What immediately comes to your mind when you hear about Danang? Well, Vietnam has its own historical importance. Danang tour specialists are of the opinion that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the whole of Vietnam. There are hosts of restaurants, exquisite hotels and spectacular bridges built across river Han.

If you are visiting Danang for the first time, you may find the city comparatively more visually appealing than Hanoi and Ho-chi Minh City. That said, Danang has its own share of charming architecture and attractive beaches. Imagine a day spent sipping tea along the My Khe beach with your beloved and spending quality time in Ba Na Resort.

Da Nang thing!

What’s the first thing that you do after you get down from Danang international airport? Make a less than 10 minutes’ drive to the heart of the city. Locals understand the importance of sticking to the regular transport systems which are pretty decent. Or you can enjoy a pretty comfortable train journey in the Reunification Express and cab to any destination inside the city.

Remember that tourist destinations in and around Danang spread in all directions. You cannot be journey by foot. Danang travel is not concentrated in a single district. You may have to watch longer miles in case you are unlucky enough not to get a single motorbike for rent.

Journeys in Danang do not cost much, and unlike Hanoi and other overpopulated cities, is not much congested. Vietnamese people are fun to roam around with and they welcome foreigners cordially. But beware of illegal ventures going on; you will not want to waste your Danang Tour behind bars.

Places of interest:

For first time visitors on tours Danang – you cannot ignore the Cham Museum. It hosts a wide range of stone scriptures and other belongings of Cham civilization. Chams practiced Hinduism in a slightly different form. The scriptures are made of sandstone and although most are in ruins, Vietnamese Government has been investing for reforming the collectibles.

Do not forget to check out the beautiful Shiva scriptures along with other manuscripts worth taking a look. But the prime attraction is the lingam shrine which represents the goddess of fertility.

After you are done seeing the Chams in ruins, go southwards towards Marble Mountains. They are 5 in number, each representing the five elements, viz. fire, water, metal, wood and fire. Buddhist shrines have come up at the base of these mountains and the beauty of the surrounding landscape will make Danang Tour bliss.

Walk towards the steep of Am Phu cave which apparently leads you to the light. Note that you need special shops to enable yourself to walk down this cave. It may take hours or even days to complete this cave journey in entirety.

Trip and beyond

Make sure you take help of your guide to tours Danang hills. Ask him/her to throw light on nitty-gritty of the same. The Linh Ung Temple faces a rather small peninsula, and it is pleasing to take a stroll along the paved Son Tra mountain range. Explore the Danang city in entirety from Ban Co point and end the day tour with a journey across the Dragon Bridge.

Fear not even though the dragon spews fire and water and it’s a beauty to watch that on weekend nights. So bring your cameras, eject the photographer in yourself and enjoy to the fullest. Spend one single day (or even more) at one of the resorts with private beaches and giant Ferris wheel across Han River. Danang travel tourism companies enable you to go through the entire city and enjoy its delicious range of cheap seafood delicacies.

The city enlightens you to the degree of making you fall in love with it. If this is your first time Danang tour, take help of travel agencies to guide you and experience the place in the best way.