People often list big windows and a lot of natural light as their home’s best feature. Unfortunately, not every room in a home can be showered with sunlight every day. But, even the darkest of the rooms can be made bright and sunny with some appropriate lighting and decoration tricks. Here’s how you can do it.

Make every sun ray count

If you have a basement that has absolutely no windows, you have to make an effort to use every little ray of light that it can get. For instance, consider the stairwell as a potential means of getting some extra light in. Make sure there are no walls blocking the light alongside the stairs, and if you need to have walls for safety, use transparent materials such as polycarbonate or glazing. You can also paint the stairs white so that the light is better reflected into the room below.

Mind the shade

Overhead fixtures will provide your dark space with the greatest amount of light, but opt for fixtures with bare bulbs or transparent shades. A solid or fabric shade will create a nice atmosphere, but it will not provide you with much light. Similarly, shades with metallic lining will force the light up and down, but not let any light on the sides.

Add plenty of task lights

We often use windowless spaces as offices, game rooms or guest rooms, and those spaces require plenty of task light. This usually means using floor or table lamps, or pendants and recessed lighting. If you have an extremely small space, recessed lighting should be your first choice. It will make the room look bigger because it doesn’t take up much space given that it is tucked in the hollow openings in the ceiling. But, if your space is not too small, lamps are a great option. You can find many stores that specialize in lighting around Sydney such as floor and desk lights that are both practical and beautiful and that will provide your dark space with enough light for reading, writing and working.

Use spotlights

Spotlights are also a great way to brighten a room without windows. They are super practical in game rooms because you can easily direct them onto the area you need illuminated. You can also put up evenly distributed spotlights with big pools of light which will eliminate all dark zones and make the room look like it’s lit naturally.

Choose bulbs wisely

Bulbs and their lumen level should vary based on the space you’re lighting. Your overhead fixtures should have bulbs with an output of around 800 lumens to provide enough light to illuminate the whole space. Task lighting, on the other hand, can be somewhere between 450 and 800 lumens. Also, don’t forget about the colour of the light, too. Incandescent bulbs of about 2900 K provide a nice atmospheric light, while LEDs and CFLs offer a much brighter white light similar to direct sunlight.

Install false windows

Many people start feeling a bit claustrophobic in windowless rooms, but you can install some false windows in order to create a feel of more open space. Put up a LED wall wash behind a false wall so that it will create an impression of natural light coming in. These false windows look especially good with coloured and tinted glazing, which makes it perfect for basement dens and bar areas. You can also add mirrors that will reflect the light around the room and mimic the effect of natural light.

As you can see, windowless rooms don’t have to be dark and claustrophobic. If you implement some of our tricks when lighting these rooms, they will feel bright, airy and cosy ensuring that you, your family, friends and guests feel comfortable.

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Warm summer weather allows you to take your parties out of the house and into your garden. A garden party is a very convenient option that lets you and your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors in a cool and creative way. If you want to host a gathering in your beautiful garden, but don’t know where to start with your organization, here is a little guide for you. With just a little bit of effort and some smart decor, you can create a garden that’s perfectly party-friendly.

Play that funky music

No music - no party. Provide your honoured guests with some great music they can boogie to. Concentrate on classics everyone’s familiar with such as the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and George Michael, and add some new popular tracks here and there, but remember to keep it upbeat. Also, don’t crank the speakers. No one will want to stand next to a blaring speaker all night, and your neighbours don’t want to listen to your tunes either. It’s best if you can set up more speakers, spread them out and set a lower volume. You can set them above the ear level and turn them towards the side of the house. This way, the sound will spread out better and create an amazing atmosphere.

Light it up

Our eyes adjust to the dark pretty quickly, but you should still have some soft lighting to create a fun and intimate party vibe. Scatter candles around the space, and concentrate on using more lighting around tables, and food and drink areas. You can also get some paper lanterns or string lights that will not only provide subtle lighting but also serve as nice decor pieces.

No party without balloons

Balloons are super cheap and make any party more festive. Use all sorts of bright colours for a more youthful look, or opt for one or two colours for a more mature decoration. You can hang balloons from the trees, scatter them around the space or create a fun shape or backdrop on the house wall.

