Different Emotions. Happy, Excited, Goofy, Crazy, Sad and Angry.

When I write these words - do you have the same reactions to one emotion as another person would have? I had an experiment with 12 different people from all over the world, joined at Prague Film School in the ages of 17 to 26. They didn't know the emotions before they came into the room and no one got effected by another.

Emotions have endless reactions. What are yours?

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Hello fellow Readers!

Thanks for holding onto my really slow-updating blog. But I'm going to try! Maybe this time for sure.

I'm almost ready with mine and Alice's final script and in the end of April we will film (aka shoot) it. Its going to be really exciting. Yesterday I had my first ever Audition for the roles in the film. I have never done that before - and it was a really cool and fun experience that I can get used to. We got to see a lot of good performances and I think we have our lead role. And a few others as well. I really respect actors for what they can do. To just in one second transform themselves into someone else : into the biggest dork, to a mental crazy person or a threatening teenager. I mean, just wow! I wish I would know myself that well that I know what parts of the body I need to transform into a specific character or what images/ memories in my mind that, one a few seconds, can transform me into a beast? a monkey? a doctor? a firefighter? a mom? a sister? someone who has lost someone? there are endless talents on this school and I'm glad I have gotten to work with them all.

Sun and warmth is finally popping up again! I usually don't really wish for it to be summer, or wish for it to be winter. I usually just go with whats right now. But with filming outside in the dark and cold and all, and sitting every hour in the black editing room while the daylight passes by have just been too depressing. I usually like darkness and fairy lights and cozy, but not this year. Sun - I'm glad you're back!

I have not been myself when I have been here. A lot has been personal issues with my non-functional body, but also a little freaking out: who I am as Josefin (without my swimming I have Been my whole life since birth), and who I want to become? And all those belonging questions.

For sure I still have the "problem" of caring too much about other people and their problems and health than focusing on myself, which made me feeling not too well. But if this is me - to care for other people, shouldn't I be happy and feel good about doing so? I do love helping people and make people happy and smile - but to what point or for how long is that good without thinking about yourself? Hmm... To be continued.

Anyway, I miss home a lot - and my niece especially growing so much when only 1yo. But as dad usually says: When you're home again you just want to be back in Prague. So I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can, I really look forward to the last project month, its going to be so much fun! I've met so many lovely people here that I'm for sure going to miss a hell lot of much when I go home. But there's also people who I thought wanted my friendship and turned out not to be true. They just used me, and others, just for the film making sake and other things as well - which I'm not used to at all. I think that I might believe too much that everyone are good inside. Maybe its good - maybe it isn't.

Back to film making! I think that is a world for me! I wouldn't have been up to 05:00 this morning to watch Behind The Scenes of making The Hobbit if I wouldn't finding it really awesome with film. And I really liked the audition process yesterday - to talk to different actors and asking them what they feel and think about when performing a scene about someone else than themselves.



I know, I know. I haven't written since febuary. But hey - I'm busy okey? Film school. It's not just about watching films and have fun. Okey yes but still. Haha! Ok so long month of storytelling short:

I e been on different crews and worked on project 5 in the editing. I was gaffer on Aditi's which was very nice I think. And I was sound on Karan's and Alexander's out at a lake 40min outside Prague which was very fun to do. Later that evening I was so so tired - but it was Angie's birthday at lucerna music bar that always have 80-90s videos and music on so I had to go. It turned out really fun! I've been cool art director and make up / stylist on Aisha's circus shoot, turned out great I think. I was AC on alice's shoot that turned out to be the best project 5 according to me. Really cool!

I've been watching The Oscars here - so much fun to discuss it with film makers. Especially that super big miss on who won best picture hehe. I went to globe and had a really fun meeting with Blaise from acting, we developed the craving for cinnamon tea haha.

Me and Alice are done with our experimental side project we filmed in December. We are really happy with it. Watch it below.

