this morning mum and i went to a café that we had passed by many times but never tried.

i got a mocha and mum got an earl grey tea.

we sat outside as it was a bit crowded inside the café and the weather was quite mellow so we decided to take advantage of that!!

i ordered scrambled eggs with toast and added mushrooms and it came like this!!

mum got poached eggs on toast.

it was so good!! it took me a while to finish everything but all the better as i got to enjoy it for longer. the bread was buttery and warm so layering mushroom, egg and ketchup was the perfect combination.

and after we finished eating and the fruit stall on the street opposite began to set up, a busker near us arrived with his guitar on his back, a barista made her rounds with free samples for passersby and the city came alive, we sat and chatted until our drinks got cold.