Is it rational thinking to actively follow news? A democracy does not work as it should unless its citizens don't stay updated on all current events therefore media exists to make it easier for as to gain knowledge regarding current events. In my matriculation exam in civic studies in the Spring of 2016 I wrote about the shadowside of democracy which is that the activity of individuals plays a highly important part within the system. If you don't know who to vote for and what these people stand for you might not feel the need to vote because you feel as you don't have enough knowledge to do so. But voting and voting for the person whom accurately will be able to represent your needs and values is the key to a well functioning democracy. On the other hand from a philosophical perspective: the more knowledge you gain about current events of the world the more you will start to feel overwhelmed and conserned and based on my observations this generally leads to two kinds of reactions:

1. Activation and involvement. A person makes the connection and wants to improve and important issue to them or someone else or a group that they feel a connection towards. The person takes action and becomes an active and voting citizen and maybe even a political figure of some sort.

2. The person feels anxious and depressed by current events and tries to avoid them and anything related to them at any cost. The pressure to do something becomes too heavy to bare.

My question is: how do we get more people to react like the first example rather than the second one?

When one searches for answers future brings possibilities and history clues to solutions. Plato e.g. explained that human behaviour flows from 3 sources: desire, emotion and knowledge. If we would solve our question with the help of the knowledge gained from Plato we can draw the conclusion that if we know humans in this case citizens well we can make them behave in a way that is both beneficial for them as individuals but also to society at large. The first thing Plato mentiones is desire. If a person has a burning desire to change something for the better they will feel inner motivation to do so and that leads to action which is crucial. A active citizen may feel emotionally connected to certain values and empathy towards others which will act as a guide when the person has made the connection towards action. Last but not least: in order for a person to actually take the intiative and inspire others to follow their lead they must have knowledge about how to act, inspire and talk to others as they present their personal order of action and solution also they must know enough about the topic they are presenting in order to even present it so that their point will be understood by others.

In other words: We must bring out the importance of political activity for individuals by telling them how and why they should act and be able to present them the benefits of their action as well as the consequenses if they do not contribute.

If we again look at a person who feels anxious after reading the daily newspaper only to discover depressing truths about the state of the world we notice a certain pattern in thinking. If a human sees a large issue they feel small along side it which makes them feel as incapable of taking action: because they feel so small. But yet this is an active individual, they read the news exactly as they should. Therefore the news has to read the person. By reading a person I mean that we constantly need to remind people on how and why they can and should contribute. Why not list all methods on contribution in every newspaper to remind everyone that action and solutions always are possible and that anyone should and can be a part of them. Spread a bit of optimism among the realism!

Have a great beginning of 2018 and may all your goals be accomplished this year!


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We have reached the end of the line guys! This is the last day of Blogmas and hopefully you have enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them! The last topic will be thought provoking and serious but might be useful to someone out there struggling with the same problems. See you next year with new posts, until then take care and rest ❤️

What better time is there to reflect than in the end of a year? Reflection is an important part in developing onself in order to grow as a person each year that comes. Exactly one year ago I felt the most tired ever, in fact something commonly referred to as hitting a wall occured. It definitely put everything into a new perspective. Suddenly even small everyday things felt like tasks to accomplish one after the other, waking up without feeling tired was a rare occurance, even the thought of attending meetings made me feel physical symptoms of stress and worst of all: I had to face my fear of saying no head on. At first I felt ashamed to feel that way towards organisational work that I had loved doing for many years. I tried to hide my burnout as well as I could but I bet it sent out the wrong message; that I wanted to give up alltogether. The more I tried to push on and ignore the feeling the stronger it grew and I needed to put myself first in order to get back on track with life. It felt like a incredibly selfish thing to do for a person who always wanted to put others and society first. It was a battle against myself. Step by step I continued on with life and begun to understand the importance of selfcare and that you sometimes need to be a bit selfish in order to ensure you will contribute on a larger scale in the future, because if the body and mind of a worker aren't functioning ainey should, nobody will benefit from the situation only more harm would be caused.

