It’s a classic harbor scene – ships with sails, pleasure boats and waterside views. Galveston’s Pier 21 has restaurants, an exclusive hotel, marina, theater, harbor tours and attractions. And when a cruise ship is docked along the pier, the area bustles even more.

There’s so much to see and do at Pier 21, and when including the Historic Strand District just a short walk away, it would be easy to spend an entire day or weekend in the area alone. Some of Galveston’s most popular attractions await visitors who make their way there.

Texas Seaport Museum. Flanked by the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa, the museum explains the island’s story as a center for immigration, welcoming more than 133,000 newcomers to the United States through the so called “Ellis Island of the West.” And walk on deck of the iron-hulled Elissa which traversed the world during her 90 years of transporting cargos. The ship supports 19 sails which are maintained by dedicated volunteers who help her sail on the Gulf of Mexico every year.

Pier 21 Theater. This small theater shows documentaries highlighting some of Galveston’s most important history including The Great Storm of 1900, and the life of the island’s most famous pirate, Jean Laffite in the 18-minute documentary, Pirate Island. With a somber tone, The Great Storm runs 27 minutes and explains how the island was walloped by a hurricane that remains the country’s deadliest natural disaster. The presentation tells the story of the storm through photos, letters and articles. A third documentary shown is the 56-minute PBS production Galveston-Gateway on the Gulf showcasing Galveston’s welcoming more than 133,000 immigrants.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. Located over the water, the Ocean Star is an actual jack-up drilling rig that was once used in the industry. Today, the museum features interactive displays and other exhibits on three floors detailing how oil and gas is extracted from the ocean floor.

Galveston Boat Tours. Different companies offer different tours. Most dramatic are the spinning jet boats of Galveston Water Adventures, the high-powered watercraft spinning 360 degrees while splashing water in all directions. That tour operator also has both a Sunset Cruise around the harbor and an Eco-Tour to see dolphins, seabirds and other marine life. Baywatch Dolphin Tours also looks out for dolphins and marine life, while the Texas Seaport Museum’s Harbor Tours leads visitors on harbor sightseeing with a focus on educational excursions.

Hotel. Because of its location to the cruise ship terminal, the 42-room Harbor House Hotel and Marina is ideal for cruise ship passengers who want to spend more time on their own on the island. The hotel’s waterside docks feature nine boats slips for pleasure craft, so visitors can enjoy the hotel and pier. A courtesy bus transports guests to sister properties for use of their amenities, the Hotel Galvez & Spa along the Seawall and the Tremont House Hotel in the Strand District.

Restaurants. Pier 21 has long-standing seafood restaurants with excellent reputations and extensive menus. Seafood houses include Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks and Fisherman’s Wharf. The Olympia Grill stems from Greek immigrants and serves up in particular Greek-style cuisine. Nonno Tony’s Seafood Kitchen serves Italian, Asian Fusion dishes, Creole and American dishes.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Hope you experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery

Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.

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Owning a car requires a complete operating, maintenance and repair knowhow to keep it in tiptop condition. Keeping a car in perfect running condition and within safety standards is vital for its user as well as to other people concerned.

Many of us experienced drivers probably remember the first primary rule in driving a car: Learn how to brake a car before you even learn how to make it move forward or backward. It emphasized the necessity of assuring yourself and others that you are not just a good driver but that your car is also in good running condition.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is a family-operated company that has ten years of track-record in trading car parts and accessories and providing servicing for automobile owners in the South Coast of Hampshire. Whatever the need is, Tyre&Auto can provide it: tyres, car servicing, brake checks, MOT’s, free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups, and many others. And with online transactions available, they can provide fast tyre quotation to make fitting faster and with less hassle. They also provide local collect and delivery of your car for absolutely care-free and dependable car maintenance and repair at your convenience.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne also provides the same convenient service for an MOT test. This examination will check the safety of your car as well as the amount of exhaust emission. They can assist in your yearly MOT certificate requirement by providing regular reminders when you are due for the test, making sure you can renew your road tax and your car insurance at the right time.

A car is, by and large, a necessary modern convenience as much as it is a tool for pursuing one’s daily business and personal functions. Public transportation may be available; but for those who choose the convenience of owning a car, the ease, mobility and personal comfort of having an automobile at one’s beck and call can be an advantage that deserves an equal amount of investment in terms of proper care and upkeep of a vehicle.

In the end, a car pays for itself not just in terms of comfort and the financial returns it brings to the owner but also in the psychological or emotional benefits it brings for an individual or a family. That, in short, justifies the meticulous concern that conscientious car owners put into keeping their car as good as new and as fit as the day it came out of the showroom.

