Wow! What a busy last couple of weeks...

It’s hard to believe it’s almost October! We have been busy, being busy. But we’ve started a few new things since the last time you’ve heard from us.

Did you miss us??'s something you will very rarely see from us...a mirror selfie! lol!!

Here's a look at what's been going on!

1. Open Mic – we took our relationship to a new level…performing duo, like in public! Ha – coming to a venue near you! Okay, so Brandon has been playing and singing since faaaaaaaaaaaar before we knew each other and we only did 1 song together,but WE DID IT! We’re also working on a set of 3 that we can perform together, perhaps at the next Hanger 24 Open Mic night (last Tuesday of the month – come join and cheer us on!)

2. DIY Paint Night – so I was pestering Brandon togo to one of those Paint Nites with me – where they provide everything and giveyou a quick lesson on how to paint a specific painting, you drink 1 too many cocktails to actually follow those directions and come home with a mess of a painting that you insist on putting on the wall because, hey, you did that! Lol…anyone? Anyone? Okay...well, anyways, Brandon convinced me that it would be just as fun for us to do one at home, and guess what…as usual, HE’S RIGHT! (Oh, and it’s cheaper too, for now at least)Check out our latest creations…more to come

3. Back on the brewing wagon – we took quite a summer hiatus from brewing, but we’re back!! And in a big way…we currently have 6 carboys of beer in the making littering our beer hiding spots. We’ve got a Pliny the Elder clone, our Holy Mole sweet stout and the annual Pumpkin Beer this year with a twist of smoked pumpkin…

Mmm, you’ll want to be our friends in approx. 3 weeks when everything is on tap

Was that enough new stuff foryou??  But wait…there’s more!  

We’re heading to San Francisco this weekend, and will get to see my brother’s family and their friends + their friends’ new baby! ROAD TRIP! You know my favorite part of driving up to San Francisco…? (That is unsponsored…for the record, but hey, if Casa de Fruta finds out I am hustling for them, I’d be happy for them to send me some of those garlic pistachios 😉) I mean c’mon there is a Casa de Wine, Casa deSweets, Casa de Choo Choo, Casa de Burrito, and it goes on and on. You definitely need to stop there on your next time up the 101.

Alright, that’s really all for now!

Duemmers Out

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Brew what we drink

You may or may not know that we brew 75% of the beer we drink. And if you know know beer is pretty much a food group in our house! I say 75, mostly because Brandon works at a Brewery so we also like to spend time there and enjoy his monthly allotments 😃 And by we, I mostly mean Brandon...I'm the team support on all things non-brew related of the brew day - the food side, planning and helping out with some of the heavy lifting.

One of the best parts of drinking what we brew (aside form actually drinking it 😳) is that we get to have a beer celebration every time we're working on a new one! What does a beer celebration involve, you may ask...well, friends, dogs, beer, food, crafting, late nights, and early mornings just to name a few things....

Luckily on this particular day, we had the chance to visit with some dear friends (human and doggy), and have a couple colleagues of mine who are also into brewing join to help with the Brewer Assistant duties...which gets me off the hook! I mean, c'mon, I can't be in-charge of the food AND the assisting...

We made a clone of Pliny the Elder, as a warm-up for one of our most favorite beers (which we'll brew this upcoming Labor Day weekend) - a Mole inspired Sweet Stout...mmm, can't wait!! I'll be sure to take some better brewing photos this weekend!

Duemmers Out



Curb Alert!!

So, we have continued on our journey to GET RID OF OUR JUNK!

This has not been an easy process, and we just started. I comb through the boxes and piles, and I just can't identify anything off the bat that is a sure, "I can live without that!" Even the things that I decide that I can part with are still a little sad. Like saying goodbye to memories. I guess that's the hard part of this process, right?

So, it may not surprise you too much that when we do put things out, it's a random collection of things. This is not a curated collection of items that go together...

Exhibit A:

An ice cream maker, that had an unfortunate fall during our last move and is a little dented; a rabbit wine opener; a bag of child safety locks for kitchen cabinets; and a beer bong...a good quality one I might add (goodbye college days, right?  Is 32 too old for a beer bong? 😂)

This collection was gone before I even went to bed!! HA! I hope they found a happy new home 😄

Duemmers Out



How has it already been over a week??

Oh, that's right...because we were on a mini vacation! You'll come to find this out before too long, but we travel, quite a bit. You could say it's sort of a way of life for us. When both of your immediate families are across the country, and you love to explore, you get pretty comfortable on planes, trains and on road trips!

Right now, with Brandon's job, we are making the most of his 3 day weekends and taking on the challenge of being Weekend Warriors! Fasten your seat belt (by inserting the metal tab into the buckle) and stay tuned as we head into 5 months of every other weekend on the road.

So, how about a weekend recap!

Brandon's family moved to Florida from Southern California (they obviously love warm weather!), and it was our chance to finally get to visit their new hometown! So much to little time. So here's the photo recap...

