Sometimes we need just that little bit of help in securing a date with the person we like - here are some top tips on how to get that date.

When you fancy someone, you can often go one of two ways. You can sometimes over compensate and act a little bizarre, putting them off you as you just aren’t acting like yourself or on the flipside, you can become crippled by shyness and aren’t able to string a sentence together. People we like have the ability to turn us to jelly and it can make getting a date with them extremely difficult.

Practice Your Flirting

If you know you are either going to act a little weird or perhaps get all shy, why not practice your flirting? Whether you decide to practice your flirting skills on one of your friends and accept feedback from them or whether you decide to use a site like to test out your flirting skills, maybe you just need a little practice before putting them into action with the person you like.

Knowing what to say and when is key to securing a date with the person you like and if you are acting bizarrely and you aren’t acting like yourself in the slightest, they are not going to want to know.

Know What They Like

If you really want to get a date with someone, it is important to know what they like and what they don’t like. If they love picnics in the park, you can suggest an impromptu picnic date and they are bound to say yes to you. If they dislike loud, dark spaces, perhaps a movie date isn’t quite right for them. It is all about finding a balance of what they like and what kind of date you are willing to take them on. If they can see you are making the effort to go on a date somewhere or do something they liked, they may be more inclined to agree to go out with you.

Be Yourself

This was touched upon in the ‘practice your flirting’ section but people will know if you aren’t being genuine and are over compensating for something when talking to them. It is important to be yourself, let them see the real you so they can make a decision on whether they want to go on a date with you or not.

Most people really rate honesty and truthfulness so may agree to go on a date regardless as they would like to see where the date could lead - the chemistry may not always be there right at the beginning but sometimes a spark can be ignited once you’ve spent a little more time together. That being said…

Don’t Ignore The Chemistry

When there is chemistry, don’t ignore it! If the time feels right to tell someone how you feel, do it. They may feel the same, they may not - but you will never know if you don’t do it. If you truly want to get a date with the guy or girl that you like, then you have to tell them eventually - when the time feels right, you need to jump right in and get it out there!

Lastly, the biggest tip to getting the person you like is don’t sweat it. If we stress over something too much we can often sabotage it without realising. Go with the flow and see where the mood takes you. If the moment feels right to ask them on a date, then do it - but don’t overthink it as you’ll only end up worrying yourself and potentially putting off your possible future date. If you take these tips on board, good luck with getting your first date with the person you like!

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Finding new people shouldn’t be hard nowadays with all the technology we have to hand - but is it as easy to find a relationship or maybe even love?

Years ago, people used to find dates through actually going out and meeting people. They used to visit bars or go out to do their hobbies and whilst people still do this, the advances in technology mean that there are so many more ways that we can meet people and potentially even form a relationship.

Dating websites are big business now and there are sites out there for whatever you may be looking for - a casual hook up, a quick flirt, a long term relationship. One such website is iwantu where you can look for exactly what you want and find like minded singles who are looking for the same.

There are important things to remember however when trying to find someone to be in a relationship with in this era. Everything is online so it is extremely important to be as honest as possible in your dating profile and to use an actual picture of you - not some stock picture that you found on Google. Since you’ll be using your real name on your profile, the truth is needed as it will only take mere seconds for potential suitors to look you up on Google or social media and find out if you are telling the truth. There is no point pretending to be this high flying businessman if Google throws up your LinkedIn profile which says you aren’t that at all.

As well as being honest about who you are and what you look like, it is also vital to be honest and truthful about what it is you are looking for. Don’t skirt around the issue - lay your cards on the table and say whether you are looking for some fun or looking for a long term relationship. Too many people go on first dates not knowing what the other person is looking for and then find out they are both looking for different things, despite having that initial spark. It is hard to find a relationship with someone if you don’t know if you are both completely on the same page.

Once you have found a partner, it is crucial to not let the advances in technology affect your relationship too. Technology can be great at bringing us together with people - online dating sites show this exponentially with the amount of news stories you see of people getting married after meeting online - but it can also be the crux of some relationships too - it is important to spend time together as a couple without any technology - putting down the phones, turning off the laptops and televisions and actually spending time as a couple, having a conversation without being distracted by the technology we have to hand.

It can be so easy to find a relationship online nowadays if you are willing to give it a shot - the advances in technology show us that we can meet people from all across the world that share our interests. However if we want to keep our relationships going, it is also important to know when to give the technology a rest and just spend time together without any distractions - after all, you are with each other because you are interested in each other not because you want to sit there in their company staring at your phone!

This technological age is both a blessing and a curse to relationships but we must use the resources we have at hand such as dating sites if we want to keep ahead of the curve - it is by far and away the best way to meet someone new for a potential relationship.



Do you want to be my girlfriend? Check yes or no.

Ah! The olden days. When passing notes was the equivalent of texting and your options were limited to your classmates. If only things were that simple now! Technology has opened a vast romantic frontier where options are as infinite, and etiquette is questionable.

But the voyage from an endless sea of potential partners to he’s the one for me doesn’t have to be a tumultuous journey. If you set your sights on your destination (in this case, a serious relationship) and navigate a path that eliminates distraction (hello, tattooed, non-committal bad-boy with who makes you swoon), you can find yourself safely wrapped in the arms of a life-long partner.