Seating is a must

No matter the style and theme of your party, your guests will appreciate if you provide them with a place to sit, chat and relax as they enjoy the day. Before you decide on what furniture to get, think about your party type. Some parties focus more on dancing and games, and others on food, so choose carefully. Lounging chairs are perfect for a more relaxed atmosphere and furniture sets with tables and chairs are more practical if you’re planning an outside dinner party. Stores such as The Furniture Shack have many different options you can consider, so choose the one that best suits your party needs.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

A garden party will simply look amazing if there are a lot of flowers everywhere. Even if your garden is in full bloom, you can still make some cut flower arrangements to decorate your tables. You can use the ones that grow in your backyard or buy some other kinds to add to the botanical diversity. If you have some flowering trees in your garden, use branches in bloom to add height to your arrangements.


Everyone enjoys some fun party games. You can get a Slip ‘n’ Slide, a lot of beach balls and maybe a little inflatable pool to cool down. You can also get a few cheap disposable cameras, so your guests can take some amazing memories home with them.

With these fun, simple and cheap garden decorating ideas, you can host an amazing garden party everyone will be talking about for months. So, get the party started!



Unless you’re a professional architect, you probably won’t be able to design your own home. However, hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you have little or no control over what is done. The best way to make your home design ideas come true is to work with an expert and know how to establish a great connection.


Although an architect should be excellent at managing the designated budget for the project in question, they won’t really be able to do anything without a ballpark. You need to predict how much you’re willing to spend on home design and you need to be able to tell your architect this in the very beginning of your collaboration. Therefore, having a rough estimate of the budget in mind is of absolute essence. Not only will this allow for a clean slate, but it will help your architect explain what design effort you can expect and what should be put on hold for the time being.

Chances are that they are right

There is no better designed home than an architect’s home – when an expert is given freedom, they will work wonders. However, no matter how beautiful a home is, it doesn’t mean that it would suit you as a client.
The telltale signs of a good architect aren’t only their obvious skills and experience – a true professional isn’t afraid of walking in your shoes.
On the other hand, if your architect is really hell-bent on a decision that opposes yours, you might want to back away a bit because they are most likely in the right; plus, giving them a bit more freedom will allow an architect to do a better job.

You are entitled to an explanation

Architecture can range from extremely complicated to very simple, all depending on how your architect views it and how they explain it. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking questions with regards to their expert ideas – you’ve hired a professional, you’re the one who’s paying the money and it’s your wishes that they are obligated to respect. A good architect will always want what’s best for you and your home – they will want to design a home that will reflect your personality.

Style matching

Every architect has style preferences, and the ones they like the most are bound to look the best. Hiring a design professional who has a similar design philosophy as you do is of huge importance. Many professional architecture firms in Sydney have hundreds of experienced professionals at disposal, which means that some are bound to fit your target style.

Either have your own ideas or leave it to the experts

It is not uncommon that a homeowner simply designates a budget for an architecture endeavor and leaves everything to the experts, and this is perfectly fine.
On the other hand, there are those who have their own ideas and frequently communicate with the architect in order to have their home design wishes come true.
The worst you can do, however, is tell the expert that everything is completely up to them and then start butting in later on. No, not because they might get annoyed and not because this is simply not cool (although it isn’t); but because once you tell the expert that they have freedom, they will create a concept in their mind, a concept that is unique and complete – your messing with the process will only lead to a compromise architectural design.

All in all, treat your architect as you would treat your friend – sure, your ideas should match, but hearing them out when they don’t is always a smart decision. On the other hand, you are entitled to an explanation at all times, but don’t forget: you either work with your architect or leave it to them – there shouldn’t be any compromise.



Summer Vibes - Make Your Backyard a Chill-Out Heaven

Your backyard can turn into a perfect summer oasis, but only if you do your best while designing it. With a myriad of creative ideas, you could create a refreshing spa-like oasis, or a calming area where you can spend your summer days and nights relaxing and unwinding. If you’re having troubles coming up with the best choice, some of the following suggestions might be a great source of inspiration for creating a chill-out heaven in your own backyard.

