I finely finished my queen of hearts and attended a competition. I won the best wig.
Truth to be told, I am very happy that I got it. My friend and I were hugging after I came down from stage. We were both looking at each other and thought that the chances that I won the price might have been high since the wig is styled as it is.

I have been working on the costume for more than a year and the dress didn't fit me because it were for my sister at first and then she said she didn't want it anymore because it got so expensive. Now I owe her 3000kr for the costume because of the amount of fabric and detailing stuff. Truthfully it's more like we're even since I have spend more than 200 hours on it.

The costume contains over 6000 rhinestones, over 2000 beads, 7 embroidery techniques and over 40 meters of ribbon.

The crowd went into silence because they were in shock of how huge it were. Also my team Queen got me in the dress in 5 minutes.
Yes it is me and again to state it, I am a man, but when I do this I confuse people for being a woman.

Next cosplay is Ewan Juno and Time.

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Hello there

Well are you surprised just as I am? That a(nother) guy entered the Nouw blog? Well here I am in my full skin

I started this blog just to share my personal oppinions about fashion for men, Life styles, my hobby and more or less the personal stuff. It might not be the most personal things since I intent to keep some of them a secret.

About me?

Well I am 23 years old dude called Chris. I am raised in a small town in Denmark, but now as many other bloggers I live in one of the worlds most expensive cities, Copenhagen. I am a student. I study to become a tailor/costume designer, but the clothing designer is not closed for options, since I make some of my own clothes beside making costumes. To be well aware when I write I might be direct or so that it can be disturbing for some people, which is not what I intended to do, therefore I am very sorry if I do so. I see myself as a nerd and everybodys friend and easy to talk to. And yes, you can talk to me about guys I will not start with opinions, but later on just 'say what I think'.

My blog will be when I travel (it's rare), when I have new reciepes either drinks or food. I will share about my work on clothes and costumes when I finish something. Complains I have a good friend and family to go to, so nothing much will happen here. Boring... I know I am very sorry for that.

I don't know what else to write after all I did drink 4,5 glasses of rosé wine meanwhile I thought about what to write.


Welcome to my blog, do leave I like if you think it sounds interesting. 

Oh yeah now that I remember. I left my facebook page and instagram here on my page, so do go follow if you also think it will be interesting. The facebook is more costume related than blog related.