In this blog, I have most started writing our journey from the application of visa for my fiancee Des and her son, Chad, and believe it or not, we have come full 3.5 month on the road now waiting for the decision.

Though in this post I thought writing about something that affects a lot, actually every day and almost every single decision.

To live in a long distance relationship, abbreviated LDR, you can only understand if you really experience it yourself.

I have repeatedly tried to explain, but no one seems to understand, and it means that I often feel so alone. Who can comfort when when they do not truly understand our situation.

When I many years ago, along with my son's mother, its about 450 kilometers between us and it felt like the end of the world. With hindsight today, so we could actually go to each other in just a few hours and really get together spontaneously over a weekend, etc.

Today I know really how an LDR is and I understand it, to be over 9500 km from the one you love and want to share every second of life with, is a roller coaster of emotions. We can not go to each other in a few hours and definitely not spontaneously get together over a weekend.

It says that there is someone for everyone, but how do you know when you really met your soul mate? For there is probably not a number soulmates and when you manage to hit one of them, everything is good.  No, there is really only one for all and it fails to meet the particular and share life with someone else, you'll probably life is good, but not as good as it could have been.

I've really found my soulmate and Des is the love of my life. Had someone told me 10 years ago that my soulmate is on the other side of the world, so I would not have believed it, not there and then.

Back to this with LDR, required so much to make it work. We will of course until then to Des and Chad come here to live this way. Every day we are in contact with each other through both writing via facebook messenger and calling to each other several times a day. It's just that some do not understand that we talk so often, but Des is my fiancee and we live as a couple in everyday life just like any other. Try to decide not to talk to each other in a whole day even if you live together, it's not exist or how, so it is only natural that we have the communication that we have.

That we are soulmates is evident in so many different ways, for despite adversity, anxiety, trials, so we are always strong together. Des is a fantastic girl and I have never met such a kind warmhearted caring faithful girl before.

I can not even imagine what life would be without her. The worst thing is missing to have the one you love beside you both for holidays and everyday. It is all too often I feels sad and the tears roll, because I just want to have her here with me. At the same time, I'm stronger than ever, because without Des I had not been who I am today. I am so incredibly fortunate to have Des in my life and also got an even bigger family. Because I miss them too and I also miss my home Philippines and I feel blessed and thankful to belong.

I will return later in furture posts, but I already know that however much I try to explain to people, that will not really understand how an LDR is if you do not have experience with it. I ask anyway you who know someone who has an LDR to take care of them in the best way and try to understand them. Nothing is really simple, but for my part I know that I and Des have an incredibly strong relationship and no one and nothing can destroy what we have!

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