We spent much of the weekend in their favorite beach spot called Bath Tub Beach...what a great spot! Brandon, his brother and dad did most of the fishing, his sister-in-law, Mom and I did more of the shade chasing under the umbrellas. We did a lot of paddling around, there was a lot of fishing, and I even swam with a nurse shark! *GASP* That was a real stretch for me, but thanks to Brandon's brother, it happened!

And of course...there was a lot of beer. Many places with many tap handles. My mom clued me in that South Florida is like a Tiki Bar haven! I had no idea...all tiki all the time if you ask me 😍 Blue drinks, green drinks, creamy drinks Oh My! But anyways...back to Beer...have you heard of Cigar City Brewery? If not...go find some stat! It's certainly in my top 10 favorite breweries, and I was so lucky that we got to drink it almost all weekend! But let me tell you, it was hard to focus on just one brewery, seeing as there were so many great ones within a 20 mile radius of the house!

I mean c'mon...a lager with the slogan of "Made for drinkin"... you had me at hello, Cigar City.

And lots of family time! Look at all those smiles...and tap handles 😁😍

Of course we needed some silly selfies, because we love making silly faces and documenting them forever. Or at least I do...and Brandon is collateral damage.

We don't want to leave!

Okay...I may have a slight problem with how many unattractive photos I post...but hey, that's the real deal!

And any good SoCal native knows what you do when you return to SoCal...

Eat In'n'out, duh!

And cuddle with your dogs that missed you desperately and were jealous when they saw all those photos of you with their cousin dogs on the internet 😝

Well, that's all folks...actually it doesn't even scratch the surface of weekend activities, but I'm out of time and space! So, we'll see you later this week for an update on life. Some more curb alert perhaps? Or a Brew Day? *Jumping up and down* Brew day, brew day! I vote Brew day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duemmers Out



So, how was your weekend?

Hopefully you had a refreshing weekend, and you're almost getting ready for your next one! We certainly did! So, it wasn't without it's challenges, but fun and relaxing none the less. Let's recap!

Weekend Recap

So, you may not know...but the best way to celebrate the start of a weekend is with a ritual we call Mojitos and Pizzos! This time of year, it usually involves some summer fruit in our mojitos and grilling the pizza. I must've been too into this, as I have no photos to share with you...I'll do better next time!

Getting into Saturday was fun, we had a busy morning of cleaning followed by BREAD! My new favorite shop in the area is the Village Bread in Calimesa (@villagebreadcalimesa on insta)...

Hank was hopeful that he'd get some...but it's too good, I just couldn't share the cinnamon and sugar twist + a little homemade peach butter we had from the delicious peaches that Brandon's mom brought us while she was visiting a few weeks ago - maybe I'll share a recipe for that another day!

But, speaking of Brandon's mom...I also spent some well deserved sewing time working on a project for Linda (Brandon's mom). Stay tuned to see more about the project!

A couple other highlights...have you heard of Mood Changing gel nail polish?? Well..let me tell's seriously the most fun and one of my favorite things right now!

And of course, listening to Brandon's one of our family's favorite pastimes...sometimes he even is okay with me making up my own words and singing along - ha! 😜

But you mentioned challenges, this all sounds great! of the major snags this weekend...Hank was on bed rest for spraining his front paw 😒 I didn't even know that was a thing, but apparently he shouldn't jump off of high things so much, good luck stopping him from that, right? Anyways, we thought he'd love the prescription to help him heal...BED REST - he loves being in bed, see examples below...

That dog is a serious I right? Well, lounging does not equal bed rest. Dude nearly lost it when Bran took Chella out for a walk without much so that he broke out of the front yard and busted it across and down the street at a full sprint to catch up with them 😳 Needless to say, I nearly busted a flip flop trying to catch him, since we live on a busy street!

Have no dog, person or flip flop was harmed during this unfun Sunday experience. But we have instituted his rehab plan early...he rested for approx 4 days, and now everyone is back on short walks - we'll build back up to the 4-miler soon. The limp hasn't returned fingers crossed for a full recovery!

That's all folks for our Weekend Recap - we'll see you later this week for an update no the Minimizing and Curb Alert fun!

Duemmers signing off



As the old saying goes...
"One man's trash
is another man's treasure"

Or perhaps a more fitting way to say it is One family's "holy shit how did we get so much stuff in our garage" stuff is another family's treasure.

Have you found your garage looking something more like this??

Well, that's our current situation. When what we both dream about is having a place to relax and enjoy a Brew Day or a clutter free sewing room or what about a place to park the car *gasp*

Either way, something a little more along the lines of... do we get there from where we're at??

Start Now, Start Small...

Did you know that people will take ANYTHING that you put on the curb, with or without a free sign?? I mean anything. I had a friend tell me a story once about a used exercise bike that he just had unloaded from his car, but hadn't quite gotten into the garage yet. Well, apparently it was closer to the curb than it was to his house, and apparently he looked away for too long...the next time he looked, it was gone! HA...

So, the plan is to use that to our advantage! Taking 1 item from the garage (or house) to the curb every night. We'll see how this goes, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on how this helps us move towards a minimalist lifestyle (and our clutter free sewing, beer drinking, lounging area that also doubles as a place to put the car :))!

Check back for updates on what we put out there and the recap of those looking to give our used items a loving new home!




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