There’s no doubt summer is an ideal time for home improvement projects. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving your home a facelift, now may be a perfect time to start out. And no matter if it’s a landscape update, installing new appliances or painting your walls, no project is too big or too small. The warm weather and longer days are guaranteed to put you into the right mood for updating your home. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 great ideas that can help every Australian refresh their home this summer.

Install a patio bar

If you’re going to spend a lot of time during the summer in your backyard, why not install a small patio bar? This fantastic idea will help you open up the interior space and add the effect of an outdoor kitchen, without having to install new plumbing. Another great thing about a patio bar is that it’s going to help you designate a zone where you can hang out with your friends or family. Just make sure you have a mini-fridge installed and get tons of different drinks that will make warm summer days more enjoyable.

Get solar panels

Installing solar panels may seem like an expensive project but when you come to think about it, it’s only going to help you use less electricity and lower your bills. More and more Australians tend to rely on solar energy and install solar panels on their roofs. This means there are many companies you can turn to in order to get solar panels for your home. Of course, how many panels you’re going to need and how much you’ll pay for them depends a lot on how sunny it is where you live.

Repaint your walls

There’s hardly a better way to refresh your home than applying a fresh coat of paint to it. Therefore, this summer might just be the right time for grabbing that roller and repaint all the walls in your home. Of course, it’s very important that you know exactly which color you want to go for in each of your rooms. It’s recommended that you only first get just a single can of paint and see how it looks on your walls before buying the paint for all of the walls in your home.

Build your outdoor shower

We all know how hot it tends to get during the summer. So, building an outdoor shower may just be a great idea for your big home remodel. This is especially the case if there’s a pool in your backyard or you live next to a beach. Putting up large walls in your outdoor shower is a great idea, since it’s going to provide you with all the privacy you need in your backyard. An outdoor shower will make your backyard more stylish and it will prevent dirty feet from traipsing through your living room.

Remodel your bathroom

Your bathroom is the room your guests are bound to visit. So, it makes sense to invest into redesigning it this summer. There are plenty of things you can do around your bathroom that will help you take it to the next level. For example, you can change the tile or install new bathroom fixtures. If you decide to get a new tub or toilet, make sure you have experts deal with the old ones for you. And, if you’re looking for pros who offer rubbish removal services in Sydney, there are plenty of local companies you can turn to.

Follow all of these ideas and your home will be guaranteed to look amazing this summer. Just make sure you’re always looking for some new remodeling projects you can tackle this or the next summer.

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Brand promotion starts with your own office, even if meeting your clientele at the office premises isn’t a thing of regularity. Behind every successful company, there is proper branding, and behind every good brand visibility is an even better office design. How you’ve conceptualized your workspace can play a huge role in everything from promoting your name to improving employee and customer loyalty. Here are some office design ideas for improving your brand visibility.

Why proper branding is so important

Proper branding and improving brand visibility are extremely interconnected – for one, without the former, the latter pales into insignificance. In other words, if the main elements of your brand (color, logo and tagline) are inconsistent with what you do, using your office design to improve your brand visibility is going to be extremely difficult. Therefore, you need to come to terms with the fact that you’ll have to invest a lot of time and effort in coming up with proper branding first, and then you should apply that to your office design in order to improve your brand visibility.

Use colors to your advantage

The first step of properly decorating any room is dealing with wall colors, and your office is no exception here. But just what colors should you opt for? Well, this is a tricky question for one main reason – the color scheme needs to be productivity-boosting, inspiring and pleasant, while at the same time, it needs to match your brand colors. Of course, this implies that your very own brand colors should also be pleasant as well as related to your business, which was emphasized in the previous paragraph.

If you are a green company, neither your logo, nor your brand colors, nor your office walls will do well without including a certain shade of the color – you guessed it – green!


Going a step beyond the mere color scheme, there are plenty of ways to showcase the general feel of your company. Of course, this section isn’t something that anyone can explain to you in detail. However, take Facebook, for example – since its 2004 launch, it has become a vital part of our everyday lives – we can all recognize its font, shade of blue and, of course, the simplistic yet memorable name. However, the company in question has gone well beyond that. We all know that one of the main features of the famed website is writing on people’s “walls”, which is how they’ve come up with the “Facebook Wall” at their HQ offices in California. This is an excellent example of using clever decorations in order to improve brand visibility!

