Your outer world reveals what is on the inside. Ever wonder why things don't work out, again. What if you could change on the inside and set prosperity in motion, seemingly effortlessly? Learn how to activate prosperity from the inside out.

Sounds crazy I know, but it really is true! I want to give you 5 Tips that will help you create Prosperity starting today.

Tip #1 Whatever is on the inside will be your reality! Even nature verifies this. On the inside of an apple seed is an apple tree, not an orange tree. You cannot get a peach from a lemon seed.

Tell me, can you get kangaroo from a fish? Here is a fact, "like begets like". Whatever is on the inside is going to give birth to what is on the outside.

So doesn't it stand to reason whatever is on the inside of you will be on the outside. The inside always gives birth to what will be on the outside.

Most people believe prosperity is all about figuring out how to create money. Not so, prosperity begins on the inside. So the question is, what do you have on the inside? That's easy!

When you look at a peach tree can you tell what is on the inside of the seed. Absolutely!

Tip #2 Look at the outside if you want to know what is on the inside! Put clean water in a dirty glass and you have contaminated water. The same holds true with prosperity.

Put money in a lack or scarcity mindset and you will struggle making ends meet no matter how much income you create.

How can you tell what is on the inside of you. Easy, look at the outside. No. I am not talking about all the toys; everyone knows that can be deceiving.

There is a simple way to know what is on the inside, no one can hide it. It's your speech. Does your speech reflect prosperity and abundance, or scarcity and lack.

Most people don't pay much attention to their words. But awareness always precedes change. Remember your words are a mirror of your soul or heart.

Have you ever listened to people, I mean really listened. I want, I need, I wish, what if, but, I can't..... What kind of words do speak regularly

They will tell you what is on the inside, prosperity or lack.

Of course it becomes obvious in other ways as well. Such as, always struggling and never having enough.... behind on things and the list goes on.

Tip #3 It's time to make the change! If you want a different outcome then you have one choice, change. You can change your words, thoughts, feelings, attitude---notice there is an inward progression here.

Once you become aware of the above, you have a choice. Change Or stay the same. Choices have an exact outcome; they always have a specific result.

So if you want prosperity to be set in motion then simply make the prosperous choice. Immediately you activate prosperity.

So awareness must lead to action. That action brings change, and change gives you a specific result.
Here is where a lot of people experience, success then failure…. You get some wins under your belt then suddenly you are back where You were.

Tip #4 Permanent change should be seemingly effortless! Have you ever read a book, had a conversation, or watched TV before going to bed and you dream about it all night? Or maybe had a tough problem to solve with a deadline, and you wake up in the morning' with the answer?

That is your subconscious at work! Your subconscious is the inside. It determines what will be on the inside. This is where all your old Programs are that need to be deleted, and replaced with the new.

Change that happens at this level is permanent, at least until they are changed. So how does change occur here?

Here is one simple way. The time before that, sleeping state, and the time just after opening your eyes are perfect for change.

It's the time you can turn things over to your subconscious and allow It to work on your behalf. This is effortless. If you struggle, you did not turn it over and leave it. Turn it over and let it go!

Here's one way to turn it over. Ask questions. This fires up your Subconscious and puts it to work. But, you must ask the right Questions.

Why is this happening to me is not a good question. A better question would be, what change needs to happen in order for me to prosper.

When the answer comes, and it will, that is what you want to really think about during those times just before and after sleep. This will replace those old self sabotage programs that fire off and set you back effortlessly.

Tip #5 Live out your change! Once the change is in place its simple, live out the change. You don't have to live in fear. Have a little faith, and let the change happen.

At this point it should be automatic, without much effort at all.

Prosperity begins on the inside, and you can Create Prosperity without Money. It's pretty simple!

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When it comes to Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is the leading and the most popular among bloggers, businessman and even to developers. There are almost million users of WordPress and hundreds of thousands get hacked every year. Why? Because it is so popular that almost every hacker wants to get their hands on it to obtain any vital information.

There are things you can do to protect your website from these hackers. Here are some easiest ways to protect your website:

1. Never use “admin” as your username to login to your account. “admin” is the most common username and password that makes a hacker’s job much easier. Moreover, make it a requirement to create a strong unique password and regularly change it to keep your site even more secure.

