In an ideal world, every single room in our house would be big enough to fit anything that crosses our minds. However, this doesn’t mean that having a small bathroom restricts your creativity. On contrary, it is exactly because of it that you will have a chance to fully express your resourcefulness and ingenuity. All in all, here are some ideas that are meant to help you decorate your small bathroom and unlock its full potential.

Angled Shower

When coming up with a layout of your small bathroom, you need to keep in mind that every inch counts. A perfect example on how you can save some extra space in your bathroom is by installing angled shower instead of a regular one. Rectangular, pentagonal or even circular shower require much less space than a standard, square-shaped one. Sure, some people may fear that this means sacrificing too much comfort, but most of these angular showers give you plenty of room for maneuvering. After all, shower is all about practicality so why not help it serve this purpose once more.

Tub in the Shower

Now, this particular idea may not be best suited for those with small bathrooms, but those with medium-sized ones can already enjoy it. Namely, one of the greatest dilemmas when constructing a bathroom is the question of whether to put a tub or a shower inside. Those with large bathrooms sometimes go with both, but now there is a solution even for those without an abundance of space. According to experts behind bathroom renovations company from Sydney more and more people decide to put a tub inside of a shower area. This way, they can have their cake and eat it too.

Vanity Niches and Wall Cabinets

A lot of people speak against vanities in small bathrooms since they believe it consumes too much space. Still, when taken into consideration how much storage space an average vanity offers, they are forced to reconsider. An average vanity usually has many drawers and compartments in which you can stash everything you need. Furthermore, if the vanity has niches it becomes even more efficient. This allows you to stack your towels, cosmetics and even medicine. On the other hand, this shouldn’t be the only reason why it is smart to go with vanity. For those still not convinced, going with cabinet can be an acceptable alternative for wall storing.

Using Racks

Speaking of using wall surfaces as storage, you cannot go wrong with racks and holders. Sure, every bathroom has a tower holder or two, but why stop there. You can always purchase a hair dryer with a wall attachable holster. This also goes for most bathroom appliances. Of course, people with enough space in their bathroom may not have to think about this, but the rest are not that fortunate. An owner of a small bathroom needs to use every inch of free surface so why not start with the walls.

Sink Skirt

A lot of people like the idea of hanging sink, but refuse to go with it simply because it gives less storage than some other options. Luckily, there is a simple and inexpensive DIY solution to this particular problem. All you need to do is ‘dress up’ your sink in a cloth that hangs all the way down to the floor and suddenly you get a hidden storage compartment for your bathroom. This can be made from something as common as an old bedsheet. Underneath, you can place whatever you want, without the fear that it will somehow disturb the rest of the bathroom.

Stacked Baskets

Finally, a fact that you have placed a basket on your bathroom floor doesn’t mean that you should forget about that particular spot. Namely, some people have come up with the idea to stack these baskets. The way this works is quite simple. First, they get the largest basket they have and place it on the bottom, then they take the smaller one and place it on top of it. This way, they create a pyramid like structure, which can add to your bathroom’s appeal if all the baskets are in the same style (wicker baskets for example). However, you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t place the item you often need or use in the bottom-most basket since it may be quite difficult for you to retrieve it later on.


Where there is a will there is always a way and the smaller the bathroom, the greater the challenge. You see, the lack of space is a physical dimension which can never restrain something so abstract as artistic inspiration or pure decoration talent.

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Having a well designed patio can really help your business. Some say that it can boost the revenue by as much as 30 percent, but that’s not the whole point. The patio changes the ambiance of your restaurant. Depending on how you design it, it can make your restaurant seem more romantic, more family friendly or more adventurous. So, don’t think about it as a matter of putting a few tables outside – anyone can do that (in fact they can’t, it may take a license from the city –investigate this further before you start).

One important note

There’s one thing that often gets overlooked when the restaurants decides to expand its patio is the effect the change will have on the workflow. Extra amount of tables may require more waiters and more work for the chefs. It’s also a matter of getting the patio connected to the rest of the place. It’s best if there is a direct access to the kitchen so the waiters don’t have to go through the dining room.

Cock outside

For some reason there is a certain trill in watching your food prepared in front of you. It sets a lively atmosphere and keeps the guests entertained. Add a grill or an outdoor pizza oven to your patio. Just remember this will mean you have to get an extra chef. This kind of set up usually goes well with a rustic furniture design. The grill will probably be made out of brick so you can continue with that aesthetic. Wood furniture would go best with it, just add a lot of dark colored cushions to keep the patio comfortable.