Use everyday objects to your advantage

Another key factor in boosting the power of your brand is making sure that your office objects, furniture and other trivialities have your logo printed on them and are colored in your brand colors. This has vast applications; for example, using quality custom-made door mats instead of the generic ones will make every visitor appreciate your brand immediately. Furthermore, it will make your team members and employees feel like, well, a part of a team, which can do wonders for their loyalty and ambition.

Your office chairs are no exception – find a way to engrave your company’s logo onto the leather or whatever material they’re made of.

A single exception

The one thing that is not advisable when it comes to exposing your brand everywhere is having your staff wear the company’s branded clothes while at the office. Of course, introducing a reasonable dress code goes without saying (while keeping in mind not to be too uptight about it), but your employees should wear clothes that make them feel unique as well as comfortable – no one likes feeling like they are just a cog in the machine!

Emphasizing your brand is important for its visibility and if you are dedicated enough to it, you’ll quickly realize how important this aspect of branding is. Always look up to the big businesses and follow their example – in most cases, the path that led them to success will lead you there as well.



Take a good look at your living room. Are you satisfied with its design? Do you like the way the furniture is organized? Is the color of the walls slowly fading or getting some mysterious spots? If any of the décor or design aspects in your living room are off or dissatisfying, it is time for some change. Change can be scary for some people, but once it is embraced, it brings a positive energy and a calmer mind. So, don’t be afraid and plan your living room redecoration.

Color palette

Colors are the ones that set the tone of a room. Depending on the style of your interior design and your personality, you have a vast variety of colors to choose from. However, if you want to create a calming effect, you should opt for blue and green hues. For a more energizing atmosphere, you can go with vibrant colors such as red, yellow and orange. Lastly, if you want to stick to minimalism and modern style, you can opt for neutral shades, such as whites, tans, beiges and grays, which are a perfect backdrop for some bright and bold accents. Nevertheless, the color palette you choose should have colors that you like seeing every day and that positively affect your mood, so choose wisely.

Dramatic color pops

No matter which color palette you choose, you will need a few color pops to express your personality. If the walls are rather light, you can easily bring some drama with darker furniture or brightly colored cushions and throw pillows. Also, you can choose a statement rug, given that the rest of the design is light in colors. On the other hand, if your walls are already personalized with some brighter and bolder colors, you should make a contrast with some lightly colored furniture and contrasting pillows and cushions. Additionally, you can leave the floors bare in order to visually provide more space and a balanced design.


You’ve probably had some furniture pieces for years. They may have some stubborn stains, they are damaged, outdated or just too large or small. Your taste could have easily changed and you might not like your furniture anymore. If there are some family heirloom pieces, you can easily place them in another room where they can actually fit and transform your living room. Remove any old sofas or coffee tables and replace them with something modern. You can choose a sofa with some sleek lines and comfy designer cushions that will introduce color and comfort. Also, think about getting a coffee table that can double as a storage unit. It will save you space and uplift the décor. The same goes for any other piece. Replace the old chairs or armchairs, bring in an ottoman with storage space and think about replacing throw pillows and rugs to make a statement.

High-hanging curtains

A room with bare windows will look naked and unfinished. You don’t want that in your living room, so consider some curtains. However, this time, do something different and opt for high-hanging curtains. If you place curtains of any design well above the windows, you will make your living room appear bigger. You can opt for some basic designs that will provide enough privacy in your home, but use some extra fabric to accomplish fullness. However, if you wish to set up blinds, you can opt for see-through fabrics for the curtains and also place them above the windows to achieve a richer and more elegant look of your living room.

Smart lighting

Lighting is essential in your living room because it will make the colors pop. Besides letting enough natural light come inside, you will need some additional layers of lighting. If you want to save some floor space, you should opt for lighting fixtures that can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the walls. These will provide a comfortable ambience and can easily accentuate some good features of the living room. Additionally, you can add a lamp or two on the coffee table, besides the sofa or on the shelves in order to create a dramatic effect.

Change is good and it is always welcome. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune and turn the entire room upside down in order to achieve it. Instead, these simple tips will help you redecorate your living room and embrace the positive change in your home.



