I was going to write about something totally different until just now.

you know what I really hate. I hate when you have a significant other that tells you that if you think they're being ridiculous or you think they're in the wrong or you think theyre being some type of way you can tell
them but when you do they get all pissy. They get an attitude and want to deny they way they're being even if you came at them the most respectful way you could. They want to get they're feelings hurt and then start whispering under their breath and doing all the shit that god knows it would be ww3 if you did it though.

You can't speak how you honestly think they were being if it's "against" them in any way you can only be honest if its for them.  I'm so tired of respectfully honestly speaking how I think on something and getting an attitude in return. Especially at 7 in the morning when you have been up since 5am and the cab you've been waiting two hours on smells like 50 dogs done did their business in it. So you're already tired and irritated and you have to be cold cause if u have ur window up you're head is hurting and you feel like gagging and then your driver thinks its okay to roll YOUR window up like did I say that was okay? your cab STINKS!!! CLEAN IT FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY PLEASE!

I was going to originally write about like life experiences from when I can remember but I had to get this out first. ill find my blog "niche" as I keep going on.