Prepare for bad weather

When the weather is nice patio is a valuable addition to you restaurant, but as soon as it starts to rain it becomes useless. Prepare for this eventuality beforehand, get commercial shade sails from Shade Sails in Sydney, If you want to go beyond this you can add fans for the summer and outdoor patio heaters which will let you use the space for much longer during the year. Shades can be used for more than just rain protection. They can set the ambiance and the mood for your entire patio. Match the furniture and lighting to create an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.



The holiday season is coming, which means that the shopping season is about to start. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing gifts or taking advantage of some holiday discounts, you should get your shopping list ready for the upcoming shopping euphoria. However, the question is – Black Friday or Cyber Monday? In order to make the most out of the holiday deals, you need to know what’s out there, when you should act and which holiday will pay off more.

Cyber Monday

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to elbow their way through the crowd, Cyber Monday is the perfect shopping opportunity for you. Before filling in your online shopping carts, make sure to inform yourself about the available discounts. Cyber Monday sales start early in some shops, therefore, you need keep up-to-date with the news from the shopping world, so as to avoid missing out some great offers. The greatest advantage of online shopping is that it’s fast and accessible at any time during the day, which means that you don’t have to wake up early in order to purchase everything you’ve planed. Your shopping list should include items such as clothes, toys, shoes and beauty products, since these products are usually on sale on Cyber Monday. Make sure to start your shopping on time, since many popular products can run out of stock in the middle of the holiday rush. However, you must take into consideration the fact that if you shop online, you won’t be able to see the product before it’s delivered to you, which is one of the greatest disadvantages of online shopping.

Black Friday

On the other hand, if you enjoy the experience and the thrill of shopping in-store, you shouldn’t miss Black Friday and its holiday discounts. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find great offers online, as well. Your traditional shopping can be complemented with the online purchasing, which offers you greater possibilities for finding bargains. Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for purchasing electronic items such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and video games. Since winter is coming, you have to be prepared for the cold days – if you’re using firewood for heating, you should consider buying the necessary tools and devices, such as log splitters, since you’ll probably be able to find them at a lower price. You should see what’s on the market prior to making a purchase, so check out the log splitter reviews to find out which one will meet your needs. As it was already mentioned, shopping on Black Monday doesn’t exclude the possibility of online shopping, therefore, you should keep in mind that some stores open their online sales season at midnight, which is a great opportunity for finding products you need before they are sold out. However, you should keep in mind the advantages of shopping in-store – no delivery fees, no late deliveries, trying out a product before buying it, etc.

Additional Tips

In order to save some money on holiday shopping, make sure to make informed choices. The best way to do this is by following your favorite shops on social media, so that you don’t miss any special offers and discounts. If you have put some money aside for these purposes, don’t end up spending more than you have, but stay within the limits of your budget. Finally, if you’re planning to shop in-store, take working hours into consideration – don’t show up too late, since the products you need might be sold out by the time you arrive.

Holiday shopping can be an exciting experience, especially if you’re one of those people who love buying holiday gifts. However, make sure to be informed in order to take advantage of all special offers and discounts, which will help you save some money.



If your bedroom interior started feeling a bit boring and lifeless, you can give it a small makeover through colorful or lively details and décor, simply by changing your plain bedding. Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for in retail, which is why getting crafty is a good idea. Making new things out of the old ones or buying fabric and starting from scratch – the possibilities are endless!

Give your bed a colorful twist

Ever considered dyeing your sheets? Cotton, linen, and polyester are the best materials when it comes to receiving dye. When choosing a color, keep in mind that the starting color of your sheets influences the ending result. You can use a color removal afore if you want nice and clean results. You can easily dye your sheets and pillow cases in your washing machine: there are specifically designed dyes for this type of color application. Wet the sheets before placing them in the machine and add a pre-dissolved dye. Sheets need to soak in dye for at least half an hour, so make sure to choose the right washing cycle. Afterward, choose a rinse program until the water runs clear. To clean up, empty the machine, set the washing cycle of hot water, add detergent and 1 cup of chlorine bleach.