As tech-savvy civilization marches onward with unflinching zeal, people yearn to surround themselves with clothes and furniture that will remind them of the days long past. However, the trend to “vintage it up” can lead to a mishmash of aesthetics when it is combined with modern living elements and (at least) technology. If you too decided to jump on this bandwagon, here is how you can do it successfully.

You can’t go wrong with wood

Picture this – you’ve mustered the courage to dig through your grandma’s shadowy attic. You go up and come face to face with something enormous, wrapped in white sheets. You rip the dusty sheet off and discover a gorgeously carved wooden work desk.

No matter how up-to-date your room is, this one bulky wooden piece of furniture, be it a work desk, an armoire or a vanity, will serve as a lovely centerpiece. The contrast of minimalistic and clean surfaces and this ornate carved antique piece is just the combination of vintage and modern you are looking for. Just make sure to learn how to take care of this antique beauty properly first.

Take a set and mix it up

Certain elements of the room naturally go together. For example, a study usually comprises of a chair, a desk and a library. Antique work desk, as we’ve mentioned before, is a good example of a piece of furniture that never goes out of fashion, and if you combine it with a contemporary chair and put your new laptop on top of it, it becomes a whole different picture. Complete this look by installing timber doors and create a great and stylish room.

If you are a businessman, this will give a sense of stability and old-fashioned values to your clients and associates. If you are a writer, this will keep you in touch with giants of literature and the historically established traditions of writing.

Possibilities are staggering

As far as shelving is concerned, books will look striking in the old library and you can always use that vintage secretary you’ve bargained for on a flea market, as it will make for a perfect liquor stand. If you stumble upon a stunning china set, this textured porcelain riddled with cracks and blemishes will only be accentuated if you put it on a clean white stand.

It’s all about combining the pieces in a way that their old and new attributes are accentuated. Have a modern furniture placed on an oriental rug, have your angular sofas surround a baroque coffee table, and place beautiful antique wall clocks on a new, sandstone-colored wall instead of some abstract paintings. The key thing is to make the modern blend in with the environment while the vintage serves as a focal point.

Use the cloth whenever you can

If you simply don’t have a spare room for that traditional furniture, why not go with the old curtains? They can give a real character to the living space and outline its contours. Just make sure the curtains have the contrasting basic color compared to the prevalent color of the room, and you can’t make a mistake. Vintage rugs can, as mentioned before, serve as a beautiful centerpiece to frame your room. However, when it comes to tablecloths, giving some definitive advice is not possible because there are so many different variations.

On the one hand, you can go with traditional tablecloth with variations in motifs and place it on your coffee table. In fact, if it’s a possibility, you can buy the whole set of them and use it as a recurrent design pattern throughout the room. If your furniture, and especially the table itself, is black, white knitted tabletop is a perfect choice.All these matches and contrasts will give your room an eclectic flair.

There’s only one question that remains in the end – is going vintage just a passing fad? After all, so many things are going out of fashion on a daily basis and at an ever-accelerating rate. Well, in this case, not necessarily. Your great-grandma’s china set or your grandmother’s vanity are not only items with unique beauty, they were made to last in a way almost no item is made today. Quality is always in fashion.



No matter how big or small they are, bathrooms have always been our own personal sanctuaries. This is where we prepare for the day ahead of us, recuperate after a busy day at the office or relax before going to bed. That’s why bathrooms need to be pleasant, inviting, enjoyable and, most importantly, functional. And these are precisely the things you need to pay attention to when renovating them – only with a proper combination of colors, textures and quality will you create a comforting and welcoming space. So, if you’re preparing for this process, here are some of the key elements of bathroom design you need to take into consideration.

Check the structure

If you’re living in an old house or a place that hasn’t been renovated for a very long time, the chances are your walls, floors and ceilings aren’t as structurally sound as they should be. Therefore, before embarking on a journey towards a new bathroom, you need to check these elements. Luckily, this is something you can do on your own – inspecting whether your walls and wallpaper are crumbling and checking for hidden leaks isn’t that hard – so it won’t cost you a dime. Once you take care of this, you can be sure your bathroom is up to the structural standards and ready for renovations, redesigns and updates.

