Hope your sunday has been great this far! I've worked my last day at my summerjob today so I'm pretty excited to have a whole week free before school starts again...

I just finished my spotify list for week 34. Would be awesome if you checked it out and please let me know what you think!

The link:


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Hi guys! today it's sunday, my favourite day because it's cozy time! Sunday nights are also the perfect time to just relax and listen to some music. Here are some music tips that will make your sunday even more cozy!

Cozy Sunday music

x The weakness in me - Joan Armatrading

x Wherever you will go - Charlene Soraia

x Heart's on fire - Passenger

x Shiver - Lucy Rose

x If I had a boat - James Vincent McMorrow

Tonight I will do my weekly spotify list, it's always just a mix of song that I like that week, so check it out!




2016 has been a real concert year for me. Which I LOVE! there is no better feeling then going to a concert and seeing the artist, that otherwise only exist on Spotify, performing live. That's why I'm going to have a theme on the blog, called "Concert pt. blablabla", where I will write about all the concerts that I have been/going to this year. I'm also going to give you my top 5 of these artists.

First out is... the lovely Sabina Ddumba! Except that she's one of Sweden's most beautiful woman, this powerwoman has a voice that capture a whole audience. I saw her at Mejeriet in Lund and got all blown away of her charm and amazing voice. That she's born 94 make her even more cooler, especially when she has a self-confidence on the stage, that even older artist doesn't have. The concert was a mix of her own song and cover. Since she hasn't released an album yet, which I'm really excited about, she performed some awesome covers.

//So Sabina Ddumba is definetly a woman to watch! with her self-confidence and genuine charm on stage plus her awesome voice she's a force to be reckoned with.//

Top 5 - Sabina Ddumba

 1. Scarred for life - with lyrics like "cuts are getting deeper, you really fucked me up this time.I just can't stop bleeding,baby I am scarred for life", this song is an obvious number 1 for me. 

2. Effortless - the song that became her breakthrough, with it's awesome meldoy it's a song that I never get tired of.

3. Kingdom come - her newly realesed single that has a feeling of reggae, and have been a real summer-song for me. 

4. Not too young - a radio-favourite that has gotten stuck in my head.  

5. Carry on - Sabina is featured on this Kleerup song and it's AMAZING.