If you like to experiment a bit, consider making ombre sheets: lovely subtle color transitions that slowly fade make a real eye-catching detail, giving you a visually soft watercolor-effect. You can use only cotton fabrics. Before you start, make sure you pre-wash your bedding so that the color application is evened out and optimal. Wet the fabric so it’s damp, but it doesn’t drip water everywhere. Fold it so you can manage it easier. Depending on the size of your sheets, you’ll need about 3 or 5 gallons of dye and two different shades. Place the first color into a large container and dip the fabric into the highest height (the lightest color on your sheets) and leave it soaked for about 20 minutes. Pull the fabric out of the container and start with the next section (the darker color) and leave it for another 20 minutes. Add the second color into a container and finish up dyeing the rest of the fabric. You can incorporate this ombre technique to other parts of your home, too.


With retail giving you a limited choice when it comes to patterns and sizes, it’s time to take things into your own hands. Buy any fabric you want and make your own fitted sheet. Start by measuring your mattress and adding a bit of extra width and length (e.g. 10 cm): that’s the part that goes underneath your mattress. Cut your fabric into a rectangle shape and discard squares from each corner (squares are the size of your extra 10 cm you’ve added). Sew the two edges together. Afterward, fold about 2 cm of the fabric all around the edges. Iron and pin it, and stitch close following the edges, but leave an opening in order to thread the elastic. Attach the end of it with a safety pin and then thread it through. Stitch the ends together or tie a secure knot – and you’re done!

Have fun, get crafty, and experiment!



High-pressure workdays, household chores and raising your kids are simply guaranteed to cause you a lot of stress. But so much stress can seriously affect your overall well-being. Heart diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, aging and fatal accidents are all linked with increased stress level. That’s why it’s very important that you do whatever you can in order to reduce stress. And is there a better way to start than turning your home into a real stress-reducing place? The following 5 tips will help you do so.

De-Clutter the Entire Place

It’s no secret that clutter is super stress-inducing. Not being able to find something you need can always cause some additional stress, especially when you are in a hurry. That’s why decluttering is one of the first things you will have to do is you want your home to become a real stress-reducing place. Of course, you don’t have to do it all at once. Take 15 minutes a day and try to find some new places for all the clutter that is just lying around your home. Also, make it a goal to fill at least one trash bag with the things you no longer need.

Add a Touch of Nature

We all know that spending time in nature can help you reduce stress. So why not try to bring the outside inside and make your home as green as possible? Potted plants are always a good option. What’s great about them is that most of them are quite easy to take care of, which means they will cause you absolutely no stress at all. Bromeliad, philodendron and spider plants are easy to maintain and they are guaranteed to make your home stress-reducing. You can also combine these with some nature-inspired designs to your décor.

Consider Your Lighting Options

Overhead lights are known to cause headache which is another stress inducer. Therefore, if you want to be relaxed all the time when you are at home, you should make sure there’s a lot of natural light. Consider installing a new window or two as well as glass doors if possible. Still, you will need some lighting options for evenings as well. That’s where desk lamps might come in handy. Halogen bulbs don’t cause headache as much as incandescent bulbs do, so make sure you use them for your desk lamps.

Try to Create Symmetry

Another important thing you will have to do when trying to make your home more stress-reducing is try to create symmetry. Symmetry can lead to a feeling of peace and help you relax. This is the case because symmetry prevents your eyes from bouncing from an object in the room to the other. Of course, things don’t have to be perfectly matched, but sticking to symmetry in the terms of color, proportion and light is always recommended. Just let your creativity flow and you are definitely going to come up with some new ways to add symmetry to your home.

Keep the Air Fresh

Your stress level can also depend on the air quality inside of your home. This is especially the case if you or any other family member is a smoker. Getting an air purifier is always the best option for eliminating the stale air. If you decide to get one for your home, make sure you first check air purifier ratings online in order to find the best deal possible. Using scented candles will also help you keep the air inside of your fresh. Some of the scents such as lavender, chocolate and cinnamon can be used as a part of aromatherapy and help you reduce stress.

All of these tips are guaranteed to help you change atmosphere inside of your home and make it a real stress-reducing place. Even if you do all of these things, bear in mind that getting at least 2 hours of rest per day is an absolute must if you don’t want stress to cause you some more serious health conditions.