2. Set the right file permission on file uploads. Remember, user inputs are not your friend. If you disregard this, hackers can put malicious codes on files and once uploaded can affect your server in many different ways.

3. There are a large number of plugins and themes available for download. Do not use plugins and themes from unreliable source as it may contain malicious codes that can affect the operation of your site. Install plugins and themes from the WordPress store only.

4. One standard security measure that you should regularly perform is backing up. Backing files are important as it makes the operation of your business continue even after a hacked takes place. I suggest utilizing a backup service.

5. WordPress is very large and powerful CMS with updates that occur every few months. Make sure to download its latest release of updates because this contains patches that could enhance the security of your website.

6. Lastly, choose the right web hosting company for your website. If you are hosting with a small company, make sure to ask them what measures they are taking to protect their server against threats. If they don’t keep their server up-to-date with the latest security patches and improvements, then it is time to change your hosting company.



2016 is almost done and year 2017 winds its beginning. A brand new year will unfold, are we ready enough to protect ourselves from cyberattacks once again?Cybercriminals will certainly come up with newest unlawful schemes to deceive people. And we must be aware and mindful enough to protect ourselves from such threats.

I prepared some tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks:

- One of the most important things to remember is that never give your personal and financial information right away when buying or selling online. Check their background first and purchase from a reputable and well-established sellers only.

- Be cautious and discreet online. Do not share too much information about yourself on the internet and keep your personal and financial information private. Cybercriminals will definitely use that information to their advantage.

- “Generate a strong password” or “Create a strong password” are advice we constantly see online. Setting a strong password is important because it can stop or prevent various cyberattacks on your online accounts. Do not use passwords that are obvious and very predictable, if you use the same passwords on all of your online accounts then it will become easy for thieves to gain access and wreak havoc on your personal and financial life. You wouldn’t want that to happen right?

- Do not let your guard down when using social networking sites because cybercriminals are lurking there. Your privacy and security could be in danger so make sure to optimize your privacy settings.

- This may be a bit simple but make an effort to set a lock on your computer as well to the other electronic devices you have.

- Opening email attachments and links can be harmful because they sometimes carry spyware and malware such as Trojan horses, worms and viruses that can infect your computer and steal private information from you. It is better to ignore and delete emails from unknown senders.

- Understand and avoid the dangers of downloading free apps on your mobile phone. Free apps could contain harmful code that can damage your mobile device and compromise your personal data and expose it to identity thefts.

There’s no limit to all of the things we can do online to make our life more convenient. However, it can also make us susceptible to frauds and scams. If you notice any suspicious activity and became a victim, quickly report it to local authorities.




How do we stay up-to-date with the latestsecurity news? Where do we find the best security solutions to fightmalware? Who can we follow to learn about the latest threats and online attacksso that we can protect ourselves?

With security in our minds, no matter we are common peopleor a big company name, we need to understand technology if we want to preventdata loss and privacy breaches.

But with so many security blogs out there, which one should we follow?

We have put together a list of security blogs fromindependent individuals and big names in the IT industry, so that you canbenefit from their knowledge and insight. Therefore, if you need bestpractices, how-to articles, online safety research or the latest security news,feel free to bookmark this article and access it whenever you feel necessary.

The List

1. Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs isthe man behind Krebs on Security. Being hacked himself in 2001, he takes apersonal interest in online security and is one of the well-known names intoday’s security landscape. He covers topics from latest threats, privacybreaches and cyber-criminals to major security news.

2. Schneier onSecurity

Bruce Schneideris probably the most well-known name that you can recognize in our list, andwas even called a “security guru” byThe Economist. He wrote books,hundreds of articles, essays and security papers on security matters. At thesame time, he is a known figure in the media environment which recognize him asan important voice for the online security, not only for his knowledge on thematter, but also because he knows how to express his opinions.

3. TaoSecurity

This security blog is run by Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Officer at Mandiant and author ofmany books on security. With an extensive background on cyber-criminal worldand malicious attacks on enterprise networks, he shares his experience on digitaldefense, network monitoring and detection on his security blog. Since a greatnumber of network attacks come from China, he is specialized on Chinese onlinecriminals.


This is the official website of the Department of HomelandSecurity, from USA.

