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As mentioned in my previous post, I was enjoying drinks and refreshments with the girls from Nouw, VASS PR and also the Nouw-influencers themselves. If you missed it, you can read all about it HERE.

Without further ado, here are my outfit pictures from the fun evening.

// photos by @Gambitsky

- click on the items in the picture above to go to the online store -


Bag: ZARA / Shoes: River Island / Sunglasses: ZeroUV / Silk scarf: Guess



Nouw and VASS PR joined hands by arranging a successful event and inviting some Nouw-influencers to enjoy a nice, sociable evening under the sun.

With the lovely @karolinesmadal, editor at Nouw Norway. // I made a separate post for today's outfit HERE.

Café Christiania

On one of the hottest days in Oslo yet, it was perfect to have the entire terrace of Café Christiania by ourselves. We got served their 'Afternoon Tea' combination with delicious refreshments along with nice alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I especially enjoyed their finger-sandwiches! Yummm..

At a place filled with bloggers, it felt great to be able to stand up and take a whole lot of pictures of just everything and everyone, without all the attention and weird looks.

- more photos from the evening taken by Madeleine Lohne (@eddam) -

An evening joint-arranged by both Nouw and VASS PR means that we also got a bag filled with goods and beauty products! I'm definitely most excited about the Lumipop Selfie Ring Light!

With @Idacharleen & Monica

Thanks for having me! xx



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In collaboration with Ideal of Sweden

- special thanks to my girl @Gambitsky for letting me use her space and props for these flatlays! -

I received a package from iDeal of Sweden the other day, and of course, in it was two phone cases that I personally picked. It looked even better in real life, and gave my phone an instant upgrade. Classy with an edge? Yes please!

These trendy phone cases even works perfect as an accessory for my outfits (and flatlays)!

I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with Ideal of Sweden and give you guys 20% off your purchase! Just type in 'IDEALSS17' at checkout and enjoy yourselves a treat! This coupon code is only valid until the end of May!

Kisses, Elizabeth



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// outfit photos by @goldencoat

Pants: Gina Tricot / Jacket: ZARA / Shoes: Missguided

T R I A N A   I G L E S I A S   L I N G E R I E   &   S W I M W E A R

Last week, I was invited to a workshop with Insp for girls who want to further build and expand their social media channels by creating trendy content and communicating with followers, whether it being on Instagram, blog or YouTube.

It is also a place for up and coming brands to talk about their brand vision and mission. This time around, Triana Iglesias presented to us her new lingerie brand that she has been working on for three years. Along with the story of how she built this brand from scratch, comes her personal story of self-development and how she grew to become more body positive. That was honestly the key highlight of the day, thanks to her inspiring story and advice to us, the Millennials who are constantly exposed to fellow influencers' perfect lives and flawless bodies.

With her new lingerie and swimwear collection, she wants each and every girl to feel good and sexy wearing intimates, regardless of size or body shape. The technology used to design those garments will make sure to hug in the right places while still being comfortable to wear. It is also said to give your ass that little oomph. Yep, I just used that word.

"Sexy or comfortable - why choose?" - Triana Iglesias

Take a look at her online shop HERE.

// photos by Ronja Slar



Good evening!

I am such a night owl. I have actually been dead tired since I got home at 6pm, but I forced myself to stay awake so that I could have a solid sleep through the night.
But of course, now that Monday is almost Tuesday, I'm wide awake.

So I thought I'd just share some of my favourite tracks at the moment, which I think you'd like, IF you're into RnB and Hip Hop. If you're not, then I suggest you to just disregard this list because you probably won't enjoy it as much.

1. Mr. Eazi ft. Efya - Skin Tight

2. Verse Simmonds - In My Feelings

3. Roy Woods - Get You Good

4. Drake - Passionfruit

I am usually not the biggest fan of dancehall, but damn, Skin Tight is LIT! I can just imagine that song and In My Feelings being played at an RnB club, and I would be so satisfied.

Song no. 3 and 4 are a little bit more toned down and chill. Perfect for my late, lazy nights in bed, studying, blogging or reading. For those who don't recognise my song reference in the title, it's Passionfruit by Drake. Listen to it and prepare to bop your head along with the nice music.

Hope you liked the songs! Good night xx

Love, Elizabeth



Three days left as a student, and I can finally shift my focus on something else than thick textbooks and OD'ing on caffeine. I have been counting down since the start of this semester, and it's finally here. After a 3-year-long marathon of ups and mental breakdowns, we finally reached the finish line by submitting the most important paper of our academic career yet - the bachelor's thesis!

What I like the most about being a dedicated student is not the whole process of studying and stressing and writing and crying. It is the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a written assessment. An article, a report, a bachelor's thesis... It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to look through past papers, knowing that you participated in writing it. Especially if you know that the effort you put into it gave you good results in return.

So work hard guys. It's okay and it's completely normal to feel as if you will fail life if you don't stay up that extra hour to study. I know I had those thoughts and feelings plenty of times.

Photo: @BEYOUI

And of course, a final picture in an empty lecture hall is a must before my grand exit from here. This lecture hall is a place I've spent x amount of times at for the last three years. Almost always sitting at the far back because I prefer to just keep me and my sleep-deprived self, to myself.

I will definitely miss it.

To everyone else; This dreaded exam season will be over soon, so just hang in there!

good luck! xx



- Dette innlegget ble skrevet for to uker siden, men jeg publiserer dette nå fordi det kunne like godt ha handlet om i går som i dag -

Og her sitter jeg, da. Lengter etter en ferie eller noe sånt.

Dette blir nok første og siste gang, men jeg velger for en gangs skyld å skrive på norsk fordi det var den mest naturlige måten å uttrykke det nesten ikke-eksisterende skolestresset jeg har nå om dagen. Gårsdagen ble tilbrakt på skolen. I hele TOLV timer satt jeg, sammen med min bærbare datamaskin og den evig tykke lovsamlingen, og skrev for harde livet for å rekke innleveringsfristen i markedsrett og etikk. Ikke at jeg ikke hadde startet med skriveprosessen tidligere, men det er så typisk med sånne case-oppgaver at man konstant skifter mening og bytter konklusjon. Eller, typisk meg.

Men jeg skal også være ærlig og si at jeg er den typen som jobber best under press uansett. Sånne skippertak anbefaler jeg absolutt ingen, for man ender opp minimalt med søvn og aaaltfor mye koffein i kroppen som ikke lenger gir noe effekt. Vil ikke akkurat si at jeg "lærer aldri". Jeg gjør jo det, men jeg tar ikke til meg den kunnskapen og endrer aldri på de elendige vanene mine. De vanene som gir meg tydelige, mørke ringer under øynene.

Men nå er det ikke lenge til jeg er ferdig med livet som student her på Høyskolen Kristiania. Det er nesten litt sykt å tenke på at tre år allerede har gått. Jeg er faktisk takknemlig for at jeg ikke valgte å ta et friår etter videregående, selv om det var sterkt vurdert. Bare tanken på at jeg kunne ha vært stuck her i ett år til gir meg frysninger.

Når alt dette er over kan jeg faktisk se tilbake og være stolt over at jeg har klart det gjennom tre år, til tross for mine tanker om å droppe ut grunnet et midlertidig høy stress-nivå.

Så gutter og jenter; Ikke gi opp. Your efforts won't betray you.

Love, Elizabeth