Starting a blog so far is a very awkward process. I know what I want to write about but I have no idea what people will want to read about. And while I do believe in this idea of being true to yourself no matter what others will think of you, I still want to create a blog that people will enjoy to read just as much as I'll enjoy to write it.

Based on my first blog entry or post or whatever it's called (see these are the things I need to learn so I can be like a real writer or something), you have probably guessed that this blog will be about a healthy lifestyle. Now, I used the word "a" instead of "my" there for a very specific reason and this really gets down to the point of why I am creating this blog.

If I wanted to create a blog about my healthy lifestyle, I would just keep a journal. That's what I did throughout most of high school; write my unfiltered thoughts and experiences in a private notebook. However, that's not what I want to do with this blog for many reasons I am sure you can guess. I want this blog to be inspired by the things I find to be helpful or beautiful and present them in a way that is tangible and applicable to other people's lives. I don't want to just create a series of posts talking about everything that I do or I own; I want this to be focused on my readers! I am simply using my life as an inspiration for a way to help someone else.

All that being said, this means I really need everyone's input in creating this blog! I want to know what you want to read about and then I can find ways to use my life and what I have learned to write on that topic. So please, comment often and with your honest opinion. I'm a theatre performance major; I can take the criticism!

Do remember though that I am not an English major, I just write as a hobby; I have been writing since I was in middle school and it has always been a way for me to express myself.

Help me start this blog off with a bang and comment with what you most want to read about!



This is a blog of a journey that I think isgoing to be worth sharing with others, because I truly believe that is at thebasis of life; leaving a story that will be of a positive impact to otherpeople.

My name is Brenna.I am a theatre performance major and studio art minor at Lynchburg College justtrying to muddle my way through life. I have experienced a lot of ups and downsin my life (not claiming to have experienced more or less than anyone else, justclaiming to have experienced me) and because of that I have really begun tounderstand what being happy means. Now, I have not mastered this thing called'happiness' yet but that is why I am creating this blog!

In my musicaltheatre class this semester, my professor sent us all an email of a TED Talksto watch (I will link the video below for anyone who wishes to see if forthemselves). The main point I got from this talk was "fake it untilyou become it". This really struck home with me and has become my new goalfor the remainder of this semester, and let me tell you why.

Since about my junior year ofhigh school, I began to struggle with anxiety, depression, and acne. All ofthese things got in the way of me being able to do the things I loved and enjoyinglife to its fullest. I made poor decisions and went through some difficulttimes, but I believe I am better for it. I am now in my sophomore year ofcollege and while many of these issues from high school have faded away tonothing but memories in the past, stupid things are still keeping me down. Myacne, while it is better than it was when it was at it's worst, is still anissue. My depression is gone for the most part, but I still have rough dayswhere even getting out of bed feels like a challenge. My anxiety is definitelythe worst out of all of these though. I am a theatre major and it has gotten tothe point where I cannot perform to my best ability due to some pretty strongperformance anxiety.

And now we come full circle;why I am creating this blog!

I am fed up with dealing withissues that I know I can fix if I just set my mind to it and make somealterations in my life. However, I have pretty terrible self motivationsometimes and a lot of the things I tell myself I am going to do, I don't. Idecided that creating a blog where I can share my experiences, difficulties,and joys in working towards a more happy and holistic life would be a goodmotivation for me. (I also love to write so any excuse for it is amazingmotivation!)

So here I am! Ready to fake ituntil I become it! I am going to be changing my eating habits, my attitude, mythoughts, my actions, and my life until I become everything I want to be. Ireally doubt this is going to be easy, or that I will ever really be completewith this little project, but I am going to do my best. And I do believe thatmy honest best will be enough for me!

Pleasefollow my journey! I will be writing about things I have learned, sharingproducts I find to be helpful, creating art for you to enjoy, and who knowswhat else!. And I want your input in all of this too; a journey by yourself canbe very lonely, and I would love some support!