barbie doll”. It is when a girl does worse in school that people start raising their eyebrows and giving her attention, asking “What’s wrong”.

In our school we have a few boys that are like this. There’s especially one boy that sticks like a needle in the eye. He always comes late to class, he interrupts the teacher and other students, he takes a lot of space in class, he cheats and doesn’t pay attention, he usually doesn’t do his homework, occasionally he raises his hand to state something in a very complicated language which often doesn’t even make sense, he got his good reputation a few years back and has been riding on the wave of “fame” ever since. Everybody just loves him and all the teachers praise him, they value his opinions and don’t see what really goes on behind that computer screen during lessons.

They is so frustrating because WE do ALL our homework, come in time to the lessons, we pay attention in class, write notes, we do not interrupt others or the teacher, we are active during the lectures and so on but we don’t even get even a percentage of love, praising or appreciation like he does!

We have tried to talk to the principal but he wasn’t very understanding. Is it that the teachers don’t see this structural problem or do they just don’t care?

-O & S




We have a problem, and you too! You might not just know about it!

Our problem, the society’s problem, the school system’s problem! Is that girls in school are underestimated.

Me and -S are in upper secondary school as you may know. We have faced this problem through our 10 years in the Finnish school system. In secondary school this phenomenon was extremely visible through the teachers’ approach to the students. In class the boys would and will (because we are still facing this problem every day in school) scream, shout, joke and do all the things they shouldn’t be doing. Basically everything but listening and studying. The girls, on the other hand, just sit quietly, not complaining or saying anything at all, doing everything they are supposed to do. In these situations the teacher should be giving all of its attention to the girls, who are actually trying to learn something. Instead, almost all of teacher’s attention goes to trying to get the boys to calm down (but that just encourages the boys to talk more). Some teachers joke with the boys or even join the conversations with them.

Teachers use girls as noise killers in the classroom. This means that girls are seated between two loud boys to quiet them down. This is a destructive act towards the girl because she now has to concentrate on quieting the boys down and being a good girl instead of concentrating on her own studies. Situations like this are very common, especially in elementary schools. It negatively affects the girls’ social lives and their experiences on being heard and listened to in the future. In this way girls are taught to be the good, quiet, cute patient and calm girl who never says their opinions. This is the perfect Barbie doll, shaped by the patriarchy, for the patriarchy.

Where we are now, in upper secondary school, people are a little bit more mature, but this structure is still very clearly visible. If a girl gets enough courage to state her opinion in class, she often gets interrupted, quieted down and sometimes even laughed at. If a boy says the same exact thing, he will get praised by other males: "OMG THAT'S SO SMART YOU'RE SO CLEVER WOOOOOW".

We have a personal experience about this that happened recently during a Finnish holiday celebration in school where we in teams had to compete against each other. We had to build a tower out of balloons Duct tape, and the highest tower in the shortest amount of time would win. O came up with a solution on how to build the biggest tower, and stated it loudly, but no one listened. Seconds later, a boy in her group says the same exact thing, and everybody listened and thought he was so smart and a friggin' hero.

Take this in concideration, think about it, and you will realize it is true.

S & O



Boys. I don’t think there is a more annoying thing than boys. Maybe kids, but nah, boys are probably more annoying. Congratulations!

Teenage boys think they own the world. They think they have the right to do anything and everything. They are loud, rowdy, restless, bothering and often suuuuper offensive. A teenage boy can get away with almost anything just because he is a teenage boy.

Now, imagine if a girl would behave exactly as a teenage boy. She would come late to class, be loud and disturb everyone. She would make sexist and racist loud jokes. How would the teachers and students around her react? A lot more than if the same things would happen with a boy.

Boys always have to prove to their friends that they are “cool” and “brave” and “2 cool 4 school” and all of that is just sad. They have to be “macho” to fit in. Here in Finland, boys are getting worse and worse in school. They perform worse than girls in like everything. And I think it is because of an enormous group pressure that exists in almost every boy group there is. Boys don’t study for tests. They don’t get good marks. It’s just cool to fail in some subject. It’s also really cool to start smoking and drinking at the age of 13, and it is unacceptable for boys to talk about emotions or cry.