In the long run

If you’ve decided to give your bathroom a makeover and introduce a new design, try to think ahead and make projections and predictions for the future – will you move into a new home, are you planning children, how many people will use your bathroom and, finally, how many times do you plan to redesign it? Investing a bit more money, time and energy into modern bathroom renovations can bring wonderful results and, if you’re planning to use your bathroom for decades to come, make sure all your future efforts are planned and executed properly. Ultimately, this also means new fixtures, new furniture, new accessories and new decorations.

Introduce the light

Unfortunately, small apartments in residential buildings have small bathrooms and a number of people occupying them spend their entire lives without any natural light in their bathroom. So, when designing one, you need to make this right – a simple hole in one of your walls will certainly make a huge difference in your bathing and shaving experience. After that, you can go a step further and frost the glass on your windows or install some curtains in order to protect your privacy. If none of this is possible, come up with a unique lighting system that will keep you relaxed and your bathroom illuminated. If you are from Australia, I suggest calling skilled Level 2 Electrician from Sydney who will take care of all the installments and connections that need to be done.

Pick the right wall colors

When designing your new bathroom, it’s essential to choose proper colors – yes, you can create an eclectic bathroom that will combine several design influences and portray a wide plethora of available tones, but opting for simplicity might make more sense. First, find the right wall color, making certain it relaxes you and makes your bathroom look fresh and clean. Most people go with beige, yellow, taupe or even white, while the others prefer different shades of grey, blue, green or red. No matter which option you select, keep in mind that it has to be tasteful, subtle and calming – only this way will you be able to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Pick the right tiles

Now, it’s time to choose the tiles so that they’re coordinated with the walls colors and enhancing their effect. Ceramic tiles are the best option you can choose because of the widest possible selection of colors and shades, and you can even pick a certain pattern that will make your bathroom much more interesting. If combined properly, new walls and tiles will not only look special and elegant, but also turn your bathroom into the focal point of your entire home and elevate the quality of your everyday life.

Other ideas

Some of the other ideas that might spring to your mind while considering bathroom design include wooden floors and countertops, various bathroom plants that will bring a dose of nature into your life and, finally, a huge freestanding bathtub that’s going to make your morning bathing extra special.



Your home is a reflection of your individuality. Therefore, your personal environment should make you feel happy, fulfilled and stress-free. There’s nothing wrong with opting for some more serious renovation work in order to achieve the perfect look of your home interior. However, even with the help of little decorative details here and there, you can get the effect that you want. If you don’t want to spend too much time on decorating and designing your home but you still want to add a personal touch to your space, treat your rooms as an empty canvas. With the following details, you can make that canvas come to life.

1. Wall décor

Make your walls pop with some effective wall décor pieces. You can choose statement paintings or create gallery walls out of smaller paintings or other details that you want. Remember, anything can become a piece of décor and when it comes to walls, you can also use music records, old clothes, book pages, concert tickets collage, etc.


2. Loving photos

Home décor guidelines suggest that you avoid using family and friends photos as your wall décor. This is not a rule though and you can make this work if you want. However, photo frames with your favorite people in the whole world on shelves, nightstands, higher surfaces, etc. are more than adequate to add a personal and meaningful touch to your rooms.

3. Contrasted cushions

There’s no better way to introduce texture and vibrancy to your room than by using interesting and decorative cushion covers. You can match these cushions to your other decorative details but make sure that even though they are bold in pattern and design, they still feel harmonic with the rest of the décor.

4. A nice rug

Next important décor piece is undoubtedly a rug. Rugs and carpets can add warmth to your environment. You can play with different shapes and designs as well. If you want texture or if you want to create balance with your relatively modern décor style, high pile rugs are a great choice.

Untitled design (1).png

5. Fabulous curtains

Finally, curtains can effectively complete the décor of your rooms when it comes to using fabrics. You can opt for patterned and vibrant curtains that match your cushions and rugs for example, or choose a light and breezy material that will let plenty of natural light inside.

6. Beautiful plants

There are plenty of benefits to introducing greenery in your home interior. In general, plants can enrich the space and make it look a lot more relaxing and zen. It’s important that you allow nature to make your personal environment cozier and more enjoyable.

7. Cool-looking mirrors

Using mirrors in your décor is a great way to make your space appear visually bigger. This is especially useful for rooms that are not only small but don’t have a lot of windows either. To make your home truly pop, get some gorgeous custom mirrors and make them true accent pieces.

