You can also gauge from the name "Dhakai". It is a variety of traditional saree, whose design started in the Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh. When the Hindu Weaver moved from Dhaka (East Bengal) to these days Bengal, they brought these weaving techniques here. Also remembered as Dhakai saree or Jamdani saree, it is considered by various to be one of the well-made variations of hand-woven muslin. This art of weaving gave its peak under the Mughal patronage.

Jamdani Name Derive from -

Jamdani name is derived from Persian origin. It is a combination of two words including “Jam” meaning that means flower and “Dani” means vase. This traditional saree made the nomenclature due to the lovely floral design or motif which are made on Jamdani saree.

The unique fabric of Jamdani saree or Dhakai saree fabrics is unpalatable cotton yarn, while the design is woven into the fabric with bleached cotton yarn, which provides a saree unique light and dark effects. In earlier times, a Jamdani saree in bright colors were the most popular ones.

However, the most common trends in saree are the self-colored styles. Half and half saree with only Jamdani pallu are also quite in fashion.

Wear It Properly -

To work with special meeting and day to day event, like a kitty party, a women soiree - and even a special days like anniversary, wedding reception, engagement etc. Jamdanis are usually devoid of metallic ostentatious, and in that, they are truly the embodiment of exact beauty and formal grace. Since many of them are quite, they maintain luxurious appeals and are perfect for daily wear.

Fun Fact About Weavers of Bengal -

The weavers of Bengal are knowing to be most easy and hard - working. Seemingly, that is why weaves from the Bengal have a real unique charm. Remember to visit some special traditional sarees online from Bengal.



The wedding is a most important day for every bride and she wants to look absolutely gorgeous. She is treated like a princess on that day. So her attire has the important and decisive factor in creating her perfect look for this big day. You can select the best designer Lehenga, but it will fail to create the impress if the style does not suit your body shape.

It is very important to pick a Lehenga style according to her body type. So find out your body type and pick the correct Lehenga style accordingly-

1. The Hour Glass – It is the perfect body shape. Almost everything style of Lehenga will look perfect on you. A Lehenga with a fishtail and a fitted short choli will give the stunning look.

2. The Rectangle - If you have this type of body shape then clothing has to be such that it creates the perfect curves on your body. A full skirt pair with a blouse can create a beautiful look.

3. The Pear – It is the most typical body shape which is heavy at the bottom and slender up top. An A-line Lehenga will be the perfect choice for this body type. Puffy sleeves or heavy ornate choli can balance the beautiful look.

4. The Apple - Full Flared Lehenga is a right choice for you. The wide bottom will make the waist smaller in comparison. You should avoid heavy embroidery Lehenga around the waist. Drape the dupatta from the front covering waist. Tummy Tucker can give you a perfect look.

5. The Inverted triangle shape - A cone-shaped body is exactly opposite of pear-shaped. A flared or a circular Lehenga with lots of pleats near the waist will give stunning look. You should use soft fabrics to layer at the top on jackets or capes.

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All time we add an Indian sarees collections to our wardrobe, first thought that will comes to mind is - what blouse should I wear with a favorite saree? As there is lots of designer blouse that one can opt from, it is most important that we pick a perfect blouse that matches to our body - type. Here some most important points to help you choose what kind of blouse design will be best apt for you.

If your body is apple shaped or has a big bust - Go for a blouse with deep back neckline and keep away from added extra in the front.

If you have a small bust - Prefer a blouse with the Chinese neckline, halter open neck or in - the cut sleeve for a bustier looks.

If you have broad shoulders - Go for broad necklines like boat necks, and short sleeves in your blouse.

If you have a small frame - Get a blouse with rectangular or square necks.

If you have flabby arms - Get a blouse with the deep back neckline and with three - quarter sleeve.

If you are height women with the lengthy neck - Wear a Chinese collar blouse or high - neck blouse.

If you have heavy back - Wear a blouse with the halter neck or in the cut sleeve to move to focus away from the back.

If you have skinny arms - Get blouse with puff sleeve. If you have a thin body, then go with high - neck blouse with puff sleeve.

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