Hello happy people!

I am a girl that thought it would be funny to tell you guys what I think about our world,goals,society,body komplex,akward things that has happend to me and also girly stuff like love & boys.

So I thought that my first blogg should be about today when something terribly akward happend!
So earlier today I was at the dentist. When they called me in, I walked normaly in the room and started to take off my jacket when suddenly one of the dentists says.. Is it supposed to be like that? I turned around and asked her what she ment. She told me that there was a big hole of the back of my dress. As fast as I could I reached for my back and yes,there was a big hole. Apperently my zipper had come loose all the way from the bottom to the top. I said that it was not supposed to be like that and that my zipper must have broke without me noticed. So when I was done at the dentist I was so ashamed that I desided to call my mom for help, unfortanetly she was in the washing room so I had to take the bus all the way home. Besides that I had to go back to school first to pick up my bag that I left in my locker because I thought that I would come back later. Omg I swear that this was my most embarrassing moment of my life!

Have anything like this ever happend to you? If so what did you do? How did you feel? Please let me know :)