8. Favorite books

If you’re a big reader, you probably already own a lot of books. However, you don’t have to be a true bookworm in order to have few favorite books. Even if it’s just a couple of books, arranging them properly can make your home warmer and cozier.


9. Scented candles

Not only will your favorite candle scent fill the room for your complete comfort but the appearance of scented candles is a perfect addition to every room décor trend. Use these in groups with photo frames or figurines and the whole setup will look a lot more unique and special.

10. Jewelry boxes

You don’t have to keep all your jewelry in specially made jewelry boxes. Still, some of these boxes look really interesting. Also, you can find a music box that’s also a jewelry box. Using these as a decorative detail will always add a touch of mysticism and elegance to the room.

If you have something truly special and almost unusual that you’d want to use as a room décor, feel free to do so. At the end of the day, everything in life is about the way we perceive and use details, and your home interior is no different.



Almost identical neighbourhoods and houses that look the same are not popular anymore. In 2017, the emphasis is put on creating a home exterior that is unique and personal to the homeowner. Besides uniqueness, 2017 brings elegant and somewhat traditional trends that will help you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, following this year’s home exterior trends you will manage to uplift your curb appeal and completely adore the new look of your home.

Energy efficiency

In 2017, energy efficient home exterior products are an essential consideration due to environmental concerns. They will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which will save you plenty of money in the long run. However, you should also make sure that your energy efficient doors, windows and skylights are installed correctly. Another energy efficient consideration includes cool roofs. These roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb much less heat than standard ones. Also, they include reflective paint, sheet coverings or reflective tiles or shingles.

Stone and brick

This year also brings some stylish trends that include multiple textures on the exterior. This trend adds a rich appearance to any home and can break the monotonous look. Two of the favourite accent materials include brick and stone, which will bring an extravagant, yet natural style to your home. You can opt for either natural or synthetic forms of these materials and provide plenty of texture to the exterior of your home. Not to mention how this trend provides character and a luxurious façade.

Low maintenance

Today, the emphasis is always put on low maintenance and 2017 brings three such trends when it comes to products for the exterior. The first one focuses on siding and it brings a highly sustainable fibre cement cladding system, which will create a wooden appearance and require little maintenance. It is fire, insect and root proof, it stays in its original size and it is resistant to any climate changes.

The second trendy element includes metal roofing with a three times longer replacement cycle than asphalt shingles. It is maintenance-free, fireproof and it’s made to look like wood shakes, clay tiles and slate.

Last trend includes low maintenance fibreglass windows that are highly sustainable. They are stable and never warp due to temperature changes. Additionally, the paint you choose for the frame will hold up much longer on these windows than on wood or vinyl ones.

Siding, trim and accent colours

The exterior wall, accent colours and trim are the most notable features of any house. They also reflect its personality and style. In 2017 you have the chance to create your own colour palette for the exterior of your home which will be both unique and traditional.

Since siding is a permanent feature and it covers a larger area, it should blend in with other permanent elements. These elements include landscaping, brick and stone and surrounding homes or buildings. This year’s siding colour trends include neutral beiges and tans, red and brown brick and blue or gray tones, since they strive to strike a balance with surrounding landscapes.

In order to enhance the colour of the siding and provide some character to your home, 2017 brings new colours to the trims. The trim colour should be a few shades lighter than the colour of the siding or you can choose shades of white, cream, tan or light gray to complement the siding.

Lastly, in order to add personality and a wow factor you should use this year’s popular accent colours. They include deep blue tones, black lacquer red and brown and your home is guaranteed to have style, personality and uniqueness, while still complementing the surrounding buildings.

Fabulous pathways

Another fabulous trend includes uplifted pathways. Pathways are an essential element of both curb appeal and functionality in your front yard. Don’t settle for simple cement pathways when you can have something more. In 2017 people have started upgrading the pathways with interesting and sustainable materials such as paving stone. What’s more, this material comes in various sizes, shapes and colours and can greatly improve your curb appeal and ensure a secure way to your front door.

The year 2017 is all about personality and uniqueness when it comes to home exterior design. However, you should throw some low maintenance and energy efficiency in the mix and you will create an elevated rich home exterior that will amaze everyone around you and help save the environment.



