Today I had a really great day. I went in to Gothenburg centre to meet a friend. We walked along the centre of Gothenburg and with the sunny weather we decided to take a walk to Skansen Kronan. In the heat it was quit a challenge to walk all the stairs up and I was tired after doing some hard physical training in the morning (www.sophieberg.se)

We than walked down and along the street of Linné and into the Slottskogen where we finally found a place to sit down and rest. We had some healthy snacks- a nut mix and strawberries. So what could be better than sitting on the lawn and enjoying the social atmosphere! La vie est belle!

I left my friend to meet another one and we dined at Lipp on the avenue of Gothenburg. I hade entrecôte. I got a really nice summer feeling. The beaf was good, well done, and crisp were superb, crispy and perfect salty.

After that we went to buy some frozen yoghurt and berries. I had to try all tastes but we both agreed that the passionfruit was the best.

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