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So recently me and Rueben broke up, 1 year was amazing with him ! And I would never say anything to shame him or say that I regret what we shared. I wish things had ended very differently but CRAPE THAT FUCKING DIEM ! I mean I can't really say much about what happened since it was a very private relationship from the beg. I will say after the break up I lost a bit of myself. Like it was very different, not having him around to fall asleep next to or talk to for hours on end or make me dinner or rub my feet while drinking a glass of Chardonnay on the couch. So yes after the break up I went on the deep end. Started clubbing more, drinking more, sleeping less and having random hookups ( like a lot). I once had sex on a beach, it was crazy and I never regretted a minute of it no matter who it actually was. SAFE SEX IS KEY LADIES AND GENTS DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR AWKWARD HIGH SCHOOL HEALTH CLASS !!

So yes I had gone off the deep end, and I was oddly enough okay with it in the begging. I didn't mind the clubbing, it was fun. The drinking was fun THE NIGHT OF, not so much the morning after. AND THE SEX ?? Was AMAZING !!! Then I met this guy, who for our purposes we will refer to as Johnathan. That was sex on the beach guy. My night was amazing and I had begun to form a liking to him, after all we did not only have sex we talked and I got to know him.

Unfortunately it was only a hookup to him. There I was again HEART BROKEN

So I said no more boys for me until I got on my summer break at University.

I had written a poem, uggh high school days all over again. So I had wrote this after I decided I was done with boys and I liked it a lot so I thought I would share. Hope you like it, love.


She wasn't taking enough time to get over failed relationships

So she took a failed relationship into the next soon to be failed relationship expecting everything but failure

Only to be brought down to the ground and slapped with a label that said "FAILURE"

Failure was her problem

*Jonathan was just too good of a guy

He couldn't even be bad for her

He could only let her go in hopes of not letting her go back into his arms

Only to, allow himself to hurt her again

You see he had a flower

That had, had every petal ripped off only to have every petal put back on by the same people who abused her.

The same girl that talked about happiness and joy but couldn't find enough in herself to stay alive

Sustainability was her problem

So she went where the wind blew her

Did what she was told and blamed everyone for the havoc around her

Not realizing that she was the abuser

Addiction was her problem

You see, the abuser didn't like to be abused so she ran and flew into the arms of another mister who would insist upon treating her like shit but

Eating her for breakfast lunch and dinner

And a thong of endless thoughts pieced together like her thoughts wound up on the floor and not on her.

But somehow she wanted better ?

So she searched in all the wrong places

Ate at all the wrong tables and still found herself broken

Left with nothing but an opened and used wrapper from her last affair that was unfair because she accepted it

Acceptance was her problem

But somehow she still managed to smile because she wouldn't realize

Until she was left with nothing that she had lost everything becuase she had once had everything

Responsibility was her problem

She was a flower who had abused the water but then recovered to only be cut from the garden

She went against the grain to only witness the other fabric be cut before she got a chance

Timing was her problem

And somehow through her problems she still managed to face herself in the mirror

write her name on her paper and not fail 1 time but twice

And look her failure in the eye

She managed to keep breathing and lessen the addiction

And not accept the normal but try and be normal and be responsible and on time and she thought she would be okay

Being okay was her problem

Without knowing what it felt like to be loved by her abuser which was heruself, she wanted to just be okay or be loved by him , but either wasnt an option

She thought she would be okay

She thought she was okay

And somehow she was ?

-D. Anonymous

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Often times I find that there are a lot of basic outfits. Now don't get me wrong you can catch me in one of these outfits maybe once a week or even twice, (if your lucky) but everyday ? Ohhhh no that is a big fashion don't . Why dress down when you can dress both ways on one bummy day ? Often times I see a) plenty of beautiful clothes in someones closet and b) beautiful clothes that dont fit your relaxed mood. Then what do you do? You then end up dressing with no color no life, you fit in ….. And as Anonymousers we have a certain level of fabulous to uphold ! Take your clothes that are simply drab and make them fab ! We are gonna dress down while still dressing up !The outfits on the left are "oh so drab" and the ones on right are "oh so FAB"

Lets begin, ciao !!!!

In the first outfit we have cute but basic . I see people wear this often. Like I said very cute but has no pop to it ! Black is definitely a good color to wear when you feeling a little "low" and all black everything is cool and classy but I would suggest switching it up to bring attention to not only you but your outfit! I know that when I have a bum day I find myself putting my hair into a poof-ball or any other easy style and wearing leggings ! As you can see those are the constants thing in both outfits a) easy hair styles b) leggings are a major key to success. So keeping those two things in mind I drew up some designs as to what you could wear that would not only be super comfortable or make you look wayyyy HOTT but outfits that won't break the bank and of course were superbly cute. This is more of a sporty look, I believe with the little touches of gold and pink in the second outfit you are complimented with just enough girly elements.

Once, again we have two cute outfits but one is just ehhh cute and the other is BOOM I'M HERE . Now I always bible the fact that on lazy days you must absolutely must ,wear leggings but the outfit on the right looked hideous with leggings so I choose .... JEANS :( Now both outfits have some comfy sweaters that I would wear but I love the second outfit because comfort and taste are not jeopardized with this ! Now this outfit is on the pricer side BUT is super cute !!! With a Micheal Kors watch and Chanel bracelet you could never go wrong, even with the worst outfit (do not try). The first outfit screams comfort but once again it does not scream personality to me. The second one is a little more preppy which is ALWAYS a good idea. The sorel boots keep your feet super warm in the month of February and are so effortlessly comfortable. The sweater is super warm and comfy for sitting around and the accessories compliment the outfit sooooo well, especially the diamonds ( they are a girls best friend). Rock this preppy outfit !

This outfit on the right I am in love with ! I would totally want my boyfriend Rueben to wear this when hes feeling a tad bit lazy. This outfit has so much swagger and it's very breathable which I know he enjoys. The first outfit screams "plain boy" whereas the second screams ..... (I will spare you the details of my comment !) I know personally he would never wear some of the elements on the right but guys at university can often be caught wearing this typa thing. The outfit on the right is a little pricey but most guys have a palin white shirt a nice hat and some cool shoes ! I think either brand/ type of jean and shoe combo would go with both outfits but we always want to keep the freshest look. In this case you literally can't go wrong with the right side! This is a perfect and ideal look for a bummy but chill day and it is definitely a sporty look (Rueben likes Kayne so I aimed for a Yezzy vibe for less money) Who knows we may catch him in this outfit soon !

Love you all, kisses

- Ms. Anonymous 
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I wanted some place where I felt free to “document” my feelings, some place where I could be me. Social media was not the answer so I did my research and decided I wanted to make a blog and I would do all sorts of kewl things with it being that it was mine and was completely...... Anonymous. I decided eventually my cover would be revealed but it would be way more fun to keep you guessing, like our own little secret. Now don't be too sour about not knowing who I am ...... Awee come on now ! Fine, one Hint in some of my posts : My name ends with a D and starts with an A, hence “Dear Anonymous”. We will explore more and I will post more interesting stuff, more juicy things that interest fans. For now I’m gonna have fun and hopefully you enjoy this mysterious ride with me ! You all make me who I am and without you, well I wouldn't have Ms. Anonymous ! How sad.... You all are my  Anonymousers until we come up with something better! Lets take hold of some great and not so great memories together. Below I inserted some pictures that I found and with each post they will relate more to the post. These ones are just kewl! Lets begin now, clean slate …….

-Ms. Anoymous



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