Understanding why and how my burnout was caused was the first part of getting well. Next I needed to organize some time to rest and in order to do that I needed to feel confident in saying no some things but you see that part was linked to a larger issue: I had a selfworth that was based on productivity. The more I did the better I would feel. So I needed to track the very beginning of the problem which was me thinking that I was never the cool and pretty girl therefore I needed to be the good academic girl but playing a role like that made me tired since my true nature is being a real hot mess enjoying every single moment in life and philosophically thinking my way through in life - that is me. So this year I got to know myself again and get in touch with the real me a person who needs creative outlets in life in order to cope.

Year 2017 thought me how to be myself. As odd in seems to say it: I am thankful to have experienced a burnout at an early age because now I will never want to get to that point in life ever again, it acted as a warning sign and a reminder to practice a type of love called selflove. This holiday season is the prime time to think about what you have achieved in life and next year will be the perfect time to act upon dreams in order to make them reality.

Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 2018! 🍾




Early in the morning the servant packed her bags and left the castle for the first time in many years. She reached the home of the Exlibris couple within few hours because the city wasn't very big at all. Three times she knocked on their large wooden door until Mrs. Exlibris annoyingly interuppted her reading in hopes of seing her beloved sun return from his travels. Instead of her stood a pretty little creature with a large backpack and curly hair. That must be a princess she thought to herself. - How can I help you dear? Mrs. Exlibris asked. - I am here to find an answer to a rather difficult questions I'm afraid. - Well then you must come in and find out what that answer could be! We have a library filled with knowledge and answers to all questions one might stumble upon in life. - Will I get a direct answer? the little servant wondered. - Maybe if that is what you are looking for. May I ask you what is that question you are pondering on currently? Mrs. Exlibris started to get curious as the academic woman she was. - Well of course! In fact I was hoping that you could help me with finding the answer, I might not know how to find it myself. You see, I work for the princess of this town and last night she like myself admired the most beautiful sky in many many years. - Yes my godness what a wondeful sight it was! - Yes definitely, the servant continued, it was something alright. I was about to say that she wanted me to get her the sky at least a piece of that sky as in a physical piece of that sky. And I on the other hand told her that no human could ever own a piece of the sky. What do you think?
- Maybe you should sit down and have some tea with us love? My husband will join us in a minute and he is quite talented with questions of this sort.

In the castle the princess was getting ready for a new day but she was anxious because deep down she had a feeling that something would get in her way of being able to get her hands on a piece of the incredible night sky.

Apolloderus streched his hands towards the sky. The entire night he had spent writing poems about the sky hoping they might be on to something and bring him the fame and fortune he would deserve and knew he could achieve deep down in his heart.

-Your questions is not impossible but like you say   it is a bit difficult to solve but do not worry little servant! I have a possible solution. My son was born with the gift of storytelling. He can probably write and even draw an exact description of the sky last night and in a way the princess would get something even better than an actual piece of sky, she would get a gift of imagination and creativity. - That sounds like an amazing idea! But I do not know if the princess would be happy with that. - Well then she is isn't a true princess. Mr. Exlibris explained. - Why? the servant asked.
- Hmm, well a real princess understands beauty and not only will want to own it. Beauty in real life fades but beauty can last forever in ones mind.

To be continued



There is something with walking that makes me out of the world happy. It makes the thinking flow fast as the speed of light. Also landscapes are seen from a different perspective than through a car window and the sounds all around makes the nature feel like the greatest masterpiece there is. In my opinion that is not based upon any scientific proof people are made to walk and run. I get that extra kick of motivation to do so by keeping track of the amount of steps I take per day. Maybe that is a habbit to continue next year?