Bedroom should be a place of peace and serenity, where you goto unwind and relax. When the space you are supposed to sleep in is clutteredwith clothes and trinkets, it’s very difficult to find that well-deservedpeace. Bringing some order into that chaos can seem as a daunting task, atfirst, but if you plan everything well, and if you’re willing to let somethings go, it can be a breeze. Here are some tips that should make that jobeven easier.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Take a good look around your room. See anything you don’t need?Maybe that old magazines stack in the corner, or that high school sweater inyour closet? It’s time to get rid of them, and all the similar unnecessarythings. When decluttering your closet, you can also pack up some seasonal clothesand put them into some room or storage space you are not using. To minimize thespace they occupy, you can use vacuum-sealed storage bags, which are perfectfor storing bulky items or many clothing pieces.

Organize Your Closet

Closet is almost always the messiest part of one’s bedroom, butthat’s no reason to feel depressed. First, you need to decide what to hang andwhat to fold. Sweaters should always be folded, since they can change shape andsnag if hanged. Shirts, dresses and pants, on the other hand, are betterhanged. This will be much easier if you have a hanging plan. For instance:pants are hanged in one area, dresses in another and collared shirts in third.Another neat way to organize your closet, is to color code the clothes after they’re sorted bytype.

Keep the Drawers Shipshape

The items you keep in your drawers should be organized neatlyand arranged horizontally, so that they are easier to sort through. If you keepsmaller items, such as lingerie, socks, belts, or scarves in drawers, makesorting through them simple by using drawer dividers.

Store Your Bags and Shoes

If you can, you should arrange your bags on shelves, but if youdon’t have enough space in your closet you can buy a storage cubby or useclothing hangers or shower hooks to hang your handbags. As for the shoes, it isbest to design a storage solution that makes the best use of your particularspace. According to professionals from Brisbane Shelving, customshelving or footwear cabinet is the perfect solution for keeping your footwearorganized.

Leave No Space Unused

​Your bedroom may be overwhelmed with ton of stuff, but thatdoesn’t mean that the same amount can’t look better when arranged properly. Thesimplest way to hide things in plain sight is to use the storage space underthe bed. If your bed doesn’t come with in-built storage, you can repurposedresser drawers to make your own. You can also use the headboard space toincorporate shelving, and footboard to add a charming storage solution such ascubbies and baskets.

Add Stylish Finishing Touches

Remember not to leave your bedroomlooking sterile when decluttering and organizing. Use the space you have leftto add some stylish elements. You can, for example, display organized jewelrycollection, travel souvenirs or your favorite books. Maximize the wall space byinstalling a bookshelf, and use wall cubbies as a way to display knick knacks. Create an accent wall by hanging paintings orphotographs or simply introducing statement wallpaper. In the end, add a vasewith fresh flowers on your nightstand.

It wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be, right?Organizing a bedroom is all about creating additional storage wherever you can,while still adding some stylish pizzazz to it. 



If you’re someone who often or even constantly work from home, then you need not mention how important it is to have your own work space that will provide you with peace and quiet in order to concentrate on the job. This part of your home should be adequately equipped in order to be more efficient. That being said, thanks to the experience of my friends as well as online advice, I’ll offer you a few ideas on how to organize your home office space.

Natural light

Working at the computer or looking at the information on paper during working hours can really damage your sight, even more so if the space where your office corner is happens to be dark. Therefore, try to position your office corner somewhere where there’s lots of natural light because it doesn’t only improve your general mood, but keeps your eyesight safe as well.

Effective storage solutions

If you work with lots of papers and documents or simply have a great need of various office stationary, make sure to find your perfect storage solution that would keep the mess off the desk and keep the whole office space tidy. There are many DIY solutions for storage options and you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money in new drawers and shelves.

Good furniture support

Make sure that you consider only top quality office furniture for your working corner arrangements so that you can give your best while feeling comfortable. This is especially important for your office chair. You can find a lot of ideas online or in magazines when it comes to your preferred furniture choice. You can also take upon yourself or a professional to make some custom furniture, too.

Use the walls

Never leave the walls that surround your office corner completely bare because this will be counterproductive. You can use the empty wall space for open shelving or place a bulletin board that would help you with completing important tasks as well as bring some texture and uniformity into the whole notion of office corner. Also, you can decorate your empty walls with family pictures, some creative Word Art or any other thing that inspires you.

Add a personal touch

Office corner should never be completely devoid of all individuality. Feel free to add some personal things to your home office, but still pay attention not to overdo it. Balance is the key and while you definitely need some personal touches and objects that would make you feel happy and comfortable you don’t want possible distractions from work.

