This is a photostory shot by me featuring me as a model. I was lying on our beautiful velvet couch on a sunday afternoon in late october. It was a sunny day and I was reading "A handmades tale" by Margaret Adwood, drinking some apple-cinamon tea when sunlight hit me through the white linen curtains of our apartment. A beautiful atmosphere, I knew I wanted to catch. Because I was home alone, I grabbed my camera and shot some selfportraits capturing the light and shadow hitting my face and the sundryed hydrangeas from our little garden in different ways.

The light shows vulnerability (left picture) and power (middle picture).

The shadow protects but also hides important parts.

The hydrangeas stands for transcience but more than that it stands for hope because eventhough its heyday is over, it still got so much power and beauty.


#flowers #atmosphere #light #shadow #skin #autumn #autumndreams #sun