Did you know that in 2015, France had the most international tourist arrivals in the world? A year later, it still ranked as the most visited European country, with 81 million foreign visitors traveling to this magnificent country.

But what is it exactly that attracts so many travelers to France? Well, its decadent food is, obviously, one of the main reasons people flock to France. The well-known Parisian landmarks are also a magnet, while the French Riviera entices us all with its shimmering waters.

Want to find out more great reasons why you should choose France as your culinary vacation

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The Mouthwatering Food

So, let’s begin with the most obvious reason. The French cuisine is well-known all over the world and everyone has at least one French dish they adore.

Whether you’re hankering for comfort food , such as Cassoulet (basically a duck and beans stew), the irresistible Confit de Canard (another duck dish), the iconic Bouillabaisse (featuring four varieties of fish and one of shellfish) or you are craving for some good ol’ Ratatouille (local vegetable stew), France has you covered. Should your taste buds want something more daring, then Escargots (snails) are for you. Of course, let’s not forget Macarons, Croissants, and the Baguette, which need no introduction.

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