Soft colors

Even if the rest of your home is filled with vibrant colors make sure to paint the walls in your office corner or even use self-adhesive wallpapers that are of soothing neutral colors. According to color science at work place, red, green, yellow and blue can provide different kinds of encouragement and productivity, but the lower the hue the calmer you’ll be regardless of what color you go for.

Think functional

For you to be most efficient in your job you have to make your surroundings work for you. So don’t try to overstuff this area with unnecessary things, papers and boxes that would only make you feel nervous and give you additional trouble when you’d have to clean everything up.

Be true to your style

You can easily match the look and style of your office corner to the rest of your home. Today, markets are full of various types of furniture that would suit anyone’s taste and preferences. If you have some specific requirements, do some of the work yourself or hire a good professional that would help you express your full creativity even in the working area.

Play with ideas. If you’re bold, mix and match different contrasted styles for this move might be the spark of productivity you’ve been looking for. If there’s an old piece of furniture that you really liked, recycle and remodel it so that it can serve you again for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you have 2 or 22 square meters for your office corner as long as you do your best to create a professional, effective and productive atmosphere.



During the summer the temperature rises and so does the cost of keeping your house cool. Even more so if you are using air conditioning. Cranking up the air conditioning might be the easiest way to keep your house cool, but perhaps you should consider other options. Options that won’t increase your energy bill too much. Air conditioners are also bad for the environment, so you might want to take a look at some more environmental friendly alternatives. So if the heat and humidity make it unbearable to sit in your own house check out these tips on how to cool your house easily.


If you are trying to fight the heat it might be wise to invest in a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan can make a whole room feel cooler by several degrees. They are quite cheap and consume little energy. Ceiling fans which consume most power spend around 10$ a month if you keep them on for half a day. Since a fan will keep the room cooler this will allow you to turn off the AC and spend less energy to cool your house. Even though ceiling fans work best, a smaller portable one can be effective too. You don’t have to max out power on fans to feel cooler in the room, simply turning it on will decrease the temperature of the room.

Go green

Planting a shade tree on the east and west side of your house can prevent heat coming in and will keep your house cooler. This isn’t something you can do instantly so you should plan ahead. Planting an ivy vine on your house will shade the walls and provide an immediate effect. But they might require more maintenance in the long run. Also make sure the plants aren’t blocking any AC vents.

Reduce sources of internal heat

You are not only battling the outside, different appliances in your house also produce heat and increase the temperature inside the house. Turn off the white light bulbs and replace them with fluorescent ones, these consume less energy and produce less heat. Most electronic devices produce heat so it would be unwise to place such devices next to the air conditioning thermostat. The heat they produce will fool the thermostat into thinking it is warmer than it really is. Making it run longer and harder than it actually needs to.

Shades and blinds

The best way to keep your house cool is to keep the heat out. You could do this by installing white windows shades, drapes or blinds. The white color will reflect the heat away from your home. Make sure to shut the shades when the sun hits the windows (east facing windows during the morning, and west facing windows in the afternoon). By keeping the heat out of your house you are making the job easier for your fans and air conditioners. They can cool the house faster and consume less power while doing that. You can also install solar sun screens or window film to keep the heat from entering through the windows.

Using the AC

If the heat is unbearable and you have to use the AC, make sure to take some of the previous steps. These steps will make it easier and cheaper for an air conditioner to cool your house. It is even more important to change the air filters every four to six weeks during the summer, as recommended by Sydney's air conditioning experts.

Make sure to follow these helpful tips and keep your house cool during the summer. These will make your life easier if there is a heat wave and will also save you some money.



Rustic Look

Rustic home décor has been “In “lately. Whether the home is in the country or in the city, more and more people express desires to have a rustic feel to their homes. It is not as expensive as you may think. Some of the pieces you can find in your mom’s attic, some in flea markets and some can even be DYI projects. There are 6 essential details in different rooms that can give your home a rustic charm.

The Library

If you are a proud owner of a large number of books, you can make a great rustic focal point in your library/study. A handmade wooden bookshelf in natural color, positioned on one wall can create a feeling of a library from the past. A vintage desk and chair and a leather armchair in the corner, and you can achieve a perfect rustic library/study where you can work or just relax with a book.

The Kitchen

The most beautiful rustic feature in modern design is, by all means, a rustic kitchen. With a large dining table in the middle, copper lids and pans hanging from the ceiling hooks, a vintage kitchen cabinet with old porcelain in, you can’t go wrong. If you can put a wooden stove to cook on it, there is no better place for family gatherings.

