As a consulting engineering company operating in Eldrige, Maryland, USA, Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. is recognized as one of the most dynamic engineering firms in the East Coast with a staff of more than 100 employees providing excellent technical advisory services in mechanical, electrical, and energy systems engineering design for commercial, institutional, industrial and governmental customers for almost three decades now. In particular, the company’s capability covers such areas as air-conditioning, plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical power distribution, fire protection, communication systems and lighting.

Leach Wallace has more than 80% of its work devoted to old clients who have learned to depend on the company’s valuable expertise and proven leadership in design, geared toward establishing a strong and lasting business relationship with its clients.

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. provides the highest-quality consultancy to all individuals and companies they serve. The company employs some of the best engineering professionals of the country and trains and inspires them to deliver excellent results through a responsive commitment to satisfy its clients’ building systems requirements. The firm consistently establishes a company-client partnership which aims to provide efficient solutions, reliable design and planning processes, and top-quality implementation of projects. Throughout its existence, the company has proven the effectiveness of its methods from the numerous clients who have returned to seek additional services, many of whom have attested to the firm’s capability to exceed their expectations.

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. began operating in 1990 and, since then, has specialized in providing mechanical engineering consultancy which covers such works as reuse, retrofit or replacement of existing systems and the design of new central heating plants. They aim to optimize systems which allow clients to improve their cost-benefit targets through installing systems which incorporate flexibility and redundancy in the future.

Wallace Associates consulting engineers possess the knowhow to address clients’ needs, based on an enduring relationship that is mutually beneficial and with no fraud policy. Twenty-six years should be long enough to prove how successful Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. has been in its mission to provide to quality engineering consultancy.

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Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. employs many expert consulting engineers who provide excellent advice in such fields that require mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energy systems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. The task of commissioning such technical projects involves a crucial phase which acts as a bridge between the conceptual development stage and the operational phase. It is the necessary push that provides the real motivating force giving life to a project, the ignition which launches a rocket on its way up, up and away. This phase spells the difference between failure and success in the project’s implementation. It tells the designer as well as the user whether the system actually achieves the expected targets, whether technical or financial, set at the beginning of the development. Engineering, after all, involves efficient use of material and economic resources.

Commissioning makes everything clear and sets all processes right even before major issues arise. It is fundamental in assuring clients a smooth transition from the completion of project construction, assembly and installation, allowing the owner to attain the confidence to run and maintain building systems. As industrialization progressed through the decades, commissioning has become a formalized and intricate process for buildings which include the efficient use of modern equipment, innovative systems and detailed operating procedures to avoid fraud. Experience and expertise count as a formidable pair of requisites no one can do without in going through this crucial process.

Specifically, Leach Wallace engineers undertake the process of commissioning meticulously in order to render documented validation that building systems operate and follow the standards set by the owner’s operational requirements and as stipulated in the project specifications. Matching the two – design and operational targets -- is vital to assuring clients that Leach Wallace has the experience and capability to deliver a well-designed and efficient building system. Moreover, a complete commissioning process pinpoints and adjusts costly operational issues or inadequacies.

Leach Wallace enjoys the trust and confidence of its many clients as it has consistently sought to satisfy their needs through the whole process of developing, designing, commissioning and operating a project. And even well beyond those steps, as clients continue to return to Leach Wallace for additional services.