Add a swimming pool

A spacious backyard provides you with the opportunity to install a swimming pool, and enjoy all its perks in the privacy of your own home. If you’re fond of a good swim, and love going for a few laps, consider building a large pool. If, on the other hand, you need only a small refreshing oasis, you could go for a smaller-sized one, and create a perfect place to lay in and read a book, indulge in a glass of wine or simply enjoy the company of your partner. Furthermore, you can install heaters in your pool as well and turn it into an excellent hot tub.


Is there anything more enjoyable than lying down in your backyard the whole day, reading a book, or enjoying the company of your friends? However, in order to create that perfect atmosphere, you’ll need comfortable, quality furniture. With a patio lounge and swing chairs for the backyard porch, you can create the ultimate oasis of calmness the entire family can enjoy. Also, consider saving some space by installing Simply Doors and Windows sliding doors.


Only by having gorgeous plants will you be able to create a truly divine atmosphere in your backyard. This is why you should consider planting palm trees to create some shade, lavender bushes to fill your backyard with mesmerizing smells, as well as any other plants you find pleasing in any sense.

Build a gazebo

A classic gazebo looks amazing, and it offers you various possibilities for spending your free time. Not only will it make your backyard look special, but it will also provide you with a place to rest or enjoy a pleasant conversation with your friends. You can make the gazebo look even more beautiful by adding greenery and hanging plants to it. Install quality lighting as well, and create a romantic atmosphere for warm summer nights. With comfortable furniture and lovely decorations, a gazebo can be the perfect place for small get-togethers.

Create a camping site

Children love to go camping and your backyard can become the perfect camping site, where you could let them enjoy the adventure on their own, without having to worry about them being safe. Make it more interesting and wild-like and add a canopy instead of setting up a proper tent. String a line between the trees and put a sheet over it to create an improvised and original canopy kids will love. Add blankets, pillows and a few lanterns, and your camping site is done. Teepees could be a great alternative as well.

Final thoughts

With so many creative ideas, it can sometimes be really difficult to fashion a perfect chill out heaven in your backyard. A swimming pool is amazing for cooling off and offers a lot of fun to the entire family. Consider having a gazebo to make the yard look and feel lovely, while tents and teepees will offer your kids a place to camp just a couple of feet away from you, allowing them to have fun and giving you peace of mind.



Budgetary constraints plague many homeowners, but they should not impede your home improvement aspirations. They can simply be an incentive to play it smart and employ frugal tactics. Rest assured that low cost does not have to equal poor quality. You just need to make every dollar count and reach sound decisions. There is a way to conduct the renovations to your utmost satisfaction, even on a shoestring budget.

Frugality at its finest

First of all, almost every expensive product in the market has an affordable alternative that waits to be discovered. Secondly, before thinking about spending a truckload of money on new projects, see if you can restore original design and architectural features of the home, such as the tiles. For example, employ professional cleaners to uncover its original charm and witness the splendor of its former glory.

Furthermore, note that planning and budgeting are the main tools to make the renovation happen. So, create a budget and stick to it. In case you need a loan, make sure to also ensure favorable terms. Sort out any problems with your credit history with the support of Clean Credit. A good deal will allow you to fulfill your ideas, so make the right choice.

A breath of fresh air

A new coat of paint can work miracles for the appeal of the home. It is a small investment that makes a huge difference. Therefore, pick a color wisely and roll up your sleeves because painting is one of those projects you can handle yourself. While you are at it, apply fresh paint to the front door as well. That way, you can ensure a nice first impression and enhance the curb appeal of the home.

Whenever you want to spruce up the home, décor is the best shot you got. Strive to add pops of color and texture with colorful accents. A bespoke rug, stylish stair runner and throw pillows do the trick and when you get tired of them, replacing is not a problem. Additions such as these infuse your space with warmth and make it more inviting, for a meager price.