Other than that I had interesting conversations today and socialized with people who mean a lot to me - which is the essential ingridient of Christmas. A Christmas walk in town did not only contribute to a wonderful feeling but also into the decision to buy in my opinion the best book I've bought this year and to those who don't know:I buy plenty of books, way too many some could say! Anyways I finally got myself a book about Indian cuisine. For many years India has been the most fascinating country in my mind. Gandhi, Holi, Yoga, Hinduism, Varanasi.. So many things that I love to learn more about. Therefore I will put effort into learning some of these traditional recipes by heart and hopefully manage to surprise someone with a new taste experience.

Have yourself a lovely evening! ❤️




Sometimes you observe people in general and even if you don't have a degree in psychology you still manage to notice a behaviour pattern, anyone? Well to be honest I like to watch people. Not with a critical eye but instead with curiosity and admiration. Since it is the most wonderful time of the year I present to you a festive guide into understanding people you meet this season!

The Christmas CEO

This is the person who organizes not only theirs but everyones Christmas around them. They make to do lists for every activity and therefore manage to post the Christmas cards on time, have all presents wrapped by the 22nd, a theme for every Christmas party and still time to visit relatives and Nativity play's. Beyond all this they delegate "assignments" for the entire family or/and friendgroup and make sure everyone does what they need to before enjoying the festivities. Maybe it's because they wake up at 4 am, maybe they are born to be leaders, but you got to raise a glass for these Xmas pros!

The "Is it really one week til Christmas?"

These people are quite busy with their everyday life and it takes them sometime to even realise that the current month is in fact December. But suddenly one fine morning they are presented with the fact that there is only one week left until Christmas and somehow they will need to do everyhing on time. Usually these folks will manage the holidays very well but unfortunately might have to skip some parties due to deadlines at school/work and are frequent victims to the stress caused by last minute Christmas shopping.

The Pinterest fan

This is the crafty & artsy person! Christmas gives them a unique opportunity to get inspired and a reason to start new projects. The best part: trying new DIY gift ideas and impress everyone with neat handwriting and handmade Christmas cards made with heart and soul.

The "Kitchen is my home this Christmas"

Wow! These guys are master chefs! They put a new twist into old and gold Christmas dinner essentials and might even surprise near and dear by hosting casual dinner parties and these people are also masters in spreading Christmas
spirit around them by serving everyone baked goods before the start of a workday. Keeping our souls and stomachs happy!

The chill celebrator

These ones do not stress, in fact they do not even feel the need to stress at all! They celebrate by taking it easy, sleeping and just by enjoying being alive. Some may get annoyed but hey isn't relaxation the purpose of Christmas anyways? We all need to chill a bit before 2018

Honestly most of as are probably a mixture of all these!




1. Christmas corner - pick a random spot to decorate

2. Organize a creative evening with friends

3. Go outside for hot chocolate

4. Try a new recipe/drink

5. Write a spoken word poem about winter

6. Create a collage with Christmas pictures

7. Write a letter to someone like you used to do for Santa as a kid

8. If possible build a snowman if not create a snowman out of some other material

9. Buy a cool advent calender for next year since those from this year will soon be on sale

10. Treat yourself with a gift

11. Create playlists for every festive activity

12. Decorate your home with seasonal flowers

13. Start dotting down what you want to experience next year

14. Buy a bunch of Holiday editions of well known comics

15. Take a wintery photowalk

16. Sleep whenever you can

17. Try a winter sport

18. Go Christmas shopping somewhere else than your hometown

19. Christmas brunch

20. Create an old school Christmas



That's the way we do it on The Polar Express! 🎶🚂

Today has been a day filled with magic in the form of Christmas movies! My favorites are Mickey's twice upon a Christmas and The Polar Express so I practiced some hygge and sat comfortably as Donald Duck drank hot chocolate and the train kept getting closer to the North Pole (insert Tom Hanks voice). There is something oddly satisfying in watching movies you've seen many times. It's like going back in time in the easiest possible way.

