I know I know, the image is dark and you can barely see whats on my plate compared to other amazing bloggers who put things neatly on a plate with other colours and the food just sparkles..and makes me depressed cuz my kitchen never looks that awesome.

Anywho, Todays recipe is my "what do I have at home recipe" Tadaa! Lets get started!

This is for 4 people, or like me and my husband thinks "dinner and next day lunch".

Boil 3dl of basmatrice, or any rice you have. Put aside.

Fry 200grams or whatever you got of cabbage or other sallad
Mix in 2 chopped up carrots,
1 chopped up onion,
and as mich garlic you like! I use the garlic press and put in 2-3 cloves but I lööv it.
Also add like a fist of sugarpeas cut in whichever way you like, (I slice them into 3 pieces each diagonally)

Wok them, so fry on high heat for about 2min.

After that, if you have one of those awesome wok pans, you add the rice and mix with the veggies. If you dont you do like me and empty the pan to mix alittle bit of veggies and rice-fry-empty and repeat until all is fried and mixed. Just fry until they are all mixed. Then add 2-3 spoons of Soya sauce to the mixed rice/veggie mix.

I then found 2 old avocados in the fridge that I chopped up, some peanuts that i chopped up and sprinkled on top and fried the leftover eggs. But you can mix and match however you like ❤️ 

Spring onions are also present on the picture :)

This blog post was inspired by A book by a norwegian lady, book is called "Veganmat på sitt beste" :)

Mwah! Bon apetit!

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I have decided....to try to cut back on meat. I've watched all the documentaries "Forks over knives", "Food inc", "Cowspiracy" etc etc etc...

Everytime I raise a fist in the air with a twinkle in my eye and decide that I need to stop eating meat!! (and all animal products all together!!)

(​Image taken from https://animeotakuculture.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/10-sparkle-eye-gifs/)

But then...I try to read up on it. Polenta...goji...tempeh? What are these things? And then I go to the shop and buy all of them, come home and try to follow the recipe but it feels like I must do something wrong because it tastes like nothing..so I stop.

I have now learned of this thing called seasoning where you put spices on the veggies and tofu. Who knew?

Another time I went vegetarian, cuz it felt easier, I lasted a month, because I started feeling weak and sick. So I stopped. Again. But it turns out that maaybe I was feeling withdrawal in my body for stopping eating meat cold turkey. See what I did there? Eh eh? And I realised I might not have had a balanced enough diet. It was mostly porridge in the morning, salad for lunch and something with pasta in the evening with nuts as snacks throughout the day.

Another time I started with veggie diet but stopped after a week because I could not think of anything to cook. Im inexperienced. And even though I browse all the cook books I feel so picky when I pick out recipes, and I dont learn the recipes but instead jump into another one and never get the "oh honey, we have this and this at home, lets make this!" like I do with meat. Meat is easy. Unfortunately. Curse my upbringing!

Once I quit after tasting Tofu. To be fair, I made it all wrong. I tasted tofu at a local thai place and I had the biggest foodgasm. So when I excitedly bought some for home I put the white cube in front of me, turning it a few times until I decided to cut into it. I did read somewhere that you are supposed to squeeze the liquids out of it, so I did pat it down a little before I cut it but figured "how important can it be?!". Turns out, very important. Next I put it into a bowl with eggs, and the next was a breadmix and then into the frying pan.

Next stop: My mouth. It tasted horrible. It was squishy, tasted like nothing and made me sad.

As it turns out, I did not follow all the steps, and it came out as can be expected: Bad.

So if you feel like following my fails and struggles on the road to veganism, or at least vegetarianism, stay tunes for more blog post's!

May the tofu be tasty to you



I´ve been to Japan twice now and it is one of my favourite places on the planet.

First time I went was back in 2010 with a bunch of girlfriends, 4 in total, and we travelled for 3 weeks and saw 9 places in total (Tokyo, Nikko, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kawaguchigo, Hiroshima, Himeji, Nara and Osaka)

My second time was in 2013 with my boyfriend who is now my husband, we went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Koyasan and Amami.

Playing dress up in Kyoto Geisha district <3


The Japan JR Rail Pass is the most important tool to enjoy your trip in Japan in my opinion, if you want to see more than one place per trip. It is said that a weeks worth of JR Pass is cheaper than taking the train one-way from Tokyo-Kyoto.