Designing a small bathroom is always a challenging task. Still with a different approach, even small spaces can become functional and comfortable. In a small bathroom, every element needs to have at least one purpose and work in cohesion with the others to create seamless functionality. These are the three ways to save space in a small bathroom.

Storage is everywhere

When talking about storage space in bathroom, most people think of cumbersome storage cabinets. Yet, there are so many options that not only look better, but are more convenient for small shower rooms. Open shelves that display your colorful towels and linens are a much warmer option. Smaller containers will feel at home on colorful storage ladders. Here are some more ideas:

  • Unless your bathroom has a sturdy vanity, a well-placed ledge above the sink can accommodate all the daily care essentials as well as some make up. And above all, it won’t take any floor space.
  • With the today’s cost of living space, designers must constantly invent new space saving fixtures. A tub with an easily accessible built-in storage with bottom hung doors is perfect for storing both bath products and towels.
  • Shower shelves are a welcome sight in more spacious bathrooms, but if space is the issue, a couple of alcoves will keep soaps and sponges just where you need them.
  • Modern under-mounted sinks often lack cabinet space below. A pair of woven baskets will provide plenty of room for your towels.

Visual deception

Another design idea is to make a small powder room look bigger using elements that create an optical illusion. Although a seemingly larger bathroom won’t produce more storage space, it will definitely become more comfortable.

  • There is no cutting corners in bathroom design. But have you tried curving them? Soft and round edges of your vanity will get you more space, while banging into curved edges is near to impossible.
  • Instead of installing a pre-manufactured shower stall, you may want to go with a shower-corner, bordered by two linear drains. If you continue your patterned tiles straight into the shower area, the room will feel larger without interrupting the space.
  • A well-placed mirror can double the size of any bathroom. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and will fit into every style from period to rustic.
  • Elaborate floor tiles add interest and detail to your bathroom. But, unless they are coupled with simple walls, the room becomes overwhelmed with patterns and color, and eventually looks smaller than it is.

Space-saving features

Finally, the very design of bathroom fixtures and other elements can be space-saving. The whole idea is to achieve comfort without sacrificing functionality.

  • You often need to compensate by selecting your priorities. If you can only unwind in one of freestanding baths from Acqua Bathrooms, you need to know how to save space elsewhere.
  • As a second most important feature in any bathroom, the sink needs to be functional and stylish. It was discovered long ago that spherical shapes give most surface and take least space. An oval top-mounted sink leaves more counter space than a square one.
  • Not all washstands are made equal. Some of them come with scaffold-like support structure underneath that can easily hold the weight of all your wet towels.
  • For someone who uses a small bathroom, you know that a hinged door takes up a third of the space when open. On the other hand, a sliding door stays in line with the wall all the time.

With the right combination of smart storage options, optical illusion and bathroom elements designed with small homes in mind, you may begin to appreciate the benefits of having a small bathroom, rather than lamenting on its shortcomings.



It goes without saying that that kitchen is one of the first rooms homeowners decide to remodel when updating their home. Not only that this adds style to your home but also increases its value in case you decide to sell it. And who says remodeling your kitchen requires you to spend loads of money? There are quite a few things you can do to add some luxury to your kitchen without breaking the bank. We have come up with 5 of them which might just be what your kitchen really needs. Make sure your check them all out.

Painting over your kitchen cabinets

This is probably the most obvious answer to updating your kitchen, but applying a fresh coat of paint and changing your color scheme is always a great way to give an outdated kitchen a new look. Not only this, but it’s also one of the cheapest things you can do in order to give your kitchen a real facelift. All you need is some basic equipment and a few paint cans, and you’re ready to go. Even if you’ve never painted kitchen cabinets before, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials you can follow in order to get the job done.

Adding a backsplash

Adding a backsplash is currently one of the hottest kitchen upgrades you can do. And even you decide t to paint over your kitchen, you can still think about installing backsplash as well. This is great idea because a backsplash is going to protect your walls from grease and all the other cooking stains. Even though attaching tile backsplash may be expensive, there are still other options such as porcelain and ceramic that are not going to make you spend real fortune. Just make sure you choose your backsplash carefully since that’s what you’ll be looking at while you’re cooking and doing the dishes.