Alice and I, alice and I, alice and I went to this weird club the other weekend haha. They are famous for looking like a festival inside and random things like they have one of the biggest dogs in the world for you to pet and they have swings and fake rabbit heads and there was a piano where me and Alice just ran to and started jammin. It was really fun! And we also ended up at Lucerna where I cut my hand weirdly and like a lot of blood started comin out but I kept on dancing, too drunk to care?

Luka our editing teacher had a birthday party at a pool place (and not swimming pool. Biljard).

Me and Alice hadnt come up with project 6 idea until last Sunday. We decided to just walk around and try to get inspired - by something / someone. We sat down on the other side of the rover on Starbucks. And there, my dear friends, is where I wrote the beginning on our story. Mohaha! I haven't laughed so much in like forever. We have a brilliant idea.

Me and Julia have had some cozy times out on Lucerna and sitting and chilling on James dean.

The other day me and Alice were brave and sat down on the most busy shopping street (like drottninggatan) and sang a dirty song about a fish (we live streamed it - it's on my Facebook). It was a last home work for sound class where all students in class creates a radio show together and we picked to do a song - and the parameters where "the show is for fish, by fish" "X-rated" and "inequality", I know right. Weird class I have. It turned out really good though! I took the Disney song Under the sea and turned the words into a dirty song hehe. Listen to it on Facebook.

What else, yes last night everyone who did project 5 screened it in the attic. It was very fun, like a real cinema with like 50ppl in there. As normal my heart beat went up to like 180bpm when my film was on. But I got applauded so, phjew.

I'm sure I've forgotten to write about something but maybe I'll add it later. See ya!



It goes really fast now. Although I still cannot think of a good last project for the final film, I can say that I am more than happy with today's experimental film I shot today with the best crew: Aditi, Ajda and Alexander, three swedes and an indi-girl = Sweden+india=Swindia. 

Then, in a long line of actors and film makers, I got to experience some amazing, funny and sad (but good) performances. I had an experiment with different emotions involved and it was such an amazing and fun thing to film. We had really much time for everyone and to eat calm lunch at Globe - where else when you're filming in school hehe.

I just wanna say a BIG THANKS so everyone that wanted to be a part of my project. Wish me luck for the editing stage. Go team Swindia!



Dear Monday readers!

Today I got the mission to be DOP (director of photography) (?) wait I've forgotten what it stands for. I think I'm right?
Moving on. It was also my first time to work with green screen - that was so much easier than I thought! It was like magic. Hehe. It was really fun to be a part of it and bossing around people where to put light and camera etc. I felt like I belonged there. We'll see how that goes in the future.

I got new friends and I also went home and ate dinner with Ajda. I've started my healthy week (or trying to be healthy-Week). Eating sellery and hummus. I know I'm cool. Day one of 7. That weekend though for sure looks interesting.

About the trump picture. I know I haven't learned any Czech still, but I think I got the news today.

I talked a little with one of my best friends Julia and we laughed like always! God damn I miss her. WE ARE SO CLOSE - she's in Munich now - but we are so far as well.

Yesterday I treated myself and bought some new make up - like I need more... I actually did. Everything was empty/finished/caput. Then I hanged around with Axel as he played some Xbox online with his Swedish friends - that was hilarious how they talked to each other. I just enjoyed myself and ate some food I've gotten from Mr McDonalds. He too nice and cheap that man.



This morning was cold. Really cold. Like that cold where you don't feel your toes after a short moment. A little group of 3 were gonna shoot Alice singing to a pre-recorded song we did last night as an assignment for a class.

It did not start of well because it was that cold! And on top of that a lot of people walked into frame AND this British old man came and disturbed us with hundred questions IN THIS COLD. He couldn't / wouldn't stop talking to us. We tried really friendly to deny his talk but it didn't work. He walked us all the way to school again. Scary person.

We didn't get what we needed because it actually was cold outside! Can you imagine that. We went upstairs and filmed a very easy thing in the attic. That went so much better than outside - but we didn't have good lighting etc. oh well, assignments are smaller.