In addition you can use the Rail Pass in the Tokyo on the JR lines around the city! Nifty right?? The Rail Pass can be picked up on the way from the Airport and you can choose which date you want the railpass to start, for example you might land in Tokyo on the 21th but your going to be in Tokyo for 3 days and THEN travel around the country, so you can save money and make the start date 3 days after you land. The people in the office who issue them are very helpful in this.

The Rail Pass can only be purchased the earliest 3 months prior, and you get a type of voucher that you then exchange in a office that issues the Rail passes. Easy right?

Tokyo Subway

Image is from http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/ where you can find additional information.

I know it looks crazy but its really easy when you understand the system.

Each line has a colour, each colour is a different "Line". And when you go down to the subway there are machines where you can acquire a ticket. Above or close by the machines there is a big map that shows prices of the other subway stations around you with a price. For example "Shinjuku 200yen". This means, you have to pay 200 yen to get to Shinjuku to get to that Subway station. And there is no point in cheating because once you get off att Shinjuku you have to feed the ticket into a machine to get past a gate. If you paid to little you cant get through so keep that in mind. If you paid the wrong amount there are machines at your destination where you can "pay more" on your ticket so you can go through so even f you messed up, dont worry!

​I think this is enough text for this part, I will continue Part 2 later. Any questions?



I have quit my job of almost 3 years. Im going to dedicate all My time to this blog and starting a youtube Channel for knitting and make-up tutorials.....

I obviously I kid you.....I know nothing of make-up and tutorials and knitting. I know you are amazed. I can feel it.

Today after the night shift I awoke to the familiar hammering and jammering from the neighbours building a new garage. As I peeked out the window there was a builder with the usual ass crack on display. His co-worker , being a good friend also had his asscrack out. Not as much but still a respectable amount for a builder man. I wonder if they would welcome me if I went out also asscrack on display in an attempt to be one of them. We will never know.

Over and out.



Let me tell you a story...

I was on my way to the night shift, and stopped as usual at the store pretty close to my job. I saw a homeless man outside and decided to buy him some Bananas, socks and I think it was a bar of soap.

I then walked up to him and offered the things and asked him how he was doing. He politely declined and said that he had an old pizza in one of his bags so he is allright and kindly asked me to give it to someone who needed it more. Mr. Buddha, is this you?? After me confused trying to offer him the things a few more times gave up and felt.....really shitty.

Here is a man, I call him Mr. Buddha, who, has one (frozen?) pizza in one of his plastic bags, and does not deem himself in need of anything else. And how do I view my life? Uuuhh something shiny, buy it!!

Does this man have life figured out? Whats his secret?? Meanwhile we are looking for the next quick fix feel good method with yoga, piloxing, raw food or newbitchkit.

I want to be his apprentice and learn. 



"This is one of my favourite recipes and I just KNOW you will love it too!!" * smiling and waving my hands around to try to convince you like a tv host* .....is what Im supposed to say.

Listen, if you like sweet and salty with a side of fresh, this is the yummy yummy recipe for you.

Recipe for 2:

2 sweet potatoes
2,5-3 ish dl of greek yogurt
1 cucumber
2 cloves of garlic
One pack of Halloumi cheese
Salt and pepper

First, oven to 200 degrees CELSIUS, thats right, no Fahrenheit here.
Put some holes into the sweet potatoe with a fork and shove them in the oven when its warm enough. Set a timer for 60 min.

Put on the tv or practice your French until there is about 20min left on the timer.

Cut the halloumi into slices or whichever shape you prefer. Fry it on medium heating until the halloumi has some colour on both sides.

The tzatziki, cut the cucumber into little pieces ( I know most people recomend to squeeze out the fluids but Im too lazy for that shit). Cut the garlic into little pieces or use a garlic press thingamaging. Mix them with the greek yogurt and taste with salt and pepper.

Voila! Foodgasm!



The above image displayed here was taken while I was working in Gotland, Sweden. Hard work as you can see. 

I dont know why Im starting this blog. I´ve started a few blogs with different "themes" before but eventually grew bored and felt like it was more of a chore than anything else. So THIS time Imma gonna try to be more relaxed about it. Hope Y´all wanna read what I gots to say.

I think I will end it on this note and start planning my next post. I am allready dying to tell you about Mr. Buddha, a recipe and how I feel about shoes (Dont care.... I mean...follow and you will find out, do read on will you??) Pretty please?