Form and function

If you want to really make a statement, pick one focal point such as the fireplace. It can fit any décor, including a traditional and contemporary one. Besides, cast-iron models are relatively affordable, so you do not have to break the bank. Alternatively, splurge on one centerpiece like a state-of-the-art sofa. Of course, you can also recover an old, vintage piece of furniture with nice upholstery.

Do not just focus on aesthetics, however. Investing in storage space always pays off, as it serves as the bedrock of a home’s functionality. The good news is that there is a wide selection of products on the market that come with a good price. So, try to utilize empty wall space and add some floating shelves. You should be able to have them fitted anywhere, including awkward spaces such as alcoves and corners.

Room by room, piece by piece

Kitchen updates are the best kind of home improvement. They offer unparalleled ROI and turn the space into a nice hub of domestic life. Those who want to minimize the spending can opt for affordable worktops made from laminate instead of budget-sinking marble or granite. Likewise, it is possible to find cheap tiles that mimic their more expensive counterparts and give off an illusion of high-grade design.

The bathroom is another space that should not be overlooked. Remodeling may be expensive, but how about some smaller-scale upgrades such as new showerheads? Apart from boosting the enjoyment, you can also conserve water and save some money in the long run. Panel curtains are also worth considering as they add a sense of luxury without blowing the budget.

Make a go of it

Renovation projects are notorious for packing a big financial punch but it does not have to be so. From DIY to shopping around for products, there is no shortage of ways to overcome financial obstacles and translate your dreams and visions into reality. Strive to think outside the box. Be bold, smart, and inventive instead of wasteful, sloppy, and careless.



One of the things you need to keep in mind is that your company’s brand is about much more than just a logo and a color – it is about identity. For instance, you could walk into any McDonald’s or Starbucks in the world and see an almost identical layout and color scheme. With this in mind, the interior of the business truly has a way of reflecting one’s brand. Of course, in an office, this isn’t as relevant as in a coffee shop, bakery or a restaurant. The reason behind this is quite simple, in the latter three places, more clients will have access to it. So, here are several tips to make the interior of your business reflect the brand in just the right way.

Everything in a restaurant is a part of its interior

You see, a lot of people believe that major furniture pieces, walls and floors are the only things that count as the interior, which is as wrong as it gets. The human mind has a hard time processing too many different elements at once. That means that it is inclined towards making larger units because it’s easier to cope with them.

This means that your guests are likely to see your utensils, menus, flowers and candles on tables and even the uniforms of your servers as a part of the interior. To make a long story short, in a restaurant, these items act as accessories and, therefore, serve only to enhance the image of the place as a whole. The way in which this works can be seen in the examples displayed on the website of industry veterans from Brand Works.

Think about company culture

Every business, no matter how small or what industry it belongs to, has a company culture. Numerous surveys show that customers somehow feel attracted to restaurants with strong company culture, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You see, this business niche has a surprisingly high turnover rate, which is definitely a thing to look out for. Including company culture in your restaurant’s interior décor can, therefore, make your team slightly more loyal.

Start from the kitchen

The best way to start improving things is probably the kitchen, where you want to create as pleasant work environment as possible. A lot of people feel inclined to ask a commercial plumber where to install a dishwasher, but it might be much more effective to ask someone with actual experience of working in a kitchen. It goes without saying that your chef needs to have the final word when it comes to this, seeing how they will have the most holistic approach to this issue. You see, the main part of a restaurant’s identity is its menu. An experienced chef can easily come up with a kitchen layout well suited for the menu and therefore save you both time and effort.

The detailed layout plan

Finally, the layout of the place might be one of the most important issues on this list, seeing how it will affect both identity and functionality of the place. Sure, in a situation where you start expanding by opening up additional restaurants under the same brand, you might not work with the same building layout. Windows, walls and fixtures might be in a different place, but by establishing a few simple rules, you can easily make any venue resemble your original headquarters. Needless to say, a restaurant, bakery and a coffee shop may require different layouts (for obvious reasons).


One last thing we failed to mention is the fact that the uniformity of interior design, for companies who have more than several venues, also tends to be quite practical. You see, the more times you do something, the better you get at it. Imagine a scenario where McDonald’s had to come up with a completely new color palette for every single one of their restaurants instead of just going with their standard yellow and red. Sure, this might not be as relatable for a small restaurant owner, but you should never hold back in your dreams and aspirations.



