Mayer Fire Resistant Fabrics Cie very well received at TYAP Relanit 3.2 II with 40 revs. 40 revs in continuous operation including elastomeric plating and open width frame this is world record. On the 25th International Textile Machinery Exhibition TYAP in Istanbul the Relanit 3.2 II with high-speed-kit was the star. Exhibited was the fastest circular knitting machine of the world with 32 diameter and gauge 28.

That a circular knitting machine with open width device and with elastomeric plating is capable of achieving 40 revs./minute the Relanit 3.2 II naturally had to prove this in use and the visitors were quite amazed how effortlessly this revolution speed was achieved and the fabric was wound up in immaculate quality without crease marks. Without open width frame and with tubular winding the Relanit 3.2 II achieves even 45 revs in continuous operation. This increases the production by 40 % and even with open width frame an increase in production of 25 % is guaranteed.

More about this subject is under news Mayer & Cie. sets new standards in elastomer plating which you can find a bit further below.

Further exhibits were the Relanit 1.6 R and the OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT). The Relanit 1.6 R sets standards as single jersey machine with stripes and open width take-down. The exhibited gauge 10 facilitates the use of coarse yarns in combination with elastomeric yarns. That way, fabrics with a particularly high elasticity are knitted.

The OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT) is a double knit electronic circular knitting machine with transfer function for cylinder and dial needles. The needle selection is made over the worldwide reliable mono-magnet system, a Mayer & Cie. patent.

The full 3-way-technology offers an immense pattern variety which can be used efficiently even for smaller lots due to the pattern transfer to the machine within a matter of seconds and the proven Mayer & Cie full electronic system. Positive needle guidance, diagonal stitch adjustment and electronic individual needle selection in combination with elastomer plating made the OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT) also to a much surrounded exhibit.

The TYAP exceeded all expectations also due to the high number of visitors. Nearly 22.000 visitors from 57 countries came upon 614 exhibitors from 31 countries on this exhibition.



Easter is glass fiber originally a religious holiday, as it celebrates the return of the savior. However, as this is held generally after winter, the emergence of new life after spring is also aptly remembered. Whatever the reason, Easter is also fun with all the activities and dress up. Easter mass, egg hunts and luncheon parties add to the celebratory mood.

During this holiday, communities dress up in their Sunday best, including the children. Girls and boys are dressed in formal wear. Boys are dressed in oxfords, even pastel ones. Girls on the other hand enjoy frilly dresses or sailor style dresses.

How to dress up your little girl at Easter?

What activity is the family engaging in on Easter? If attending a luncheon or more formal event, do dress up in more formal clothing. This is also more suitable when the family is attending mass before the luncheon.

Navy blue is a classic Easter color, but recently pastels are also a popular choice to match the new blooms of nature during spring. Nice fabrics for Easter dresses included velvet or satin. If the weather is generally warmer, consider cotton or linen in happy pastel colors.

Trims of lace and ribbon on the dresses touch up the prettiness of the dress, and the little ladies that wear them. Wraps can warm up your little girl, and is easily removed if the temperature goes up while she is having fun with the Easter activities, such as the Easter egg hunt.

Let your little Easter princess wear pretty but comfortable shoes. She will have to do a lot of walking while searching for the holiday eggs. Play time during Easter festivities also mean comfy shoes are important. Tired feet make even the sweetest little angels cranky.

Fix your little princess hair. Let her hair loose with pretty, bouncy curls and adorn with pretty pins or pearl clips. Hats are traditionally worn during Easter, but ask your little girl if shed prefer wearing a hat or having her fixed up. Hats can scrunch up the best hair dos. If she would like to wear a hat, have her wear her hair in a sensible style that will not be mussed if ever she decides to remove her hat during the Easter activities.

After all, it is Easter time and everything and everyone should bloom.

Do prepare a spare set of comfortable clothes so she change after the festivities, just in case your little girl had too much fun in her pretty Easter dress.