This is a fan art of Filthy Frank who is a youtube parody Im a bog fan of. The story is that there are a bunch of crazy characters that live in this universe with Frank like Pink guy who is on franks back. There is this overlord Lord Chin Chin that seeks a sacrifice in order for Frank to keep existing.

Im really happy with this piece. I think that all the things that I have learned since I started this gymnasiearbete are finally shoving. The piece took me around 2 to 3 hours to finish.

I experimented with the color filters and different compositions.




(I drew Keith on the right)

In this drawing I did a collab with a youtube friend Evieva. I contected her and asked if she wanted to draw Klance (Keith and Lance from Voltron) because we are both fans of the show.

She was the first one to draw her part and I had to go with the concept she has done.

As you can notice I used line art for my part. I dont really do line art because It is not something I like to work with. But I still like it.

If I was the one to go first I would have added a backgruond and played with the light more.



​This was part of a collab with another youtuber Sketchycass.

My process was to paint it in greyscale and then go over it with color with the overlay tool I used in my last study.

I would say it did not go to well. The colors look muddy and dull.

A new thing I learned after finishing this painting is that I need to give color to the gray undertones. That way  using the overlay will blend in better to the underpainting.



It has been on my mind for a few years now. For all these past years I have always been shying away for committing to it. But this year with the help of my new following on youtube and the drive to deliver the content they want to my channel I joined in.

Im tree days in and experimenting with different inking techniques and it has been fun.

The concept is that you need to ink a thing every day for all of october.

My prompt is re drawing one page from my old sketchbooks every day. I will try my best to keep up and will post all my drawings on my instagram for each day.



I was testing painting in greyscale and then going over it with color in overlay.

It was really hard to get used to painting in greyscale and I think I need to learn more about it. The design was really fun and I just winged it with no plans. The only thing i knew I wanted to paint was a knight.

The style I was going for was a really messy sketchy concept art style. Where its not finished but it shows the concept of the character.

After that I took a break and asked for some advice from my friends. The main one was that i needed to have more highlights on the armor.

As i started to highlight I noticed the design was plain and added some details.

!!! Thing I need to work on is rendering different textures and light sources.

​I added a overlay layer and started experimenting with the colors. I still need to experiment more.



​This is a self portrait that took me around 40 minutes to paint. 

I experimented whit colored line art. I did the sketch first locked the lair and colored the sketch in different colors.  They were just darker colors then the ones I choose to paint with. I was easier to blend then out when painting and getting an idea of how the finished product is going to look.

Im happy with how it looks. The only thing that I feel I need to work on is the blending and making the image looks more tree dimensional.



Actually I dont really like the way this painting turned out. I loved it at first but realized it looked boring.

I think I could have planned out the composition better and looked at more references.

Things to improve: color and lighting, detailing, composition, blending...

Also the fact that I ran out of time before I had to publish the video made me rush my cretive process.



So I started this painting a few day ago. I was happy with the way it was looking but I needed to render it.

The biggest problem Im having is that it looks flat. I think the lighting will help but Im not sure how it works.

My solution is to look up references.

Or maybe I should start by looking at concept artists and the way they paint?

- look up references for snow, light and rendering metal.



I think this update is long overdue so I better just get to the point.

So here in Sweden we have this thing called gymnasiarbete (high school exam) Its the most important but also not so important part of every students last year. Its a way we as students can show what we have learned all these years we went to school. And as an art student that means I need to do something artsy.

In my typical change your plans a thousand times self, I changed my plans so many times that in the end I had no idea what to do. So praise the lord I had a moment of bliss where I knew exactly what to do. And by moment of bliss I mean I realized I ned to get my ass into gear and went to my first idea.

So I present you with the all not so planed out plan for me surviving this thing.

From the first day I decided I wanted to work with art I knew exactly what I wanted to do... and that was concept art (for video games because Im trash). Along the way I lost that passion because I realized its hard to do stuff in photoshop. But i got my ass into gear and started pouring my blood and tears into learning how it works.

So my goals for this exam are to study digital painting. Well thats the basic goal but there are far more goals then that. To name a few...

-Learning color theory


-Painting environments

-My design skills

-Learn Painting

-Learn how to render things in photoshop

-Learn when its time to stop on a painting

These are just a few of the things I plan to learn. So yeah my plan is to lear concept art basic really. (I can already see me regretting this.)

As a side project I have my youtube. With it I am expanding my product and putting my name out there.

This is getting to long so Im going to stop here.

Under this are just a few of my inspirations and goals. 

Ps. dont know how to end this so just baiiiii