Interior design blogs are a great way to discover new trends, decor rules and suggestions, and insightful commentary. These can be very important if you are redecorating your home and don’t know where to search for inspiration, but if you are into interior design regardless of your in-home projects, you can enjoy in simply reading these blogs as well. But with so many interior design blogs out there, it seems to be difficult to find the ones with enough character. To free you from the hassle of going through this abundance, we have selected top five house decor blogs for you.

Elle Decor

Untitled design (27).png

We cannot possibly discus interior design blogs without mentioning Elle Decor. This blog presents you with everything you need to know about decor, from celebrity home tours to inspiration and tips for your home. The tips are given by experts who take fashion for the home seriously. Besides, the website is very well organized, and if you know what you are searching for, you’ll be able to find it in just one or two clicks. One of the best columns on Elle Decor website is “remodel + renovate” where you can get inspired by different home makeovers, some of which include A-listers’ homes.

The Spruce

Untitled design (25).png

The Spruce is a simplistically-looking website that offers real-life tips and inspiration which should result in transforming your house/apartment into the home you’ve always wanted it to be. The articles are easy to read and understand, and each detail is handed out to you in a fun and engaging way. The Spruce offers different approaches to design - from decorating to staging homes for sales. This blog stands out for its DIY projects and helpful tips to get things done on a shoestring budget.

Apartment Therapy

Untitled design (26).png

You’ve surely heard of this one, and there is a good reason for it. Apartment Therapy is one of the most influential interior design blogs on the web, and it is, as its very slogan says “saving the world one room at the time”. The site features house tours, ideas for renters and small spaces, remodelling tips, DIY projects and advice for home buying. A great thing about Apartment Therapy articles is that you are given specific tips you can actually pull off. This means that you’ll get information such as the name of the brand and where to buy the product, instead of just a photograph. For example, this blog mentions Peter’s of Kensington and many other great shops where you can buy everything you need to make your home fabulous.


Untitled design (28).png

Founded by internationally popular Holly Becker this site feeds you with trend reports, home tours, arts & crafts topics, colour inspiration, DIY endeavours and even book reviews. The photographs on this blog are really the heart and soul of articles, as they are perfectly composed, lit and set, but that doesn’t mean the content is lagging behind. The articles are written in simple language addressing the readers personally, which makes them appealing to everyone. One feature of this blog is especially interesting and that is “designers + stylists” where professionals from the branch are being presented by Holly Becker, or they are sharing their own stories with the readers.

Bright Bazaar

Untitled design (29).png

New York based lifestyle blog, Bright Bazaar, devotes a lot of attention to interior design. The website is founded by Will Taylor, famous for the fact that he considers everything beige is boring. As the name of the blog suggests, here, everything is about colour, so if you love to watch the world through pink sunglasses, this is the blog for you. Will brings his love for brightness to his writing too, so you will notice that the articles are very cheerful and upbeat. Photos are also really nice, and they will inspire you to give your home a facelift.

These were five blogs you should follow if you’re planning on remodelling/redecorating your house, or you simply have the itch for interior design, beautiful photographs and interesting articles. In any case, you won’t regret checking them out.



The rustic chic style breathes with an atmosphere of cosiness, elegance and vintage beauty that elevates home décor and gives it a unique character. This style captures the spirit of a bygone era not dominated by technology and conveys a sense of romance and intimacy. Although designing in the manner of the rustic chic style might require some effort, your home will radiate with an effortless beauty. Its simplicity isn’t at the expense of its stylishness and its inexpensiveness doesn’t detract from its elegance.

The secret of repurposing

Rustic chic décor provides a lot of possibilities for DIY projects, such as transforming the old into the new or making completely new pieces from reclaimed wood. This style enables you to combine different pieces, give them a new purpose and freshen their look. All you have to do is grab a brush and a bucket of paint and follow your creativity. For example, you can easily repurpose old dining chairs into new, rustic ones by repainting the wood in a hue that complements your romantic décor.