Step one: Be upfront with what you are looking for. List it on your dating profile, share it subtly on a first date (check out’s excellent article Great Things to Talk About On a First Date

for advice on how), and make it known that you will not waste a minute of your time on anybody who shares anything less than your goal of finding love and commitment.

Step two: Narrow your searching, but not too much. Having too many superficial requirements could unknowingly eliminate somebody you create fireworks with. Pick two or three values that you refuse to compromise and use those as your search perimeters. Go out with that guy who looks only okay in his profile picture; you may find you are more attracted to him in person and hey, he is looking for the same thing you are.

Step three: Do not sleep with a potential partner until you have had “the talk” and have established that you are in a monogamous relationship, no matter how hot and heavy things get. This isn’t to manipulate somebody into committing, but if you want to be taken seriously and form a solid foundation of trust, you must be crystal clear about your boundaries and expectations.

Step four: Initiate “the talk” if he hasn’t and it feels right (hey, girls can be the note passers just as easily these days). Include how you two want to define your relationship to others, and what you hope the relationship will lead to. If he isn’t ready to commit when you are, it would be in your best interest to move on and not waste your time waiting for something that may never happen. Additionally, if you do not agree on major issues like marriage and children, ending the relationship early on would be best for both of you to avoid significant heartbreak late down the road. Maintain your focus and keep your end goal in mind; this will help with hard decisions when it hurts.

Step five: Enjoy the snuggles and security of a successful relationship. You’ve earned it by not settling for anything less than a worthy life partner who shares your intentions and goals, and now you have the rest of your lives to manifest them together!



Clickbait is getting worse and worse with poorer writing and fake news. Check out how to identify bad clickbait and improve what you read online.


Picture it: You’re scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed as mild-mannered as you please. You come across a link to an article that brandishes – in all capital letters – that a shark has washed up on a beach somewhere with an ancient set of Viking armor in its stomach. How could you resist that? So you click through in hopes of finding high quality photographs and crisp writing explaining the hows, the whys, and what it means for mankind, only to be bombarded with no less than ninety ads begging you to become a porn star. If you tolerate this, it’s only to scroll down and find absolutely no substance to the article, with a few grainy photos Microsoft Paint would even be ashamed of.

Garbage clickbait article are the bane of our newsfeeds, wasting our time and diminishing our faith in humanity, so how can you cull out the bad articles and fake news to read only the quality stuff? Your time is worth something, and your computer can’t handle the viruses anymore.

  • 1.If Something Looks Interesting, Google It

Bad clickbait sites are on borrowed time from Google, shoved far, far down in the search results because people just like you have complained. If you come across an article you’re not sure about, Google the title or a variant of the title that gets across the same point and see what comes up. If it’s real news, it’ll have risen in the search results or you’ll find other websites reporting on it. If you can only find that site or no sign of the topic when it’s rephrased, you’ve nine times out of ten dodged a poor quality article.

  • 2.Use Filtering Apps

Facebook is attempting to improve their algorithm to weed out bad clickbait already, but it’s taking time. In the meantime, you can search out apps such as Nuzzel, which are designed to go over your Twitter and Facebook feeds to gather together articles that have been viewed by your friends or followers. It’s more likely people you trust – real people, not bots designed to boost the click-throughs – will only pay attention to quality news, saving you the trouble of trial and error.

  • 3.Read Articles Recommended By Friends or Trusted Sources

There’s a more direct approach, of course. While pages you follow or strangers you’re friends with might share bad clickbait articles for their own personal gain or to boost the traffic to their profile, you know your friends. Your friends most likely don’t browse ad spam as a hobby, so rather than taking your chances with horrible news, instead only check out the links they’ve posted to their profile. Additionally, if you have a site or two that you trust, only read news that they produce, so you can be sure of the quality as well as the validity.

  • 4.Check Out the Site Before the Article

While it takes a little more effort, it can save you time in the end. If you see an article link leading to a certain website, rather than clicking through to take your chances amongst the ads only to find fake news, visit the main homepage of the website first. Reputable sites like Plaisirexpress will have crisper and clearer front pages, while bad clickbait is employed mainly by low quality websites, who haven’t invested much in their content writing or their web design. Their splash page will have fewer ads and you’ll be able to identify its quality right off the bat, without risking the article and its pop-ups.

  • 5.Grammar and Punctuation Matters

Sites that publish and promote bad clickbait aren’t there to share news or to get you excited about a current event. They’re there for the click-throughs, since they are paid with every person that visits their site and therefore the article. In the end, even if you don’t stay on the site for long, they’re still making money. With that in mind, rather than paying for a proofreader or a quality writer, they can save more money by skipping that step – resulting in poor punctuation and grammar as a “get rich quick” scheme. If the title of an article looks sketchy or written by a second grader, then you can be sure the content within is bad. Even if it’s not fake news, if they didn’t bother to improve the title, the substance of the article won’t be worth your time.

We’ll never fully get rid of clickbait. While there’s money to be made and a fish story to tell, there will always be intriguing titles drawing us into low quality articles. But by applying these techniques to your online reading habits, you can dodge the majority and save your time for the articles that really matter.