Well this will be a short one, but must just update where we are now in process. Tomorrow morning july 5 its time for Des and Chad to do the interview at swedish consulate in Manila. They travel there already today, together with mama, just because to be in time and also dont need to take a flight in middle of the night.

So right now I think I done everything I can for you my ​everything so I wish you all luck tomorrow at interview and pray for everything going well there.

Of course it will do that,, there is no doubt about that,, but let us everybody hold our thumbs and pray for Des and Chad!

Guess I will update blogg tomorrow again with some results from the day :)

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Have not written in a while here now, but it has happened despite all the little things in terms of application.

On April 6, Des finally  recieve email from the Swedish Migration Board that it is time to make an appointment for an interview at the embassy. Now there's no embassy yet in Manila, but it must be at the Swedish Consulate-General instead. The embassy will open in August this year so it'll be a visit there too because biometrics must be done before there can be a trip to Sweden. 

Though more on that later, now interview booked anyways, so on July 5 it will be fianlly. After that it's waiting back at a hopefully positive decision. Is in itself nothing to say that it would not get it, then we have a strong and serious relationship. In addition, we both have jobs now and meet all criteria that the Migration Board has on its list.

In our facebook group, then there is a separate graph for all applicants waiting times and according to it, so is the total waiting time of 12-14 months, so it would mean around December to January, that decision will be, for our part. According to the Immigration Service forecast stands at 16-18 months, but statistics speaks against it, so do everything we can target the 12-13 :)​

So far.....soooooo good! :)



The latest updates of the group on Facebook indicates that the Migration Board seems to work pretty well now as more and more get the interviewmail. Right now it's already in August 2015 and we apply in November. It would mean that we will probably get our interviewmail in just a few weeks if they keep working at the pace they're doing right now! Maybe perhaps the next step in the process here. Know that there is still a way to go until we finally get to the final decision, but only something like that is fantastic.

By law, the decision to come within 9 months after the application date. Now its known, unfortunately, most people wait about 13-14 months is the most normal. Though keeping our fingers crossed that it actually still be realized for our part, when we next weekend celebrating 4 months of waiting.



In this blog, I have most started writing our journey from the application of visa for my fiancee Des and her son, Chad, and believe it or not, we have come full 3.5 month on the road now waiting for the decision.

Though in this post I thought writing about something that affects a lot, actually every day and almost every single decision.

To live in a long distance relationship, abbreviated LDR, you can only understand if you really experience it yourself.

I have repeatedly tried to explain, but no one seems to understand, and it means that I often feel so alone. Who can comfort when when they do not truly understand our situation.

When I many years ago, along with my son's mother, its about 450 kilometers between us and it felt like the end of the world. With hindsight today, so we could actually go to each other in just a few hours and really get together spontaneously over a weekend, etc.

Today I know really how an LDR is and I understand it, to be over 9500 km from the one you love and want to share every second of life with, is a roller coaster of emotions. We can not go to each other in a few hours and definitely not spontaneously get together over a weekend.

It says that there is someone for everyone, but how do you know when you really met your soul mate? For there is probably not a number soulmates and when you manage to hit one of them, everything is good.  No, there is really only one for all and it fails to meet the particular and share life with someone else, you'll probably life is good, but not as good as it could have been.

I've really found my soulmate and Des is the love of my life. Had someone told me 10 years ago that my soulmate is on the other side of the world, so I would not have believed it, not there and then.

Back to this with LDR, required so much to make it work. We will of course until then to Des and Chad come here to live this way. Every day we are in contact with each other through both writing via facebook messenger and calling to each other several times a day. It's just that some do not understand that we talk so often, but Des is my fiancee and we live as a couple in everyday life just like any other. Try to decide not to talk to each other in a whole day even if you live together, it's not exist or how, so it is only natural that we have the communication that we have.

That we are soulmates is evident in so many different ways, for despite adversity, anxiety, trials, so we are always strong together. Des is a fantastic girl and I have never met such a kind warmhearted caring faithful girl before.

I can not even imagine what life would be without her. The worst thing is missing to have the one you love beside you both for holidays and everyday. It is all too often I feels sad and the tears roll, because I just want to have her here with me. At the same time, I'm stronger than ever, because without Des I had not been who I am today. I am so incredibly fortunate to have Des in my life and also got an even bigger family. Because I miss them too and I also miss my home Philippines and I feel blessed and thankful to belong.

