Then a few more days good and we have come closer to both the interview and the decision for a residence permit. Right now, it looks like more and more, both to positive decisions, but also keeps it out around 10- 14 months of total wait time. Total wait time is the total waiting time from the application submitted to the immigration office until a decision in hand. Has taught me that the interview may anytime during this period and does not affect the total time. Anyway hope the interview will come soon, so thats done.

We have so far sent the additions to the application, as we know that they will possibly ask for. Partly collage of photos, then also scanned airline tickets, from both of my trips down to the Philippines.
Then we also picked out bits from our
conversations from Facebook's messenger. You can also pick from Viber, Skype or similar if you used it.

There are various suggestions as how much and what to send in the conversation, but, initially, pick a little from the whole period of time, for that is what I think they want to ensure that you have continuous contact. Obviously it after that, but it applies as I said to convince the Swedish Migration Board that everything is both authentic and true.

It's a bit what is worrying, because it's actually so that a completely unknown officer will determine your future together. Yes at least a common future in Sweden.

The suggestions from Parliament, which I told you about earlier in terms of supply requirements for the Swedish citizen, we like it looks now know more about on 22 March. Then the government to decide whether and how the new rules will look like. So waiting just go on..

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