Though it is not a classical security blog, its purpose isto improve Internet security by providing specialized and well detailedinformation on cyber-criminal activities, malware, phishing attempts and onlinethreats. To use their own words: “US-CERT strives for a safer, strongerInternet for all Americans by responding to major incidents, analyzing threats,and exchanging critical cyber-security information with trusted partners aroundthe world.”

5. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a widely-read cyber security site thataddresses professionals from the IT environment, security researchers andtechnology specialists. They use their experience and knowledge to providearticles, recommendations, news and information on IT security.

6. CIO

CIO is the place where you find news, information technologyarticles, insight and analysis on major data breaches and online threats.Covering multiple aspects of world wide web, it provides in-depth, content richinformation for IT professionals and normal users.

7. Network SecurityBlog

Martin McKeay isthe voice of this security blog, where you can find information and news onprivacy and security issues. As Martin says: “I took up blogging as a means toextend my knowledge and test my ideas about security…”.

8. Security Watchwith Neil Rubenking

Known for his direct and witty style, Neil Rubenking is the man you have to listen if you search fortechnical advice on the main security solutions, from firewalls, antivirus andantispam products to full security suites. Detailed reports and sharp analysisof security programs place him be on your follow list if you look for this typeif information.

9. Paul’s SecurityWeekly

Paul’s Security Weekly, founded by Paul Asadoorian, brings you security news, useful technicalarticles, research studies and valuable information on hacking and cyber-crimethrough various channels, from blog posts, videos to podcasts.


One of the most popular sites in the software industry, PCMagazine comes with reviews and studies on the latest products for onlinesecurity. For an objective analysis of a product you may be looking, don’tforget to look for the dedicated article on this website.

11. Wired

One of the classical North American publications reportingon technology and its role in culture, economy and politics, Wired approachestopics on online privacy, cyber-criminal threats, systems security and thelatest alerts.

12. Forbe’s Firewall

Forbe’s Firewall comes from one of the leading media companyin the online environment and provides strong analysis, reliable tools andreal-time reports for cyber-security news and information on the latest onlinethreats.

13. TechRepublic

TechRepublic provides large resources for the onlineindustry, such as blog articles, forums, technical papers and security data.All the valuable information available helps IT professionals and technologyleaders to come with the best decissions on their business processes.

14. Zero Day

The Zero Day security blog is important for all the peoplewhich are part of the IT industry and you should follow it to stay up-to-datewith the latest security analysis, software vulnerabilities, malware attacksand network threats.

15. Securosis

Securosis is a security research and advisory company thatoffers security services for companies and organizations. At the same time, youcan find on their security blog some useful articles and insight on managingand protecting online data.

16. The Guardian InformationSecurity Hub

Known for its quality articles on world news, Guardianoffers a section dedicated to information security for companies andindividuals. To stay up-to-date with the latest articles and news on cybersecurity, make sure you follow this site.

17. Help Net Security

This security site is a popular place for data and securitynews and you can find here the latest information and articles related to theIT industry.

18. TechworldSecurity

The section dedicated to security on this site analyzes thelatest malware threats and zero-day exploits. You can find here other importanttopics and subjects, such as security articles, how-to documents and softwarereviews.

19. Fox IT SecurityBlog

This security blog is a very good source of information ononline security, technology news and cyber crime defense.

20. SC Magazine

SC Magazine comes in the IT environment with technicalinformation and data analysis to fight the present online security threats.Their site provides testing results for e-mail security, mobile devices, cloudand web security.

21. Network Computing

The content of this security blog focuses on cloudtechnology and enterprise infrastructure systems. Its published articles coversecurity solutions on how to deliver applications and services for anincreasingly large threat environment in the business world, news and expertadvice.

22. InfosecurityMagazine

Infosecurity Magazine is an online magazine which covers notonly security articles on popular topics, but is also dedicated to securitystrategy, valuable insights and technical approaches for the online industry.

23. SANS InstituteAppSec Blog

This security site addresses the growing malware threats inthe online world by providing training, research, certification and educationalresources for IT specialists.

24. Threat TrackSecurity

This security blog keeps you up-to-date with the latestinnovations and developments in the IT industry, from security exploits tosoftware vulnerabilities and cyber-criminal attempts.

25. CSO Online

CSO focuses on information technology, access management forenterprise servers, loss prevention, cybercriminal threats and softwarevulnerabilities.