Romantic colour scheme

The colour palette of the rustic chic style features neutral and gentle tones with occasional pops of bolder hues. For your romantic home décor, you can use a neutral backdrop and then break the monochromaticity with colourful patterns and boldly coloured accent details. White is the key colour of this style that will bring a sense of timelessness and vastness into your home. Off-white, muted grey, beige, pale blue, gentle pink, greens and soft brown will help you create an understated yet elegant look in your home. On the other hand, you can add interest and achieve the wow effect by introducing conspicuous hues through floral patterns, paintings and flowers. You can even introduce an accent wall painted in a dark grey or brown to make a décor statement.

Rustic and chic storage

The beauty of your rustic chic design can be easily overshadowed by clutter, so you should try to keep clutter under control. The best way to achieve that is by introducing plenty of storage solutions that will help you both eliminate clutter and elevate your décor. Since the rustic chic style embraces wood as its main material, decorating your space with wooden floating shelves will work perfectly with the overall ambience. You can also use wooden boxes and give them that rustic and romantic look using napkins. Not only will you introduce lovely pieces into your home, but you’ll also eliminate clutter and emphasise its rustic beauty.

Rustic focal points

Since the rustic chic style doesn’t focus on technology, you shouldn’t make the TV set the focal point of your living room. Instead, introduce a sense of romance and mysticism by adding a rustic coffee table. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying a new one, but give your old coffee table a makeover by repainting it in a romantic and gentle hue. You don’t have to stop there – the secret lies in details, as well. Decorate your rustic coffee table with a lovely centrepiece made of wood. Another great idea is using books with old covers as centrepieces, or adding plants in rustic pots.

Artwork for style and elegance

Art is an essential part of any style; the difference lies in the way you use works of art and the motifs they convey. When it comes to the rustic chic style, you can hang paintings with natural elements with rustic wooden frames. You can even find a tutorial explaining how you can transfer an image to a piece of wood. To create a more cohesive look, you can match the hues in your painting to bold accent details, or use a motif from a painting as a general theme for your room.

The romance of wood

Since the rustic chic style focuses on natural elements, it’s no wonder that wood is its main material. You have a variety of options when it comes to incorporating wood into your rustic home. You can use it for your headboard and transform your bed into a rustic focal point of your bedroom. Branches and twigs can be used for stylish decoration details or lighting fixtures. A subtle use of wood can be equally chic. For example, you can add stylish timber doors or repurposed rustic shutters. Wood will bring a natural romantic vibe into your home, which is why it’s used in the rustic chic style.

If you want to create a romantic and natural atmosphere in your home, the rustic chic style is just the thing for you. It will bring romance, nature and peacefulness into your home while simultaneously elevating its décor.



If you think that investing into office design is a waste of your money, you are dead wrong. Yes, it will cost you, but it will definitely pay off. A poorly designed office isn’t really functional, which tends to waste time and cause frustration, while hindering even the most basic of tasks.

Good office design, on the other hand, solves these problems and great office design goes even a step further – it will make your staff excited about being in the office. In order to invigorate your entire workforce, we’ve rounded up a list of five most effective office design tips.

Light, light and light

A well-lit office is a productive office! Unfortunately, though, rare are the fantastic instances of naturally well-lit offices and if you are lucky enough to own one, all that we can advise is investing into LED lights to make sure that you provide your office with quality light during nighttime, plus they will pay off in the long run.
If you are like the majority of the world’s workforce, chances are that your office space is oriented towards the cold North. The best solution here is to get a skylight, but luck is a huge factor here too, as you have to be on the top floor of your office building to make use of these.
If you aren’t this lucky, you’ll have to resort to LED lights, or their less efficient counterparts of CFL lights. Both types provide artificial lighting that’s very close to sunlight.

Make sure that your office is spacious

Desks are not the only things you’ll need to make sure are spacious. On the contrary, in a small cubicle, the last thing that your employee might need is a large desk. ‘Circulation space’ is extremely important. What is it? Well, this is the space in corridors and between actual desks that enables your workers to move around freely. It might not seem like a big deal, but in addition to the obvious aesthetic advantage (which is also very important), circulation space will prevent everyone from bumping into each other, which can be very frustrating!