Tyre&Auto believes in this same principle and strives to keep up to the standards required by their customers in all aspects of automobile maintenance and repair.



GAC Group is an international consulting firm with expertise in R&D tax credits, innovation financing and international development.

You will find out below some information about opportunities to improve your access to public funding in Singapore, and a few tips to help you finance your innovation.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you !


Cash payout claims for YA 2016 and YA 2017

You can now claim qualifying costs from January to June 2015 for the Year of Assessment 2016 if you are closing your accounts in December.

You are closing your accounts earlier than December during the year? You may be able to claim qualifying costs for the whole financial year related to YA 2016 and the first two quarters of YA 2017.

Enhanced tax deductions for YA 2015

The 30th of November 2015 is the deadline to submit your PIC claims for enhanced tax deductions with your form C. But if you are submitting the form online, you can benefit from a few extra days to do it: until the 15th of December 2015. It is time to start optimising and securing your PIC claims for a smooth process!


Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS)

The Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS) by SPRING provides start-ups with early-stage funding for the developmental efforts towards the commercialisation of proprietary technology solutions based on strong technology Intellectual Property and a scalable business mode. It’s a competitive grant in which proposals are evaluated based on both technical and commercial merits by a team of reviewers, and the best are funded.

Applicants may apply for either the Proof Of Concept (POC) grant or the Proof Of Value (POV) grant, depending on the stage of development of the technology or solution/concept. Up to 100% of the qualifying costs can be supported for POC grant with a cap at 250,000 SGD. Up to 85% of the qualifying costs can be supported for POV with a cap at 500,000 SGD.


Claim of software and web solutions development

If your technical team has spent time developing IT tools for the needs of your business, the staff cost related to this development can be claimed within the PIC scheme, provided that you match the requirements from IRAS.

With a team of Masters Degrees owners in Engineering and strong expertise in IT, GAC Group can help you to optimise and secure your PIC claims by identifying eligible technical projects, calculating how much you are entitled to claim, preparing technical reports and required records, and assisting you in case of IRAS queries.

We have successfully claimed projects of different kinds of IT tools (software, modules, web-based solutions, mobile applications,…) for:

  • Project management solutions
  • Mobile apps
  • Dashboards and analytics tools
  • Tailor-made CRM
  • Customization of a CMS
  • Automated deployment routines
  • etc.


We will be giving a talk about “How to optimize and secure your PIC Scheme?” in partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the SME Centre on September 23rd at 8.30 am


TechInnovation and TechVenture 2015 in Singapore

The TechInnovation 2015 event held from 22nd-23rd Sept is a premier industry-to-technology matching event and marketplace that brings more than 80 exhibitors and 300 emerging ready-to-market technologies together to accelerate the commercialisation of emerging technologies, seed licensing opportunities and foster collaborations. The intense two-day event is packed with plenary talks, fast-paced technology pitchings, calls for collaboration and productive one-to-one pre-matched meetings. In the meantime, TechVenture event will take place next to TechInnovation. GAC Group will be present for this exciting two-day event.



​Getting the services of a good car service provider certainly brings a lot of advantages to a car owner and some of which were enumerated in the following paragraphs. Aside from the quality car maintenance and repair, there's more to hiring a trustworthy car servicing company.

First, this kind of company can increase the lifespan of your car because they could take care of it properly, and always keeping your machine clean could also longer its lifespan. You must conduct a regular cleaning on your car, especially during heavy rains or snows. You may also ask the help of professionals regarding this matter.

A good car service provider such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can also maximize the value of your car. You should maintain the good condition of your car throughout the years so that it could have a high resale value in time. Handling the detailed and updated maintenance records is one of the tasks of a car servicing company, as well as providing you with regular reminders that prompts you to perform the required and scheduled tasks on time.

A good car service provider can also help you prevent any major expenses. Huge problems involve a lot of expenses, right? But with the necessary guidance of a car service provider, they will handle minor faults beforehand, preventing them from becoming major predicaments.

A good car service provider also has dependable technical expertise. Many car owners don't have the required technical skills and tools to better take care of their cars so they choose to trust the services of a car servicing company instead, which tasks include wheel balancing, electrical repairs, and ignition timing.

Lastly, a good car service provider like the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can perform reliable record-keeping. Your car's maintenance and repair log can best be of value in the hands of a certified car service provider.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group, as one of the most trusted car service providers in England, offers services that will make their customers focus on more productive activities in their everyday lives since their entire car concerns will be handled by the company.

Taking good care of your car should be your priority once you bought one.