Security blogs from software providers in the IT industry

26. Sophos securityblog

Naked Security is Sophos’s award-winning threat news room,giving you news, opinion, advice and research on computer security issues andthe latest internet threats. Naked Security is the blog of security companySOPHOS and the place where you can find news, research studies, advices andopinions. Categories range from mobile security threats to operating systemsand malware articles. Naked Security is updated multiple times per day andreceives around 1.5 million pageviews per month. It has won numerous awards andit is considered one of the best security blogs.

27. Kaspersky Lab’sThreatPost

Threatpost is the leading security news website that is partof The Kaspersky Lab. Their articles cover important stories and relevantsecurity news for the online world. They are recognized as an important sourceof news for online security in important newspapers and publications, such asNew York Times, USA Today or The Wall Street Journal.

28. Kaspersky Lab’sSecurelist

Securelist is a security blog run by Kaspersky Lab and itaddresses a large audience, providing some of the best security subjects oncybercriminal activities and data stealing malware. You can find here securityinformation that focuses on malware, phishing and other threats from the cybersecurity world.

29. Symantec Weblog

Symantec Weblog is a security blog from one of the biggestproviders of security solutions world wide, Symantec. Using their technicalknowledge and data collected along the years, they come with strong analysisreports and articles on security threats, online criminals, data stealingmalware, system vulnerbilities and many others.

30. Google OnlineSecurity Blog

We are surrounded by Google products and services, fromtheir search engine to their web browser, so it is normal to include theirsecurity blog in our list. It is a reliable security blog and even more, areference point on online security and privacy we need to acknowledge.

31. Zone Alarm CyberSecurity Blog

The security blog from ZoneAlarm, one of the well-knownvendors of security products, provides valuable information on malware defenseand online security. Using their experience on malware, this security bloggenerates malware alerts, practical security tips and the latest news in the ITindustry.

32. F-Secure Safe& Savvy Blog

A security blog from F-Secure, a company dedicated to onlinecontent and privacy protection. On this security blog you will find helpfultips and advises on security issues, from protecting your personal identity tokeeping your system safe.

33. HotforSecurity

The security blog from Bitdefender – one of the leadingcompanies on online security solutions, covers various subjects from the ITworld, from Internet scams, online spam and phishing to malware and datastealing software.

34. McAfee securityblog

McAfee security blog provides the latest tips and techniquesfrom security experts to keep you up-to-date with the latest malware trends inthe online environment.

35. Microsoft MalwareProtection Center

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center analyzes data fromall over the world to provide insight and valuable information on fightingonline threats in order to protect users from malware attacks and online crime.

36. SpiderLabsSecurity Blog

Investigators and researchers at Trustwave cover the latesttechnology news on this security blog. Gathering information from research andtesting, they publish articles and security studies to fight online hackers andcyber-criminal threats.

37. Dell SecureWorks

The security blog from Dell SecureWorks provides the latestnews and information for IT professionals and users that need to stayup-to-date with online threats and malware attacks.

38. MalwarebytesSecurity Blog

The Malwarebytes security blog articles cover the latestmalware threats and cyber criminal attempts from the online world. You can findtheir articles on categories, from cyber-crime, exploits, hacking and malwareanalysis.

39. Trend MicroSimply Security

Trend Micro Simply Security site offers expert insights oncloud security, data safety, privacy protection and threat intelligence.

40. We Live Security

We Live Security, the Eset blog, is an online resource forcyber security articles and this blog covers a large network of security topicsfrom emerging online threats to zero-day exploits.

41. CSIS SecurityGroup Blog

The security blog from CSIS Security Group provides valuableinformation on malware attacks and online threats. Using the internal researchdata from their own security labs, their studies help users fight cyber-criminalthreats.


We know our list is not perfect, there are so many othersecurity blogs and top influencers in the IT industry that we have not includedand we can not assume this list is complete. We try to stay in tune with thelatest updates in the industry and we provided a few reasons why you shouldfollow the security blogs above.

But, since the Internet world and the security landscape ischanging all the time, so must we. So, help us improve our article, let us knowwhat you think, we have no problem in making changes to our article and improveit for the benefit of all.

What are your favorite security blogs and why should we follow them?