Good morning everyone

I woke up at 10:00 with a sad feeling in me because it was my last day in London. I was in no rush for once because I have booked a lunch in the shard at 14:00. The weather has luckily dried up so it is sunny and warm but I'm going to bring a rain jacket just in case. The shard is the second tallest building in Europe and is 306m tall. It is called the shard because that is what the architect wanted it to resemble. It has 95 floors and I'm going to eat on the 33 floor. The restaurant that I am eating at is called Hutong and is a fancy asian restaurant with there specialty fried duck, yum! I am going to take the bus to the other side of London on Waterloo bridge and then walk by the Thames to The Shard. First I am going to grab a quick breakfast at Pret a manger.

I bought a toastie and a pizza croissant at Pret a manger. The toastie is a ham sandwich with cheese in it which you then fry so the cheese melts and the ham/meat cooks. The pizza croissant is something new to me its basically a kind of croissant with tomatoes cheese and ham in it and it tastes delightful (a word thatI learnt from the polite english).

This is Tate modern. It is Britain's national gallery of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group with Tate Britain.

This is Tate modern's new extension.

The shard is brilliant but Big ben is still undefeated.

By the time I had got to the Shard it was 13:30 which was perfect timing. I walked into the shard's lobby and showed the lady by the desk my ticket and asked for where the elevator was. She told me the directions and I went on with some others. Surprisingly the elevator was quick and it went to the floor 33 before you could blink but it made me feel a bit dizzy.

WOW! The restaurant left me speechless it was mouth-dropping. You really felt like you were in China.

The view was amazing it was like being in London eye all over again. They had a even better view at the toilets.

If I didn't have a plane to Cath I would probably sit here forever.

As you can see I bought a lot of food yum!!

This is there famous fried duck and it tastes even better than it looks. YUMMY!!!!!!

​After eating all that food I called a taxi to get to my hotel because mu plane was leaving at 20:00 and it was already 16:00. Once I had got home I packed my left my key and called another taxi to get me back to the Shard so I can take the train back to Gatwick airport. Once I got to Gatwick I checked in and waited for my plane which was half a hour awat from Landing so I just watched some Netflix. I am now in Sweden in my house and it's 00:00 so goodnight everyone and see you all in the next adventure.

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Good morning everyone

I woke up late today at 10:00 which might not sound late but I want to see all the famous buildings here. I started of the day by going to Pret a manger for breakfast. I got myself a crayfish sandwich and a coffee to wake me up. Its warm in London with 20degrees which made it perfect for a walk to the London eye. I have booked a ticket for the London eye and because of the nice weather instead of taking the bus I am going to walk there.

I took the waterloo bridge to get to the London eye and then from the bridge I walked down the Thames to it. I got there at 12:00 and I am aloud to go on the London eye at any time. At first I was standing in queue with my ticket in my left hand but I saw a sign saying the London dungeon and thought to myself that I might as well do that instead of the London eye and do the London eye in a couple of hours.

The London dungeon is a play like in a theatre but you are in it are during that play they teach you about all the big things that happened in medieval London. Its a walkthrough experience.

This is Jack the ripper that took prostitutes who had nothing in life and chopped them up to small pieces of meat.

Sweeney Todd's girlfriend that would take his victims and bake them into food.

This is Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the parliament which english people celebrate today and call it bonfire night.

When the London dungeon walkthrough was over I went for some Lunch in there fast food restaurant where I bought some fried chicken wings for 3£ and some chips for 2£. AfterI took some pictures of the London eye and started queuing for it.

The London eye is beautiful but the queue to it takes ages it took me 45 min to get on it. The 45 min was so worth it though because when your up there you can literally see the whole of London.

The sun started coming down so I started walking home by taking westminster bridge to the other side of London and at the same see Big ben. Later on I will take Whitehall street to get to Trafalgar Square and look at Nelson the great english sailor monument.

Big ben was outstanding probably the best building I have seen in London so far. Did you know that it is not the actual clock called Big ben but the big bell inside it. I wonder if the Trafalgar Square can top it?

Trafalgar Square was striking but not as impressive as Big ben and unfortunately for me it started raining and I had no rain Jacket with me. :( I hopped on a bus quickly paid the bus driver in cash and went to Nandos for dinner. I ordered a Thighs and Slaw Pita for 11,95£ which was delicious.

I took the bus again to go home.

Right now I am writing this in my hotel room and looking out of my window seeing the rain pour down. I guess Its true about what they say about the rainy British weather. Im going to watch some Netflix on my Flatscreen and then go to bed so Goodnight :)



Hello everyone I am writing this in London city and I am gonna tell you about my experience here.

I started my journey at the London Gatwick airport. I stepped off the plane and the flight attendant said;

- enjoy your time in London city

It was at that moment I truly knew I was in England. The people are as they say polite in the language but not physically. I was on my way to the train station from the airport and it was like the hunger games everyone shoving and pushing each other trying to come first. The trains are hard to understand because they follow the compass North, East, West and South unlike the Swedish where they have different colored lines. Once I had got off the train and out of the station there were a line of taxis waiting for customers. The taxis were small black cabs kinda like mini buses with a sign on top saying taxi. If the light in the sign is off there is either another person in the cab or it is pre-booked.

I got on to the taxi and told him I wanted to get to Savoy hotel, the man replied;

- alright mate

I giggled a bit because of his strange accent which was cockney. The taxi driver was very chatty and would tell you short stories about his life and whats happening in London.Once I had got off the taxi I paid him 15£ for the journey in cash, 13£ for the journey and 2£ in tip.

I looked at the hotel in astonishment and thought to myself I would never be able to afford it if it wasn't for David Lugg (my friend) who's dad is the head of security and could give me a discount. I had bought a room for 4 days which cost me 5000kr (447£) which wasn't even close to as expensive as it would have been. Before I walked in to the hotel I left my bags in the lobby and went for a 15min walk to check my surroundings. I didn't have to eat at the hotel because there were so many different restaurants or food shops around it like Pret a manger or Nandos.

Once I had got back into my hotel and retrieved my bags the staff gave me my key and carried my bags up to my room. From the moment that I opened the door to my room I understood what kind of posh luxurious hotel this was. The room had beautiful furniture with the 90s style which made it all look really posh even the bathroom had a mini Jacuzzi bath tub. It was the kind of thing you would see in the kings and Queens house alongside a big rug with small flowers on it and magestic lamps that would stand out so everyone can see them.

Savoy hotel is in the middle of everything It's got all sightseeing monuments and even the famous clothes stores right next to it and the thames is just behind it. This meant I would be able to get a head start to see all the famous English monuments the next morning. Goodnight everyone ;)