Installing under cabinet lights

Another important issue you’ll have to take into consideration when remodeling your kitchen is lighting. If you don’t like the way your sconces have been installed or it’s just that you don’t like their design, installing new lighting options is something you should definitely go for. And of the most popular lighting choices among the homeowners right now are under cabinet lights. These can installed just under any wall cabinets and are guaranteed to provide you with all the lighting you need in your kitchen. Working with electricity can be dangerous, so be careful if you’re going to install these on your own.

Updating your appliances

A lot of old appliances are not nearly as energy efficient as the newer models and they also tend to break more often. With this in mind, switching your old appliances for new ones is something you can never go wrong with. There’s no need to worry about it even if you’re working with a tight budget as you can tackle the entire project in stages and replace your appliances one by one. For example, you can start by taking a look at Viking appliances and getting a new fridge for your kitchen and then only start looking for a new stove in a month or two.

Creating open shelving

There’s no doubt open shelving is a big hit today. It’s where you can display all of your glassware and silverware without it getting into your way while preparing meals. Also, open shelving is a great option for those who have narrow and smaller kitchens and are looking for a way to save some space. Furthermore, you can easily install open shelves yourself, without having to spend money on professionals who’ll do it for you. As long as you know how to use basic tools and you’re all right with using a power drill, you’ll do just fine.

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do when remodeling your kitchen. Still, if you’re not looking to spend a real fortune but still want to give your kitchen a fresh look, these 5 ideas should do you just fine.



It doesn’t matter if you are just relocating to another city or an entirely different country, moving is always a nerve-wracking experience. Sure, at the first glance it is an exciting and wonderful thing, but when you start to think about everything that can go wrong, you may end up with a feeling that everything will go wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With proper preparation, your moving can turn from a full-blown shipwreck into a smooth sailing. Here are seven tips that will ensure you reach your destination with as few troubles as possible.

Look at it as a great chance to get rid of some stuff

Moving doesn’t necessarily mean that you will transport all the things from your previous apartment into the new one. Use this chance to go through your stuff, see what you rarely or never use, and make your packing easier by getting rid of those items. Here are three things you can do with them:

  • If the objects are no longer usable and are of no value to you (other than, perhaps, emotional), it is about time to toss them out.
  • If you own some things that would be useful for other people, give them to charity.
  • If, on the other hand, you are short of cash and you have some valuable items that you’re no longer using, set up a garage sale or sell them online.

Make a to-do list

The key to a successful moving is organizing your time, and you can’t possibly do that without a well-thought-out to-do list. If you don’t have it, you will probably end up doing 100 different things at the same time and forgetting twice as much. To make it even more efficient, combine the to-do list with a moving timeline and you’ll know what and when exactly you should do.

Categorize your items

Before you even start packing, you should categorize your items by importance, sensitivity, and urgency. You’ll need some essential items from the very first day in your new home, while you won’t have to unbox decorative pieces until everything else is unpacked.

Acquire moving supplies

You can never get enough boxes when you’re moving. Of course, if you would buy all the boxes you need, you would spend more money than on a moving van and rent combined. Try to get away with it for free, and ask for free used boxes in your local liquor store. You should also visit a hardware store and purchase packing tapes, bubble wrap, and measuring tape.

Use smart packing hacks

You can have all the boxes in the world, but if you don’t know how to use them to their full potential, you’ll still be under a lot of stress during the moving. Here are a few helpful hacks:

  • Pack light items in large boxes, and heavy in small ones.
  • Label the moving boxes.
  • Create a numbered system (use in Google docs to create a list of objects contained in boxes).
  • Protect fragile items with blankets or bubble wrap.
  • Pack your dishes vertically.
  • Pack a small box with the things you’ll use immediately.

Find a professional moving company

Finding a trustworthy moving company can make your relocation much less stressful. Depending on the place where you are moving, you will have a limited or unlimited choice of moving companies. If you have decided to rent or buy a property in Sydney or some other metropolitan city where the number of moving companies is immense, you should do your research, go through Yelp and similar apps and always ask for a written quote before you sign a deal.

Be prepared for the big day

When your moving day comes, the most important “thing” is to make sure you have a bag of personal essentials – you will need to spend the night in your new place and the chances are you won’t be able to unpack everything the very first day.

In the end, try to keep the stress at bay, it won’t do you any good. Include the entire family into the process and call in favors with your friends.