The Entryway

If you want to make a statement right from your door, take a vintage rug and put them on the entryway. Vintage, versatile runner rugs can be spread from the hallway and to the stairs. Combined with some rustic bench and DIY artwork in the staircase, these rugs can make an excellent focal point.

The Bedroom

You can have a perfectly modern bedroom, but incorporate rustic details in it to give it more interesting and warm look. You can simply have a color palette that mimics rocky terrain or earthy neutrals. Add a few wooden elements, such as a headboard or a nightstand and comfy handmade blankets and you will have a cozy rustic bedroom.

The Living Room

Achieving the rustic look in your living room is probably the easiest task. One focal point such as fireplace and you have made it. If on the other hand, you want the whole living room to have a rustic feel to it, there are lots of options. You can have wooden roof beams exposed and painted in a neutral color or you can have vintage furniture. If you want it to have just a few details, a coffee table is a must. Mismatched furniture, fireplace, and large coffee table are a best rustic look for an exceptionally comfortable living room.

The Bathroom

In this room, you can let your imagination run wild. You can have a beautiful copper tub, and mirror with gilded frame. Instead of built in cabinet for the storage, you can use antique armoire. A combination of white and brown wood gives it the rustic look. A stained glass window is a perfect focal point in the bathroom. Small decorative items from flea market can always add to the charm.


Whether you want your home to be completely decorated as an old mountain cabin or you just want few details is entirely up to you. What you have to know that there are items available at the market and it takes only your imagination to make your dream home.



The Generation Y was once called “self-absorbed” by The Daily Planet because they were not prone to getting married and planning a family. Today, however, the members of this generation are finally getting on their feet and starting to buy properties and live independently. According to a study done by Genworth Canada, 42% of first-time home buyers are families with kids, while 34% are couples planning to have children in the near future. Since most of them are born between 1980 and 1995, it is safe to assume that Generation Y is dictating the trends on the real estate market, therefore, the basic goal of real estate agents and home owners will be to satisfy their needs.

Smart Features

Generation Y is born into technology, and they like to keep up with its changes. They love to have all the latest gadgets in their pocket, and the same goes for their house. The so-called smart house gives them a sense of control, and offers significant advantages over conventional homes – accessibility, convenience and security. Automating your home can be just as cost-effective an investment, as remodeling the kitchen has always been.


With the average of 8 working hours a day (40 a week), and sometimes working overtime or at home, Generation Y workers have little time to spend with their families, socialize and dedicate to themselves. Cleaning and maintaining the house must be streamlined so it doesn’t consume their days. The new generation of buyers will, therefore, search for houses with low-maintenance features, such as granite countertops, stone floors, area rugs (instead of wall-to-wall carpeting), etc.

Open Floor Concept

Unlike their parents who considered a formal dining room a decisive feature for making a purchase, Millennials prefer open concept kitchen and open plan living. They have moved past the formality, and want for both the kitchen and the dining room to be places to “hang” with their friends and families. In fact, this is so important to them, that tearing down the wall dividing these two rooms would be an excellent idea before you put the house to the market.


Energy-efficiency is a feature that can make or break your sale. For the new generation of home buyers, it is essential, not only because of the reduced energy bills, but also because of the impact they are making on the planet. Some of the most desirable energy-efficient upgrades are proper insulation, double glazed windows, LED lighting, and low-flow shower.

Maximally Used Space

Millennials like their homes well-organized and with storage space everywhere, even in the most unexpected places (under the bench, armchair, behind a curtain, etc.), so showing them a house with enough walk-in closets and storage options leads to a sure sale. Although they prefer open concepts, they also love to have efficient ways to keep their privacy. Enter room dividers – from glass to wood, you can find them in all shapes and colors. Certainly the most appealing ones are vivid green walls, offering functionality and a breath of nature in the home, at the same time.

Décor Trends

Generation Y doesn’t want to see an empty space where they have to picture their ideal life. On the contrary, they love their potential homes decorated according to the latest trends. Sure, the large-scale projects should be left to new homeowners, but you can always change the house’s appeal with painting and accessories. The latest trend you can easily implement are Pantone’s twin colors of the year (Rose Quartz and Serenity). They will refresh the look of the entire space and appeal to buyers searching for such resourcefulness.

Also, generation Y members will appreciate a simpler house hunting experience, where all the facts and photographs (high-quality) will be presented to them online, so that they can decide whether or not the offer deserves scheduling for house viewing.