Later me and Alice recorded a sound script for sound class. We had so much fun because Alice couldn't do English accents - or like they were very interesting hehe. Later, after me going too far with the tram (tired much), I finally got home and talked to Ajda and my sister and her family on the phone. They told me they were gonna try to get tickets to see titanic woman! I'm so excited!



Today I missed two classes. TWO CLASSES! I never miss class if I'm not sick. Something has happened - I'm not sure why. Hmm. Anyway.

When I was waiting for the last class (from 19-21, Late I know), I saw three guys from different places of the world playing cricket in the hallway together with a paper ball and a book as a racket. I decided to join. It looked so much fun and I honestly didn't feel good at all so I wanted to have some fun. I was the best I think. I hit them so many times - I'm not sure if that's how you play it haha. But our space was so limited I usually hit the ball that flew and hit the guys. It was fun! And also, it was fun, and a little fun actually - but mostly fun.

Later on we had a super important class about how to make it in the film business - who to have as a contact - what to think about when writing a film - how to protect your film idea=write it down - post it to yourself - that way you have the date and stamp on it and everyone knows it's your idea and you wrote it at that time. CLEVER! Idk. Hehe.



Hello fellow readers. I have the pleasure of telling absolutely nothing cool about this week. Although I've worked really hard with homeworks and workshops that has been really fun. I haven't really done anything except school. Wait. So this morning actually, our screenwriter teacher had been inviting students that were interested to go to eat prague's best apple strudel and walk around Prague and talk about life. He is one of the best teachers I've ever had. There's something so unique about him. He talks and looks like a Disney character and has so many interesting things to say about everything. We walked around and explored unknown parts of Prague and ended up at a café. I said to him that I was really nervous about a presentation of Swedish comedian Björn Gustafsson I have to do on 15 min next week. But I honestly just like did the whole presentation there and then and he responded with, all you have to show now really is a clip of him. Haha.

Then me and Alice shopped a little on Palladium and then me and Ajda decided to eat dinner together. We met up with Birthday boy Rasmus and other people and had a really good time at VAGON, the one and only party place haha. 



Yesterday woke up at around 9 and messaged the girls - one of them answered. Not a good start to a shooting-4-films day. Although me and Jet had a nice breakfast at Les Kamrades while waiting for the other girls.

Then Gul came and we started to shoot Jet's commercial that was too funny. I was the actress for that one haha! I think I was so bad but yeah, it was just like 20 seconds. Then we made Gul's with me starring as well as an office worker drinking much coffee - fun fact: probably the only swede who doesn't drink coffee, so it was kind of ironic for me. We really worked well as a team.

Then Jacopo came to act in mine together with Jet. It was very cold outside and a challenge to time the music they were mining to, but it was really fun! I just hope and pray and I need to fix away the bloopers of how it didn't work at some points so everyone on the editing class doesn't have to deal with hearing me bossing around. He he he.

Later I went to see Max playing with his band. Really cool guy that also goes in the acting class. Futuristic but also 70s psychedelic rock. Very cool.

Today I chilled with Alice at my place, trying to get our homework done, and then we went to Les kamrades to eat the same Breakfast I ate yesterday. That one is guuuuuuud. Later we went to school and started transcoding the video clips we worked on in december as an extra project. Then I started working on my commercial I shot yesterday. So many mistakes but I'm happy I could think of something that fast. In the evening I bought some groceries and talked to Jennie and I miss her much. Well I'm off - bye!



I woke up and was like - I need to run! So I texted Ajda who was jealous of my Monday run. I don't know, don't ask why. We ran and explored our part of Prague, almost slipped and died a few times. But I made it! Then we also found some weird 80s houses and swings we swung on - I felt like a kid again. We were out for 1.5h.

Then I showered up and met the girls Gul, Anusha and Jet to plan our commercial shooting tomorrow. We had gotten a 30sec commercial task to do on the weekend from Mika's directing class. It could really be about anything.

Then I bought myself school stuff on Tiger - where else? I then had a meeting at 5pm about my workshop on Tuesday. I'm sound boom operator. I know, sounds boring but it is quite fun to point that thing around.