I haven't been very productive today if you don't count in my movie marathon of course. But I'm thinking of starting a new creative project such as designing wrapping papers myself. I feel that I am able to relax more when I do something but that something can't require much brain power because my brain is tired of everything logical and now just lusts after everything creative and peaceful. Another idea would be decorating gingerbread cookies that is definitely something you can do differently every single year and never get tired of. Best part is: it's edible art!

Also I can't believe that it's already the 19th of December! How did time pass so quickly this year? Anyhow since it is the 20th tomorrow I will not be publishing a post about everyday life, it will be a special post in honor of a special day!

See you soon!




Good evening everyone! 🎄
Today has been the most festive day by far this December! The day started of with a home spa session and a loong walk in crisp and sunny winter weather! Then I chilled and binge watched many YouTube videos - all Christmas related of course. Later on I met my friend and we did a bunch of fun things together. She always manages to make my creativity flow so I drawed tonight while listening to Christmas music and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. The evening was based on Christmas light spotting and some Christmas shopping. I bought many different kinds of cool chocolates to try tomorrow when I'll stay at home watching some Christmas movies. Right now it feels like it would be lovely to watch "The Polar Express" and eat a few chocolates (probably the entire box if we are realistic) from the Celebrations box.

I really feel like getting the feeling of nostalgia by reading Christmas fairytales and watching old animations by Walt Disney. I get all these festive ideas now when I have finally reached a relaxed state of mind after a busy autumn.

Much more hasn't happened today except that I have been even more clumsy and awkward than usual but overall a pleasant and eventful day.

Not long until Xmas anymore, stay strong until then!




Today will be a very short post since I am very tired from traveling to Southern Finland all day. But it has been a very satisfying day! I spent most of the day (when not traveling of course) in Helsinki with my friend and enjoyed the Christmas spirit the city had to offer. I really enjoy spending time with friends, everything runs so smoothly and every conversation seems like the most meaningful thing in the world. We went to Stockmann and had Gingerbread latte at Starbucks - the usual this time of year and just walked around observing the Christmas lights and smiles on peoples faces.

Currently I'm curling up in the warmth of my family home after delicious home made pizza and I'm about to chill and go to sleep in my very own bed ❤️ there really is no place like home.

Sleep well and I see you tomorrow with a longer post, bye for now!




There probably is no better feeling than waking up slowly and still be able to stay organized through the day!

This has been a day of small pleasures in life. I enjoyed the scent of fresh laundry, experienced many different flavors while eating Gazpacho and painted my nails classic and red. I try to dedicate my Saturdays for trying new things and perhaps discovering new ways to feel happy and whatever makes one feel happy is never a waste of time! Instead we should make an active effort in order to reserve happiness more time. That is why I challenge you reading this right now to keep track of everything that makes you happy! Get creative and make a physical list for yourself and write down even the smallest silly little things that make you happy and when times are blue you shall take that list and read it to yourself and remind yourself of how many great things there are in this world. "I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad" like Julie Andrews sings in The Sound of Music. As a blogger it is a natural task for me to share with you what I've come up with and therefore I will write down a list of things but I do hope you'll have one of those wonderful creativity bursts and get on with your assignment if not now then maybe as a New Years resolution that will actually be manageable and live you with a smile on your face.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Washing dishes

Painting whatever comes to mind

Ocean on my feet

Rain, all kinds of rains

When you wake up to see that it has snowed

Hazelnut lattes

The color of red wine

Taking a bath and listening to some spa music

Writing without spell checking

Chocolate covered raisins

Sharks ( I want to believe that Megalodon still exists)

Jurassic Park

Star gazing

Taking long pointless walks

Collecting notebooks

Scientific symbols (someday I want a Pi tattoo for sure!)

Art history

War and peace by Leo Tolstoy

Super long car rides and you can just sit there and daydream


Now it is time for you to write down your favorite things!