Break-out spaces

Your employees don’t physically need a breakroom; your office is probably cleaned on a daily basis, so why bother? Simply put, break-out spaces provide a crucial place away from the desk, which can both boost productivity and aid creativity, by being used for informal chats and as a change of scenery. Casual spaces inspire great ideas.

Move things around for functionality

The size of an office space isn’t the only thing that matters. In fact, making sure that everything is properly organized is essential. For example, frequently used objects, such as printers, copiers, etc. are best put into a single, easily accessible area, but making sure that this area is properly noise insulated and distant enough from your employees is also of essence; noise pollution can be hugely detrimental to physical, as well as mental health.
The best way to go is looking for professional assistance; consulting experts, such as the people at Officepoint, will make sure that you don’t have to deal with office design, fitouts, refurbishments and even relocations on your own. This is an investment well worth the price.

Don’t try to save up on furniture

Companies that are strapped for cash might be tempted to try and save on quality furniture, without even realizing that unergonomic working conditions cause huge drops in productivity. Spending $200 more per task chair can save you thousands of dollars in the long run; after all, your business is based on productivity and there is no job that can be done well without comfort and ease.



Kitchen is the heart of every household. As far as renovations go, it requires extra attention. Two things have to be taken into consideration before you embark on this daunting task. The carefully planned appealing aesthetics will turn your kitchen into a safe haven and a place where cooking transforms from a chore into a meditative process in a pleasant environment.

However, we have to make sure the design doesn’t affect the functionality. After all, the kitchen has an important role to play in your household, so here are important things you have to consider while conducting kitchen renovations.

The budget

There’s a kitchen setup in the catalogue you’d kill to have. The first thing you should check out is the price tag. Maybe the best thing to do for starters is to avoid browsing through what’s hot in kitchen design and go and spend some time among your cabinet tops and dishes. Look around your kitchen, walk and meditate. Also, try to imagine your ideal kitchen.

Next, assess what are the best choices based on the size of your kitchen and the setup of the fridge and cabinets. This will only take five minutes but it will help you ground yourself and find your “aesthetic center”. After that, it will be much easier to determine the budget.

Be mindful of the trendy and the timeless

You want your kitchen to look up-to-date with what’s latest in kitchen design. Dark floors are all the rage currently, as well as metallic surfaces that let off a feeling of industrial design. Generally, it’s all about airy spaces, lighter tones and uncluttered surfaces. Of course, as far as the trends go, kitchen appliances follow suit.

However, this is where you might fall into a trap. For example, surfaces made of textured wood are quite popular at this very moment, but who’s to say they will stay trendy in a year or two? You don’t want to renovate your kitchen and see it “growing old” prematurely. This is why you have to find a perfect balance between what’s popular and what’s timeless.

If you look beyond passing trends, you’ll usually find some styles that have become popular quite recently but that are here to stay. Minimalism is one of them, and this is where the aforementioned clutter-free surfaces come into play.

Quartz might be popular right now, but you can easily figure out what is both trendy and timeless – simple lines, bright colors (especially white and light gray) and a general sense of airiness, which is a more sensible design in the smoldering hot Land Down Under.

Your kitchen wants to be an exhibitionist

We’ve already mentioned the industrial design. One of the things this look can entail is the “transparent” appeal to the ways thing function. For example, leaving the pipes exposed would be a trendy thing to do. Exposed or not, one of the most important things you should do while renovating is “reskin” your pipes and plumbing.

After all, you want this kitchen to last. So, should a certain plumbing emergency arise, you’ll need the most timely plumber in Northern Beaches that will smooth things out before renovations add some unexpected hits to your wallet.

Once you enter the kitchen, a certain warmth has to emanate from its every corner. This doesn’t exactly have to entail utilizing warm colors in your kitchen design, but it has to let on an appearance of a lived-in space. To achieve this, you have to spend some time pondering on what kind of kitchen best reflects you as its most frequenting resident. This might take up some time, but after the renovation is done, you’ll find it was a time well spent.