Hello guys,

This is a blog about my exchange year I will spend in the US next year (2017/18). The organisation I will go with is EF Education First. I'm really happy that I have the chance to do this.

My blog's name is 'dear germany' because I want my family and friends from Germany to know the things I do. I'm writing in english cause I also have some friends which are not from Germany, so they can understand what I'm writing about. And of course I write in english for the other exchange students.

About me: My name is Pauline but my friends are calling me Pauli. I am 14 years old and I live in a small village in the south of Germany. I play Volleyball and do horseback riding. I love it to travel and I love music.

I applied for the exchange year very early, in June 2016. A few days after my interview I got some mail from EF which said that I've been accepted for the High School Exchange Year! 

Last friday my future host mum wrote me and I'm gonna live in Florida!!! I didn't choose any state or region. I also will take part on the Culture Camp before, they are in New York for 10 days.

I stop now, see you on my next post,