I think it’s pathetic and gross and so sad. I feel sorry for these boys. This environment that the boys live in doesn’t create strong males. It creates fragile little boys with small egos, with worlds only revolving around getting people to like them.

I think the problem starts in a very early stage in the boys’ lives. In kindergarten, girls are playing “peacefully”, “quietly” and “calmly” with dolls inside, whilst boys are supposed to play loud football games outside or chase each other around. They are wearing clothes with dinosaurs, Superman and monsters with strong colours and materials, whilst girls are wearing light clothes with princesses, ladybugs and clouds in fragile materials. Boys are called “brave” and “strong”, girls are called “pretty” and “nice”.

Feminism is about equality, which means it also has to do with boys. Boys should be allowed to cry and show emotions, and perform well in school without someone calling them a nerd.

This post is really messy, but my thoughts are just all over the place today. I just felt I had to write something.

See ya soon




Halå everybody!

Thank you to our one and only subscriber! Sending lots of love your way!

Today I want to talk about a topic that some of you might be able to relate to.

I play tennis once a week avec -S and go to the gym six times per week. Recently it’s been getting warmer in Finland which equals shorts and skirt season+tennis practise outside. I was debating whether or not I’d put an exclamation mark after that sentence because at least for me hot weather equals anxiety. The question is why? Oh I guess there’s many reasons, but one of the main things that I’m today going to be talking about is getting looks from everyone!

How can a piece of clothing (in this case shorts or why not a tennis skirt) be so provocative and controversial?

To me it’s a brave decision to choose wearing my shorts to a tennis lesson or to the gym because I know that I will be looked at (sometimes whistled at) because I’m wearing shorts. I always have a debate in my mind whether or not to wear shorts, like the devil and angel on each shoulder suggesting the pros and cons. Particularly, will I be looked at? Who is going to be at the gym during that time, who am I playing tennis with? When and where I’m playing tennis and so on. It is ridiculous! that I as a young woman have to have anxiety leaving the house with a top and shorts!

When I go to the gym I DO NOT want to look hot. I want to be as comfortable as possible whilst sweating litres. When I have to do cardio or HIIT I will take my shorts because I do not want to be sweating like a pig with an extra layer of clothing on. When I have tennis lessons outside in the late spring and early fall I couldn’t bare to be playing in leggings and a sweatshirt, it would get to hot. But am I ready to take the consequences?

Last time we had our tennis lesson outside. I couldn’t even count on my fingers and toes on how many particularly men walked or drove slowly past. I can bet that they weren’t that interested in our tennis lesson but more about the girls in shorts! It infuriates me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop staring!!!!! Men are supposed to be able to control their eyes, right? Control their eyes like controlling any other part of the body. Men have to be able to control themselves, they aren’t animals, right? It’s not that hard to not stare at a woman’s breasts or bum! It’s not like women walk around and stare at men’s dicks all the time!

A few days ago I was going to the gym, hoping that the gym would be empty. (I went there before it even had opened). Unfortunately, it wasn’t, there were three other guys there, two older men maybe in their sixties and one younger in his twenties. My mood dropped a little because I wore shorts that day (because it was cardio day for me), I came to the gym to enjoy myself not to worry about if the others were watching me. I was sad because I was going to be walking on the stairmaster, in shorts. All I can say is bum supreme:(. I can’t lie to you that the thought of being alone with three guys didn’t scare me, it did! How on earth am I going to know if these men might or might not rape me.

Now someone might be thinking, “but not all men”. Let me tell you, that enough men have sexually abused women through times for us women to be scared in many situations alike to this day. You are right, not all men are rapists or have sexually abused someone, but enough men for us women to be told not to drink to much, not to walk alone home at night, not to wear to short clothes, to always have a charged phone battery and so on. And, we can never know when we’re alone and walk by a man in the night if that man is going to rape us. All men are potential rapers.

What if we told men those tips? What would happen? Mayhem? Or even better, what if men were taught not to rape or sexually abuse others? What if we were thaught that in school?

That would be great honestly. I guess it would have to be in a low grade, when for example 10-year-olds whistle after me.

