I love creating my own decoration at home and i like it more when they are unique, different and creative! Here is a step by step to create your own wall decoration!

There are so many different ways to do it (print out, buy, etc) however handmade is my absolute favourite.

Enjoy it!

You will need:

- A4 papper

- brushes ( I used 000 and 1)

- calligraphy pen (2.0)

- clipboard

Now you can chose your own calligraphy style, there are plenty of them in Pinterest, these are some of my favourites... Let your imagination run!

When you pick up one, you can start creating your own.

I like to have positive and encouraging message at home, it reminds me that there are always best things in front. So this is the inspirational message that i wanted to have...

You can play around with different quotes, like i did here....

You can also add some extra creative details...

At the end you will have an unique, different and handmade inspirational message hanging on your wall!

Hope you enjoy it and i am looking forward to keep posting some more creative ways to decor your home!

Have an incredible week!