I will return later in furture posts, but I already know that however much I try to explain to people, that will not really understand how an LDR is if you do not have experience with it. I ask anyway you who know someone who has an LDR to take care of them in the best way and try to understand them. Nothing is really simple, but for my part I know that I and Des have an incredibly strong relationship and no one and nothing can destroy what we have!



Now it was a while since I wrote here, but like everything else, time has run its course. There is of course still waiting for that to happen something with Des application. Looking to do some more screenshots in our conversion and complete the application, so it really shows that we are still a couple. Now why anyone would doubt it, but you never know with the immigration office.

A tip for those of you who are in the same situation as us, and I heard about the other day, is to call the immigration office already at 8 o'clock in the morning. Chances are then that instead of the customer service, the administrator goes in and takes the call. This would of course mean that your application will be "discovered" in the queue and the administrator takes on the application, so maybe  that you can get a decision faster.Then as long as they are not say anything about it, so continue to send in completions in your applications, so they can be seen still active.

Besides our application celebrate 3 months now the 28th of February, maybe not so much, but a bit on the road anyway. Anyway, if you must wait 13-14 months as it is said, though I have heard nine months of an officer, so we'll see. First and foremost, we need to get the interview time.

Interview yes, where do you get the different information too. Contacted immigration office that we wanted to replace the Embassy, because when we applied there were only Bangkok as an alternative when there is no Swedish Embassy over but only consulate in the Philippines. The answer was to add an email to request that we wish to interview at the consulate instead of Bangkok.

Now it was the activity directly to the immigration office with return mail I clearly know that the interview will be in Bangkok and nowhere else!

Then I got even more prudent answer that I could contact the consulate in Manila and see if they accepted an interview there instead :)

Contacted the consulate and of course it is perfectly possible to conduct the interview there. Moreover, you can read on swedenabroad.com that the interview  can be held at the Consulate, so the question is where the Immigration Agency get their information from, or find them only in faith?

No matter how annoying and frustrating wait is, it goes after all slowly but surely forward, so just keep your spirits up and be strong. 

Though of course there are days when you can not, then everything really feels hopeless, but the consolation is that the day will come when we can finally be here together again! :)



Then a few more days good and we have come closer to both the interview and the decision for a residence permit. Right now, it looks like more and more, both to positive decisions, but also keeps it out around 10- 14 months of total wait time. Total wait time is the total waiting time from the application submitted to the immigration office until a decision in hand. Has taught me that the interview may anytime during this period and does not affect the total time. Anyway hope the interview will come soon, so thats done.

We have so far sent the additions to the application, as we know that they will possibly ask for. Partly collage of photos, then also scanned airline tickets, from both of my trips down to the Philippines.
Then we also picked out bits from our
conversations from Facebook's messenger. You can also pick from Viber, Skype or similar if you used it.

There are various suggestions as how much and what to send in the conversation, but, initially, pick a little from the whole period of time, for that is what I think they want to ensure that you have continuous contact. Obviously it after that, but it applies as I said to convince the Swedish Migration Board that everything is both authentic and true.

It's a bit what is worrying, because it's actually so that a completely unknown officer will determine your future together. Yes at least a common future in Sweden.

The suggestions from Parliament, which I told you about earlier in terms of supply requirements for the Swedish citizen, we like it looks now know more about on 22 March. Then the government to decide whether and how the new rules will look like. So waiting just go on..



First post on this blog, so here we go!

In the current situation, we have submitted an application for a residence permit, which was made in November 2015 and also had time to supplement what we know can be requested later by officers at the immigration office. In the current situation, the forecast for waiting time between 8-14 months, but it can obviously take both shorter and longer than that. Will return to this in more detail in a later post. Right now, we are therefore included in the famous waiting .. 

What worries us most is the proposal of the Parliament concerning the maintenance for Swedish citizen becomes a reality or not and if so, how it will look. 

For those of you who do not know, there is currently a maintenance,  but it does not apply to Swedish nationals. The proposal will take effect in April 2016, if it will become a reality. One of the most worrying points of the proposal is that it should apply retroactively, so those applicants who do not have a decision where that requirement is taken into use, will actually end up in a boring seat. Many applicants've been applying for the way it looks today, that is, what the requirements are now. Requirements are not met, there is every likelihood that immigration will refuse the application.

So what will we do if they really denied us visa? Im just confused and worried...