Even worse is the rule that I’ve heard to many times: short legged= long sleeved or short sleeved=long legged. I’ve never heard that been said to a man! Ridiculous that men can walk shirtless to a grocery store or a restaurant and order food, whilst women most likely wouldn’t be allowed to a grocery store wearing a bikini because they would’ve been chased away before even entering the store or restaurant!

Remember that women aren’t objects! Women aren’t objects that men can look at, whistle on or say a disgusting comment to. We are human, like men. We own our bodies equally as much as men do! We can do whatever with our bodies, like men. We should be able to walk naked through the city at night without being looked at, screamed at, whistled at, touched (or something worse).

Thank you for reading!




Hi! Today’s post is going to be the definitions I talked about.

Sexual abuse signifies all sexual acts against anyone’s will, rape and other violations.

For example

  • touching someone’s body with one’s hands, mouth or genitalia that someone can find scary or unpleasant
  • talking to someone in a sexual way that the person experiences as unpleasant
  • forcing someone to have sex or masturbate
  • forcing someone to look when you are doing something sexual, for example showing your genitalia on the internet or in real life
  • Doing something sexual towards someone that can’t express their will or protect themselves because the person is for example sleeping, too drunk, dopey, sick or have any other disabilities
  • to take advantage of your superior to make someone feel like they have to have sex with you
  • take pictures or film someone in a sexual intention against the person’s will
  • try to buy or bribe someone to having sex with you through money, alcohol or favours
  • nagging to have sex is NEVER ok

Sexual molestation: when someone is violated outside of a school,-and work atmosphere

Sexual harassment: when someone is violated in a school,-and work atmosphere

Sexual harassment and molestation:

  • any kind of touching someone in a way that they don’t like.
  • sending sexual messages to someone that doesn’t like it through messages or chat
  • showing yourself in a way that someone doesn’t like for example on some kind of webcam or in real life
  • showing or posting sexual pictures that can feel unpleasant, disturbing for others
  • spread sexual rumours, for example that someone has had many sexual partners
  • doing something sexual with your body language in front of someone who doesn’t like it
  • to look at someone in a sexual way that can be experienced as scary, unpleasant, disturbing
  • talking or joking about sex to someone that doesn’t like it

You can come back to this post whenever!





So, O did a really good job explaining what this blog is all about. We were supposed to write it together, but something came in the way. The little boys who whistled at her biking by. We both wanted her to write about that right away. I am chocked, disappointed and so mad that boys at such young age are catcalling women and girls. 10-year-olds! Where have they even learnt to do such things? Their parents? Movies? Social media? Is today’s society teaching boys from their birth how to disrespect and humiliate girls, how to make us feel bad about ourselves, as if the pressure we’re already experiencing from everyone around isn’t enough. It makes me want to cry, laugh and kill somebody all at the same time.

I think O did the right thing when she didn’t just ignore the boys, but turned around and gave them a lecture, even if it might not have worked. We can’t just ignore these things, we have to do something about it! Even if it won’t change much, I think it still feels a little bit better afterwards that you stood up for yourself and your sisters.

Okey, maybe I should present myself now. My name is S. As O wrote, I am leaving Finland for a year to go to Australia as an exchange student. I am really excited, but at the same time quite scared. My biggest concern is that I won’t make any friends so that I will be sitting in some corner by myself the whole year. Kidding, it’s one of my main goals to make friends. This year will be a big challenge for me, as I see myself as a kind of shy and quite introverted person. I am a little scared of social situations, and I really hope this year will show me that I can trust myself and that I will get through harder times.

I am scared of men and boys. I hope the patriarchy is happy, because that is exactly what it wants. I’m going to write about this in later posts.

I like pizza, chocolate and music as every other teen. I complain a lot and have anxiety about like everything. I am very interested in languages, religion and, surprisingly, in math. I hate the society we live in and I believe in equality for e v e r y o n e. I am against discrimination of any kind.

I have no clue about what I want to do in the future, but one thing that I do know is that I want to travel as much as possible. I need to experience new cultures. I think it’s necessary. You cannot understand the world we live in if you haven’t seen it.

Again, as O wrote, our first language isn’t English, and although we both are quite good at it, we still might get some words and grammar wrong, so have patience.

Also, the appearance of this blog will probably be changing a bit now in the beginning until we’re fully happy with how it looks.

(We should come up with some good goodbye-line)